AUSTIN, Texas — Juwan Staten provides his thoughts following West Virginia’s 88-71 loss to Texas.

After the loss,’s resident bracketologist Joe Lunardi dropped the Mountaineers to one of the first teams out of the NCAA tournament.

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  • jay zoom

    cutty77 have you been tasting the recipe. WVU will be embarrassed by the jayhawks. when its all said and done Huggins and his greedy buddy (luck) will be in the closet hiding from the media. there is a saying in the sports world for also rans (wait until next year) well WVU as long as their are in the big 12 next year will never come. THANKS OLLIE

  • cutty77

    Texas is very Good. Rick Barnes has done a good job with this Team. WVU will be fine. I still think we will upset The Jay Hawks in Mo-Town. I concerned about Devin Williams he is playing scared.


    WVU doesn't have the Big men to play with Texas in the paint...we know it and they know it...some teams we just don't match up well with and this is one of those teams... simple and let's move on...

    Let's GOOOOOO!!!! Mountaineeeeeeeeers!!!!

  • richard

    why are you even talking football mad hatter? this is basketball. you just can't pass up a chance to talk down WVU. what a loser you are!

  • Truthteller

    Just proves the wrong people have the wrong jobs. Joe Lunardi is not on the committee for the NCAA tournament so who really cares about that guy. WVU just needs to keep winning and everything will take care of itself. If WVU played Ohio State's schedule they would have over 25 wins playing such a soft schedule. The same with Marshall's schedule. Don't forget this is a young team and WVU has to earn its wins.

  • pghmountaineer


    • Scott

      Scoring 24 points on 19 shots? With 6 of those points coming from the FT line? Going 2-9 from 3? No thanks. We got plenty of players willing to shoot the ball. He would add some depth to the bench, but wouldn't start for WVU.

  • mad hatter

    didn't see it so hard to comment. but we're being out classed and our recruited but we're about mid pack,, that's about where i see us forever, and as far a fb,, bottom feeders under holgerson,, he is simply lost as a HC , and actually we're 3 yrs. behind in developement as a average to good team thanks to holgie being totally lost and no caring about defense.

    • Tim D.

      Marshall fans just can't knock off that chip on their shoulder when it comes to WVU.

    • Mister Man

      You must have a PHD from Marshall. You can't spell and your grammar is atrocious.

    • ernie

      We lose and the idiots come out.

    • Mister Man

      Holgorsen is not Marshall's coach.

  • The Wisetalker

    Seven minutes and forty seconds of Staten?

    No...I don't think so.

    • KeatonsCorner

      Don't be a racist, Larry Jeffords

    • Allen

      Lot more more knowledge than you think.

      • tw eagle

        knowledge ? not on this site . . .