NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.Va. — Two fugitives who failed to return to the Charleston Work Release Center last week are back behind bars. 

Authorities said Brenda Gay Williams, 44, and Kevin Dale Leek, 37 were captured in New Martinsville around 3 p.m. Monday.

“We got a tip from the owners at the Plaza Inn Motel,” New Martinsville Police Captain Steve Kastigar told MetroNews Tuesday. “Evidently they’d been there overnight.”

The pair got spooked, according to Kastigar, when maids were cleaning the rooms for the day and walked away. Kastigar said they had a hunch Leek would seek help from his brother who lived in town. 

“We got lucky,” Kastigar said. “He went to find his brother and we got there first. He ran up in the hills and left her down on the river bank.”

Kastigar said Leek’s brother was instrumental in talking him into giving up. Williams also turned herself in after she was contacted by Leek’s family.  Both gave up peacefully and were taken to the Northern Regional Jail.


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  • Brian

    Guess the work release escapees didn't want to work. Not that much different than some other folks who should probably be in jail. Glad it all came together without incident by the LEOs involved.