CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A bill moving through the state legislature would require those working on heating and cooling systems in West Virginia to have a state license.

The bill, which passed the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday, is, according to its wording, “intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public as well as public and private property.”

(Read bill here)

Committee members gave several personal examples of work done on their heating and cooling systems that wasn’t up to par. Vice-Chairman Mark Hunt said someone tried to sell his mother a new furnace when all that was needed was an inexpensive switch. Hunt said he doesn’t believe the young worker was trying to pull one over on his mother, he just thinks he didn’t know what the real problem was.

“This bill provides that the people going out have a minimal level of training,” Hunt said.

Del. Barbara Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, said she’s lived in two homes over the years that were not properly ventilated. She said requiring a license would be a large help in a college town like Morgantown.

“There are children who are living in substandard rental units, people are making a whole lot of money off them in college towns and for those of us who have kids and those of us who don’t want brain damage, we really want to make sure the people performing this work have a decent amount of training,” Fleischauer said.

The bill would require heating and cooling system workers to have a state license on or after Jan. 1, 2016. They would have to carry the license on the job with them. Residents working on their own furnaces or air conditioners wouldn’t need a license. Also no license would be required to work on the system of a family member.

The bill includes fines for those who violate the article.

The measure now goes to the full House of Delegates for consideration.

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  • Mason County Contrarian

    Good help is gettin' harder to find.

    Sure would hate to be the one clearing his drain.

  • Billy

    There are too many laws now. There is almost nothing you can do now that there is so law regulating it, or taxing it. What has happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave? We are indoctrinated from preschool and regulated to the grave.

    • Billy

      So should have been some

  • ViennaGuy

    The holding of a state license doesn't prevent substandard work from being done.

    • Teufel

      You are correct it does not

  • Shadow

    Can someone tell me how having a State License helps a person's intelligence? Maybe we need a great ACT Score to run for State Office! I really like that idea.

  • Maxeer

    You're kidding right?...give millions of $$ to bums that claim they're disabled or some ungodly substance abuse and you want to stick it in men and women that ARE following the rules?...well guess why so many people want to leave about making all the politicians to pass a mental health exam...geez louise....pitiful...plain pitiful...

  • hilljack

    How about licenses for parenting. Nearly all trades including car sales need a license, but any welfare recipeint can keep having babies without any license or counseling or training.

  • john

    Where in the world do they come up with some of these BS laws that they try to pass. Its already a state law that requires any contractor to be licensed by the state. They better be worrying about all these budget cuts that are going to effect each and every one of us in one way or another. Maybe they should be working on legalizing pot, as I think sometimes they are sampling the product before hand!!

  • Michael

    Thank you! A nice fellow that didn't know what he was doing almost killed a family in my area due to carbon monoxide problems after he "fixed" their heater.

  • What happened to WV?

    This would be great--this explains why it took 7, yes 7 visits from 3 different HVAC comapnies to fix our unit.


    With all of the regulations and laws already on the books why do bad things happen?

    This is just another grab for money and likely being pushed by certain service vendors trying to eliminate competition who contribute to these politicians campaigns.

    This law will not alleviate any of the issues just raised by these politicians.

    A licensed technician can still overcharge and lie to the customer , only now they have the state backing up their fraud with a piece of paper.

  • Kelly


  • Kelly

    This has to do with elongating pay under the table cash transactions and tax collections.

  • Independent View

    I believe that ALL contractors operating in the state of WV must have a WV Contractors' License and it must be prominently diplayed on all of their vehicles. All contractors defination includes heating & cooling contractors.
    Delegate Hunt's heart is in the right place, but one call to the WV Contractor's Licensing Board would have demonstrated this bill is unnecessary, but thanks for trying to protect homeowners.
    Also, Del. Barbara Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, there is nothing stopping the City of Morgantown or the Mon. County Commission from requiring licensure of heating & cooling contractors.

  • knows

    Just another joke by the state government just like the federal government they always pass total BS laws instead of trying to address any real issues and then they cant understand why everybody is always pissed off. They will go ahead and pass some little small minimal law like this after "working" on it for months then say well look what we've done we're doing a hell of a job !!

  • Barry Bledsoe we go again! Another method of control by our government! Why must the government intrude on everything that we do? Let the free market decide! If a company has poor service, let word of mouth cause them lost business. Stop micromanaging every aspect of our lives!