SNOWSHOE, W.Va. — Ski season is extended at the state’s largest ski resort. Officials at Snowshoe Mountain in Pocahontas County say the most recent blast of winter has put them in a position to extend the season until the first weekend in April.

“We got close to two and a half feet in a little over a week and that was on top of the great base we had,” said resort spokesman Dave Dekma. “So once again, we’re looking into a big snow March and a big finale to the season.”

Typically the target date for the end of the season is the last weekend in March. During last year’s season the resort was able to open early and extend into April as well, but Dekma said the decision this year to extend another weekend came much earlier.

The first weekend in April for now is the final one and allows people to make plans.  He said whether the season is further extended will depend on whether any more significant snowfall in the region during the coming weeks.


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  • wvtd

    thank GOD for global warming or is it climate change now. maybe we are looking at the beginning of a new ice age.

  • jay zoom


    • ViennaGuy

      I'm sure that the people who work at Snowshoe care.

    • Love to Ski

      I care and I know a bunch of people who care. Get off your lazy butt and try some winter activities!