CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Schools announced Tuesday plans to close three child daycare centers by the end of March, impacting 120 children and 40 staff members.

Early Childhood Education Executive Director Bob Calhoun said the agency began reviewing the West Virginia Public Employees Daycare, Elk Center Daycare and Shawnee Daycare about a year ago.

“We were given the directive by our supervisors to start looking at each program for profit and loss. When we started looking at these three programs in particular they lost money every month,” Calhoun said.

That loss has been $65,000 since the school year began.

“In the past we’ve been able to prop up our daycares by¬†our On-Deck and Third-Base programs but we’re now starting to cut in to the complete Community Education budget and it’s something we can no longer afford,” Calhoun said.

The school system hopes to help parents find other locations for their children. Calhoun believes there’s enough space open in Kanawha County to absorb the need.

Calhoun said the school system daycares have probably been a little too inexpensive over the years.

“Our goal was to be the cheapest game in town because we have no overhead as far as buildings go,” he said. “There are repairs needed to be made at Public Employees (daycare) that we just couldn’t afford to make.”

The Kanawha County Community Education program operates four before school programs (On Deck) and 21 after school programs (Third Base).


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  • Jay

    Mike & John, perhaps I miss-read the article, not sure. I have raised 3 kids and am raising 5 grandkids due to their Mother & Father being killed in an automobile accident. Perhaps you should be more objective in your reducible of others comments than making the comments you've made here.

  • TruthTeller

    You people are heartless and most of you posting on here probably don't even have children. I know an employee of one of these
    day cares and she will be losing her job. She is a good mother and provider for her child that also attends the same day care. I have the inside real story about this. Obamacare is what has caused this to happen. The media are lying to you about the real reason these are closing. You fools are brain washed and believe all the lies told by your newspapers.
    Obamacare is killing 2,5 million jobs. You fools that voted for Obama are you happy now?

  • Brian

    More pork politics. As with other commentors I question WHY is Kanawha County Schools running a daycare service? The children should be cared for - they're innnocent. But, to those parents who have kids before having a means to care for them financially I lay full blame on. Things happen; jobs lost, divorce, etc. after a child is born but this has become a standard expectation for everyone other than the parent to pay and care for a child and it must stop. Sorry, the budget doesn't lie - only the politicians in charge of it.

  • Brandy

    If moms stayed home with their children where they belong, this wouldn't be an issue.

  • Jay

    First off, why is Kanawha County Schools running a day care? Their obligation is to educate, not run day care centers.

    Second, what type of message is this sending the next generation? It appears it is one of a liberal mindset which translates like this. I can't take care of myself or be responsible for my actions so must have someone to help me and take care of my babies.

    Third, the last time I checked, of the 48 adjacent States, WV is near the 4th worst State in the Nation with regards to education.

    Fifth, why have the taxpayers in WV allowed this type of thing to go on? The State nor the local County Government, much less the School Board, should be involved in day care. God knows that can't educate or even be responsible for the teenagers, much less the babies.

  • Pam

    I agree , Mike.

  • mt

    Bout time we start cutting, with any luck our gov leaders with follow with cutting useless spending.

    • Mike

      Spoken like someone who has no children, nor has ever had, children in daycare, with all the money and time-demands that come with it when working a full-time job. Maybe it's your job that needs cut.

      • mt

        I have one wonderful daughter that has grad high school and college. Most important thing to understand here is i paid for all of it myself. Did not use one tax payer dime to do it. Again our gov needs to cut even more hand outs. I take care of my own and dont need the gov to do it for me.

        STOP gov had outs to lazy people period!!!!!!

        • Mark

          If she went to public schools, your statement is incorrect...

          • mt

            All moneys for schools comes from taxes. Just a fact

      • wvguy

        MIke. I had 2 kids and never once did me or my wife ever use day care. Last time I checked there are three 8 hour shifts in every work day. When we had kids, I worked evenings and my wife worked days and neither of us made more than $9 an hour. We never once used day care, we watched our own kids. We never got food stamps, hud or any other welfare program. If you have kids then work different shifts and watch your own kids and stop asking tax payers to pay for it. People need to live like they make $10 an hour and stop trying to live like you make $35 an hour. People already get Free rent, Free day Care, Free housing, Free food, Free utilities, Free medical care, Free cell Phones, even some places you can get a free car. Is it any wonder people won't stand on thier own two feet. Sooner or later this will all come crashing down.

      • Realist

        The county tax payers should not be subsidizing daycare.

        • John

          Read the story--there's no county money. And you're right, Mike--Jay speaks like someone who has no clue about what it takes to raise children.

          Daycare is a basic option for parents who work. Parents who are responsible and want to take care of their children and their future. Parents of future parents and productive members of society. It's how life works.

          • Realist

            The three daycares that are being closed are losing money. Who is making up the difference? County taxpayers. That is why these three are closing and not all.

      • Harpers Ferry

        He probably doesn't have one.