PARKERSBURG, W.Va. – Blennerhassett Middle School Principal Jim Hostottle died over the weekend. Now students and staff are mourning his loss. The cause of his death has not been released.

“It’s quite a shock,” said Wood County Assistant School Superintendent Mike Fling, a friend of Hostottle.

“He was very student-centered. He was always focused on positive relationships between students and students and faculty, encouraging students constantly,” according to Fling.

Wood Co. schools

Students, faculty and staff at the home of the Bobcats are mourning the death of the school principal.

Hostottle, a former teacher and assistant principal, took over the top job at Blennerhassett Middle School back in 2008.

“A lot of kids who didn’t feel like they fit in anywhere else knew they could come to him and he would have a positive word for them,” explained Fling.

Hostottle’s death was sudden. Teachers and staff gathered Sunday to deal with the death themselves and decide how best to handle it with their students on Monday morning.

“We just wanted to make sure that we were prepared to answer as many questions as we could,” said Fling.

The staff also dealt with Hostottle’s death in their own way.

“There were a lot of laughs and tears and some anger, as there always will be,” Fling said.

Six school counselors were on hand Monday. The staff set up a room where students could meet with those counselors and talk about their feelings.

Funeral arrangements have not been released.

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  • Trae Sprague

    I had Mr. Hostottle as a biology teacher in 9th grade at Vandevender Jr. High. Those were some of the best days of my life and he was a large part of it. Great guy, teacher and role model for me. I am sad to hear this news.

  • L VanHorn

    I believe that should read funeral arrangements, and not funeral arraignments.

  • Linda

    My boys both had Mr.Hostottle,he was a great principal.He truly will b missed.Prayers go out to the family.

  • Nancy

    One of the finest men, ever created. Some of my best memories were spent with him. Prayers that our family hears of his mulltitude of secret kindnesses. He will always be loved and missed, even from afar......

  • Mitch

    He was a good guy. Jennifer, how old was he?

    • T.Beatty

      Mr. Hostottle was 48 yrs. old