UPDATE Monday noon—  Senate passed bill and sent to House of Delegates for consideration.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The way 45,000 state workers are paid will change with a bill that will get a final vote from the state Senate on Monday.

The bill, SB 322, requires state employees to be paid every two weeks.  With the current law, paychecks go out twice a month.

The shift, which would take effect in 2015, brings state workers into the same pay schedule the state requires of private employers.

For years, the state has issued checks twice a month because of the state’s antiquated accounting system.  An upgrade to the payroll system would let the state to switch to paychecks every other week.

With the change, state workers will get 26 paychecks a year instead of 24.  Employees will receive three checks two months of the year, but the amount workers are paid will not change.

“Employees will never go another three day weekend without a paycheck and it will be the same pay every two weeks,” said Glen Gainer, state auditor.  “They know, every other Friday, ‘I’m going to have a paycheck in my hand.'”

If the Senate approves the bill, it will go the House of Delegates with less than three weeks left in the 2014 Regular Legislative Session.

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  • Darlene

    How will this affect the insurance? Will they take out every other week too or once a month? Because of of those bi weekly checks will be nothing.

  • Megan

    It cost so much money to start work with the state. I am a mother of 2 children under 7 years old. I didn't get paid for a month. Daycare for one week, both children, costs $175... And I'm not welfare. Working for the state isn't worth it. It's a sinking ship. I'll never see that back pay until I quit. It's not right and I don't know how they get away with it. The people of WV are treated terribly! I look forward to the day my husband relocates w work and moves us away. WV is pretty that's it, maybe we will keep our cabin to visit. :p

  • gel

    First of all Aaron, State Employees did not come up with this idea. The state is upgrading all of its computer systems and as of January 1, 2015, the last segment of that upgrade will go online and changing the pay was one of these changes that was being made. State employees did not ask for this as most of us have our bills set up to match our current paydays

  • Aaron

    How about they pay you on January 1 for the year and you figure out how to budget it for the year.

    Seriously, of everything to complain about...

    • FW

      And yet, you come here to complain about their complaining. Heck, if it's not such a big deal, why change it in the first place? A guy like u should be complaining the legislature is wasting time fooling with this, instead of figuring out more tax breaks to spur economic development.

  • Pete

    You cannot tell me that two more paydays a year won't cost money. Nothing in life is free. Why can't we spend that money on roads, schools, or Senior Citizens?

    • Patty

      It won't cost a dime. Employees are paid the same annual salary, it's just divided over 26 checks instead of 24. For examply, an employee making $20k a year currently gets a gross pay of $833 twice a month. In the new system, the employee will get a gross pay of $769 every 2 weeks. In other words, they'll paid less on each check, make less each month, expect for 2 months of the year, they'll get a 3rd check. It's less money the other 10 months.

  • notbrokedontfix

    NOTHING is wrong with the current 24 pay system; adding a 26 pay system only adds 2 more pay cycles of work for pay administrators; yep, that will save time and effort NOT!!!

  • RedGal

    I'm not opposed to receiving my paycheck on a regular basis instead of the 15th and 30th or the 16th and the 31st or the Friday before or Monday after or whenever........

  • Joe

    Fred is spot on below on the numbers. Given his and my comments, the state wants to setup a process that provides a bi weekly 0% interest loan equal to 8% of each pay cycles total payroll disbursement.

  • the truth

    My small pay check just got smaller.....

  • Joe

    Remember....any monies not distributed via payroll are drawing interest revenue for the state.

    Therefore, this 'new system' essentially provides a 0% loan via state employees to the state. Similar to using a rebate at a big box store.

    The difference is the employees do not get to charge a service fee to the state for the loan.

  • fred

    Glen Gainer. Tractor Salesman. Yeah, he knows all about how to run state's checkbook. Same dude who got scammed by those Nigerian email guys. Brilliant! Yeah, if he says it's better, it HAS to be. This will screw over most state workers. Each paycheck will be smaller. About 8% smaller. Of course, two months out of the year, they'll get an extra paycheck to make up for it, but for the first 7 months of the year of 2015, they'll be taking home 8% less in the same 7 months. Plus, it will screw up their bills. Bills come monthly (ie, utilities, credit cards, mortgage, car payment, insurance, etc), and now you just got your "monthly" take home reduced by almost 10 percent, for 10 months out of the year. Will suddenlink and the bank be ok with them sending in only 92% of their bills those months? and then just making it up in July and December? Just another example of how state employees really have absolutely no say, whatsoever, in what happens to them, or how they are treated. Their "union" (which isn't really a union, because they can't collectively bargain), should be out there blasting this from the mountaintops. Every state employee should write their delegates and senator, stating if they vote for this, they won't get their vote.

    • Aaron

      It's the same annual pay.

      Seriously dude.

      • fred wilson

        So, I guess you would be cool if your employer paid you 75% of your take home pay, for the first 11 months of the year, and then made one big payment at the end of the year to make up for it? Same annual salary. Hell, why not make you work for a whole year, and then pay you your entire annual salary on December 31? According to you, "It's the same annual pay. Seriously dude." Aaron is your typical "I got mine, eff u" clown we already have too many of in this state.

        • Aaron

          Were the government doing that, you might have a valid argument. As they're not, it's tripe.

          State workers will now be paid every two weeks instead of twice a month. While it's true you get 7.7% less per pay period, you will get an additional check once every 13 weeks, not at the end of the year.

          This just leaves me to wonder, is a state employee EVER happy?

          • FW

            Uh better check your math, smart guy. Not an extra check every 13 weeks. An extra one every 26 weeks.

    • Plopaganda

      I've worked a couple state jobs and the payday schedule always drove me insane. If I were still working one of those jobs, I would be very happy that this is happening.

      • Plopaganda

        I also don't know why it posted my comment as a reply to yours. I meant for this to be its own post.

  • Don

    I believe this pay system was tried many years ago when I worked for the State and didn't work. Looks like the Senate needs to check this out before they take the vote.

  • jay zoom

    finally their doing something right

  • sam

    what about the 504.00 pay raise? Please Don;t do us any favors.

  • I'm honest at least

    Why not tell the truth.....The state finally got caught cheating hourly employees out of pay checks.

    • DoTheMath

      If you do the math you will see that you don't get cheated. If you are being cheated then by all means you should do something about it.