MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Former Martinsburg quarterback Justin ‘Cookie’ Clinton has been charged with 12 criminal counts over three separate indictments, including felony kidnapping.

Overall, Clinton is facing two counts of breaking and entering, two counts of petit larceny, two counts of grand larceny, two counts of breaking and entering of an automobile, one count of burglary, one count of kidnapping, one count of battery and one count of domestic battery.

The charges of kidnapping, burglary, battery and domestic battery go back to a December 6th, 2013 incident where Clinton is accused of fleeing the scene of a domestic incident and holding a woman against her will – police say he initially forced his way into the woman’s Martinsburg apartment.

The charges of breaking and entering, petit larceny and grand larceny stem from two incidents in August and September of 2013 where Clinton is accused of breaking into Martinsburg High School and stealing cash, among other items.

A third indictment, which also includes grand larceny and petit larceny, charges Clinton with two counts of breaking and entering of an automobile as well. That incident occurred in November as Clinton is accused of stealing $25,000, a revolver and other items.

The former Martinsburg quarterback was named first team all-state in 2012, leading the Bulldogs to what was their third straight state championship.

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  • Gobbly Gook

    I weep for the WV education system. People, learn the correct use of "are" and "our" and with "then" and "than". You look like complete idiots. What are you using for English books, "The Book of Ebonics"????

    • wow


  • Told ya

    Gee, Mr. Jeff Jenkins, remember how you removed so many of my post and let the accusations of me being a racist by either a father or grand-father of a South Charleston player following the All star game for calling them thugs

  • D Cord.

    Wow! My opinion doesn't matter but I'm giving it anyway. Its his fault he did the crime now he has to do the time, but lets be honest here when a kid gets away with everything in school and home what do you expect. Myself and a lot of my friends grew up with only our mothers or grandmothers and none of us our in jail or doing things that will put us in jail. I don't know this kid at all but when there is no discipline at home or school that's what you end up with unless someone else steps up to guide our youth in the right direction their will be more to follow. Please don't give kids grades just to have a chance to win a championship. D Cord signing off.

  • William

    WVU will recruit him -
    He will make a perfect fit at WVU

  • Rodney

    After the way the Martinsburg fans behave at the games, I'm not the least bit surprised.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Oh yeah, because no other school in the state has had players get arrested after high school. 5 in a row! Don't hate!

    • 1prouddog

      What does all the community of Martinsburg have to do with the acts of one kid? I guess wherever you are from everybody is perfect and no one goes to jail...Get Real!!!
      BTW...which LOSING team are you representing??!!

      • rodney

        That's "the class" I'm talking about. Way to represent. You all have a reputation all over the state. Cheering when players are laying on the field injured and taunting the opposing team's players.

        • 1prouddog

          ok Midland....least we know where the tears are coming from now!!!

    • William

      WVU will recruit him -
      He will be a perfect fit at WVU

      • Mike

        We cant sign him,he is the new back up QB for MUs what his name.

        • Marty

          At least MUs got a quarterback !!!!

      • Rodney

        From the looks of the comments it appears he already blew a shot at playing at UC.

  • TB

    Think he missed the 'student' in student-athlete.

  • k


    • wow

      stop yelling.

  • Abbagoochie

    A black and crime? Who would of thought such a thing. 80% of crime in this country is by blacks. Come to charleston it is much worse here by the blacks. You cant even go out in the bright subshine because of the black thugs roaming the streets. A gun works everytime its tried.

    • Professor

      wow awimpigoochie....what rock did you crawl from??? You ever heard live by the sword you die by the sword. You may want to be careful of what black man you say this to! Besides incest, rape and child molestation are crimes too....anyway...we all know you can't put a color or a percentage on crime in America...especially people like you cause you make up a small percent of the U.S. population...thank God! You really ought to go get your GED, stop drinking moon shine, tear down your meth lab, get off welfare and let your daughters sleep at night!!! I'm sure the cops will catch up with you again soon and put you back in jail where people like you breed and become BUBBA'S best friend for protection!!!

      • Abbagoochie

        Arrest and convictions dont lie.neither does any type of video which by far show blacks doing the crime,and im well educated and have never done any type of drugs and no criminal history ever. Its sad you live in the land of oz and cant or wont admit that videos are not racists and arrest stats countrywide PROVE blacks do 80% of all crimes in this country. Wake up and live on this thing called earth.

        • Professor

          what a waste.......

      • Brian

        Yeh!!! Take that, Jethro!

  • k


  • k

    What a waste of talent, I had the chance to watch him play high school, and coached against him in the youth league! Just sad ! I hate to say it but his parents, teachers, and coachs dropped the ball on this one!!!!! They let those football players get away with too much, they had grades given to them, and were able to have access to the school when no one was there, cause they were football players!!!! He isn't the only one, just the idiot that got caught!!!! Brandon Barrett another example teachers gave him grades, he couldnt write his name in cursive when he graduated !!!!!! TRUTH

    • Triggerdog

      What is this 'cursive' you speak of?

  • Dogshater

    Its all about winning at Martinsburg and they turn their heads to any wrong doing. This kid was the same way when he was a student at Martinsburg.

  • MBdogs

    Was this type of behavior going on when he was playing Friday nights or did they just their heads cause he was playing ball. People in this area need to realize whats important. These state championships don't mean a thing years down the road.

    • 1prouddog

      If championships don't mean anything then why do we have sports? That's ludicrous to say since approximately 80 kids play on a football team per year and win or lose they learn much more than the how to play for others, team work, hard work, self-discipline, sacrifice, determination, pride...and the list goes on...Winning a championship is the epitome of sports...on whatever is saying you are the best and it is history that no one can take from you! You must not have ever won a championship...sorry...I have won several and still cherish them with my family and friends!!!

      • MBdogs

        Actually won 3 in a row and can remember pushing Martinsburg around in a scrimmage. They don't mean a thing now that Im an adult, its about have some sort of disciplinary control and not turning heads for the sake of winning football games. Let go of the past superfan

        • 1prouddog

          Championships don't mean a thing...yea right!!! That's almost as good as your last post! NON-ATHLETE!!!

          • MBdogs

            says the 2nd stringer that stayed in his hometown and became nothing. Im done with you. good night

    • Panhandler

      Couldn't agree more.

  • chasmo

    This thug had it all- just thought he was above the law ! What a shame & should MOST DEFINITELY be sent away for many many years .Parents, educators and coaches can't do it all for you .How about YOU stepping up and start taking responsibility for what YOU brought into this world. What a shame !

  • martinsburg resident

    There is currently a "Lack of Institutional Control" at Martinsburg High School. To coin a phrase: "The inmates are running the prison". It is sad for ALL the good students (and there are more good than bad) & teachers... however as Edmund Burke once said, "The only thing that allows evil to exist is for good men (women) to do (say) nothing." Parents & teachers... take back your school from the thugs & incompetent leadership.

    • 1prouddog

      Wow Martinsburg resident...if this were true then you need to leave this town and fast!
      My whole family went to Martinsburg and I have kids there and we never experienced a lack of control at MHS!
      But of course according to you no other schools in America have a kid that graduated go to jail, huh?
      I can't believe the self righteous people that are on this site!!! Get a freakin grip!!!

      • wow

        1prouddog, I give you a lot of BS on this site because I know you get fired up, but I'm with you on this one. Cookie did this not the school or coaches. What this is, is people wanting to take a shot at Martinsburg because they are on top. Let Cookie take the blame and stop trying to blame every thing on the way the school handled him, in the words of 1prouddog Get A Grip!!!

    • Jaybo83

      Can you cite some examples of the "lack of institutional control"? As a parent of a senior at MHS, I'd like to hear this. Should we blame Dave Walker for Cookie's misdeeds? Or can we be reasonable and say some of the blame lies at home and with family? The line between right and wrong isnt too broad. At the end of the day, the kid made these decisions, not the staff at MHS.

      • Take it or leave it

        Its not the staff's fault, and he made his own decisions. I just wish people would not let kids like him just slide through the cracks. Who is it helping? Things like changing his grades so he could graduate are things that failed him ,(that happens at a lot of places to get kids out the door that schools don't want to deal with anymore or kids that have always some how ended up eligible for sports every season and now they are seniors). I'm just saying that stuff like that probably happens all over the state in high school sports. I just don't know at what point everyone started to view this as okay. As in sports are more important than an education. Being good at high school sports in West Virginia doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand schemes of high school athletics across the country.

    • Hillbilly

      Why are you so quick to blame school? Teaching someone right from wrong starts at HOME!!

    • steve

      Former student-not current

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Ole Sasquatch thinks you are probably right.

  • Panhandler

    It is a shame this happened. It is truly sad to see a youth like this have problems like these regardless if he was a star athlete or not. Is it the first time something like this has happened, probably not. Will stuff like this happen again? I would imagine it will. People who should of been looking out for him were always instead looking the other way. (Teacher's, coaches, principals, fans) Is it his fault? Yes I would say that it his. He made these decisions that have put him in the place he is, but where as a community do we all become accountable in holding up a teenager in such high regard for scoring touchdowns on Friday nights. Are state championships more important than learning life lessons and being an overall good human being? At what point did high school football (or any high school sport for that matter) become win at all costs?

    • Nathan

      You say, "People who should of been looking out for him were always instead looking the other way. (Teacher's, coaches, principals, fans)” Nowhere in there did I see you say parents. Teachers teach academics. Coaches coach sports. It's the parent’s job to raise and teach a kid right and wrong.

      • Panhandler

        and to add to that I understand it should be a parents job to teach right and wrong, but sometimes parents are out of the picture or not good people. I'm not trying to say that "all" coaches and teaches failed this kid, but some didnt do him any favors when letting certain things slide.

      • Panhandler

        I hope you are not a teacher or coach. If that's all you do with the students or players than you have really missed the boat on the reason why people are teachers and coaches. You know like take an interest in a kids life, but touchdowns are cool too. Nathan you missed my whole point.

      • Hillbilly


      • mtnmnstan

        Nathan, You Sir have nailed it down!
        Something else to consider. Would we even hear about this incident if it were someone other than the high school all star QB? Probably not.