CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones said Monday evening he’ll ask council members Tuesday night to approve funding for the city’s own water testing program in connection with the water emergency.

“I’m going to ask them to fund some testing in the city of Charleston with our own funds from the City of Charleston,” Mayor Jones told CNN host Jake Tapper.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin announced WV TAP last week. That’s a state-financed independent water testing program. Two of the original 10 samples are coming from homes in Kanawha County. Mayor Jones said that’s not enough.

“We’re going to go into hotels and some people’s homes and it’s going to be significant,” Jones said of the city testing program. “Our brand has been damaged by this.”

The city estimates it lost thousands of dollars in tax revenue during the Do Not Use water order that began Jan. 9 as hotels emptied out and businesses closed. The Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is concerned about drawing future events to the city. It has already started an advertising campaign.

Kanawha County school officials closed Grandview Elementary School in Charleston early Monday because the licorice smell was reported. Some teachers said their eyes were burning. Licorice is associated with MCHM, the chemical that spilled into the Kanawha River from the Freedom Industries site that started the water emergency. The school’s water was retested and the flushing protocol will take place again.


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  • Ripsnorter

    I find it interesting that no media outlet has taken issue with Mayor Jones equating the Charleston water situation with Al Qaeda. That is as foolish as John Kerry comparing climate change to terrorism. People's lives were certainly adversely affected by the chemical leak into the water system but, so far, hundreds and thousands of innocent human beings aren't dead because of it. His comment is akin to something Obama would come up with and he should recant the statement.

  • Larry

    Jones is right, the brand of Charleston has been damaged, it has gone from a run down, drug infested, no jobs town, to a run down, drug infested, no jobs town with questionable water.

  • Yabba Dabba Doo

    Danny Jones needs to be investigated for giving the order to keep the WVAW intakes open during the leak to keep the water pressure up in case of a fire in Charleston. Jones' order now has helped to poison the entire WVAW water system. He should be held accountable. Criminally accountable.

  • LiberalClownCollege

    I've been drinking the water since the all clear was given. Now I am sportin' 2 gills on my neck.

  • jfk

    ,,,and WV American, German, European, Stock Holder Water should pay for it!

    no more user fee Jones!

  • Brian

    I think that all state officials any one in the state government should have to drink that water every day and all should have to shower it in it also . i am talking about the water problem down in the elk river area

  • Brian

    I think that all state officials any one in the state government should have to drink that water every day and all should have to shower it in it also

  • Jason412

    Danny Jones, early January "Who are these guys at Freedom, anyways?"

    Danny Jones, late January "The (cocaine dealing felon tax cheat) founder of Freedom was an accountant at a business I owned, but I didn't really know him"

    Zero credibility.

  • Pam

    I don't agree that the Mayor is grandstanding. Charleston actually does have more to lose in the potential loss of events like conferences, basketball tournaments, car shows. The potential loss of conference business will really hurt Charleston's hotels.

  • Independent View

    No there is a Real Grandstander!
    How is Charleston more significant than the residents of the eight other affected counties?
    What happened to, "we are all in this together.?"

    • Uncle Unctuous

      If it were anatomically possible, I would roll my eyes a full 360 degrees at this comment. As the mayor of Charleston, Jones has no power to propose or initiate testing outside his jurisdiction, and rightly so.

  • Paul

    Kudos to Mayor Jones and City Council. Clearly, the city cannot get past this episode until such action is taking. Best to get on with it sooner rather than later. And with any luck -this can help the Capital City become better than ever!