BLOOMINGROSE, W.Va. — Four Boone County deputies are okay after a cold, lengthy foot pursuit Friday night.

Deputies went to a home in Bloomingrose to arrest James Alfred King II, 43, of Charleston. He was wanted on a federal parole violation and on charges stemming from manufacture of methamphetamines in Kanawha County.

While deputies were at the home, King along with David Griffy, Sr., 50, of Seth rolled up in a stolen pickup truck. Both took off running when they saw the deputies.

During the chase both suspect jumped into the Big Coal River. Deputies were able to capture Griffy. He was treated and released and is now in the South Central Regional Jail facing charges of possession of a stolen vehicle. Authorities say more charges are pending.

King was found several hours later about 700 yards downstream. Deputies thought he had drowned, but the medical examiner indicated during the autopsy hypothermia contributed to his drowning.

The four deputies spent several hours in rough weather. One deputy’s body temperature dropped to 92 degrees. All four were treated for hypothermia and released early Saturday morning.


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  • DWL

    LE needs to conduct covert surveillance at this meth user / abuser /dealer and all around POS’s viewing & funeral. The attendees sound like they are a who’s who of players in a major meth operation and theft ring in the Kanawha and Boone area. He may serve a useful purpose in death after all ……..

  • MOCO man

    One less career criminal and meth user we have to pay for........the river should have got the second one too!!! I feel no remorse for these meth users..........idiots!

  • concerned citizen

    Hey James workman sounds like your a druggie to, keep using drugs, and let the taxpayers take care of you by providing, welfare for you, and your family, have respect for law enforcement and government officials.

  • James workman

    James was an addict and was a good friend I hate it for everyone involved but if u knew him he was full of life. This government is the losers.

    • Bobsowv

      The Govt. Is the loser???? No, the losers are people who steal, lie , cheat, break the laws and rules of society...... Like you and your friend, sucking the life out of your friends and relatives

    • BIM Job

      No. James was not an addict. James is a person who made a choice to break the law and take drugs. James now uses that poor decision as an excuse for everything in James' life that doesn't go well. James needs to grow up and learn the meaning of personal responsibility. James needs to learn something James should have learned many, many years ago. James needs to learn that there are consequences for every decision James makes. Good for good decisions and bad for bad decisions. If James ever figures this out and starts to accept responsibility for James' decisions then James may be able to get his life straightened out.

      GROW UP!!!

    • Jonus Grumby

      People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Blaming others for their woes is a cop out. It's one of the reasons our society is in decline. Wise up.

  • jay zoom

    its a shame police officers have to put their lives on the line for losers like this. the second suspect should be charged with contributing to the mans death.