CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The bill that would give Huntington Prep recognition by the WVSSAC, allowing the program to compete for national championships and national tournaments, passed through the state senate on Wednesday. The bill will now move on for approval in the state house.

An amendment to add The Linsly School out of Wheeling to the bill, however, was shot down.

“Some of (our state’s) private schools are members of the WVSSAC, but they abide by all of the rules of the SSAC,” said Wetzel County senator Larry Edgell. “Linsly was offered an opportunity to do that, but they refused to abide by the rules of the SSAC. We don’t want to open up the door and let everyone open up a school and play in the SSAC – I oppose this amendment.”

Putnam County Senator Chris Walters, a graduate of Linsly, proposed the amendment in an effort to allow the school to participate in SSAC tournaments.

“Because Linsly wants to bring in an international flavor to their classrooms, to expand cultural education, they’re unable to compete in the state tournament without those boarding students,” Walters said. “Because of the low number of students that participate in this school, we wouldn’t have enough people for a team to even compete (without the boarding students).”

The SSAC previously had given Linsly the option to play in SSAC state tournaments if those boarding students did not participate.

Huntington Prep, meanwhile, has no desire to play against instate competition – only to receive recognition from the SSAC so they can participate in national tournaments.

Amendments aside, the the Huntington Prep bill moves on to the House of Delegates as the current legislative session ends on March 8th.

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  • B A Winner

    Now if they would just pass legislation preventing Jim a justice from giving the state's best players parents jobs .....

  • Stephen

    This has nothing to do with Linsly or any other private school in West Virginia. Huntington Prep is unlike any program that has ever been in our state. They should be acknowledged by the SSAC. They don't want to take their 10 D-I prospects and play Hannan and Buffalo. They need acknowledgement so they can play in national tournaments. That is not their fault, it is the rules they need to play by. It is good Because they want to be here and it will give positive publicity to both Huntington and the entire state. You can't buy the notariety of being at Madison Square Garden or the United Center and having ESPN or Fox Sports 1 mention Huntington and WV in a tournament with the best players in the nation.

  • Jason Allison

    How does the state handle foreign exchange students? What if a Korean student came to Wheeling strictly to attend Park? Park would not be eligible? Trying to understand why grown adults punish the international community for coming from all over the world to attend a school in your state? The world is full of hatred and what is going on at Linsly should be embraced not punished.

  • wvrefugee

    “Some of (our state’s) private schools are members of the WVSSAC, but they abide by all of the rules of the SSAC

    Yeah, right!

  • Cam Brown

    Huntington Prep represents our town and State well. This bill will help allow HP to play for a national championship. What great recognition would that be for West Virginia!!!

  • JTC

    Now add Huntington St. Joesph Girls to the bill, they are doing the same scheduling as Huntington Prep.

    • TC

      Personally I believe private schools all together need there own league. Just because your school only has a couple hundred students doesn't mean they didn't pull those students from populations of thousands. Playing in single A just isn't fair to the public schools.

      • tm

        Similar situation just took place in Ohio with football. A small private school of around 100 boys competed in Division VI football. They had over 10 NCAA division 1 college prospects. In comparison, the three most populated schools in WV didn't have 10 combined. Ohio went on to make a 7th division for these "SuperSchools" to compete in. Not against a Private School division, this would allow numerous schools the ability to play. IMO, the problem here is that the OLD, gray-haired, long-toothed ones that run the WVSSAC are living in the stone age. Sports are evolving and schools are evolving; academically and culturally. Time for West Virginia to wake up or get left behind.....again.

        • TC

          Just another example, go take a look at the single A boys top ten I believe their are 2-3 public schools the rest private.

          • Steve

            Would there be all this complaining if there was a private school at the top of AAA? I doubt it.

  • b

    I am working with my local delegate to remove the stupid travel ball rule. Why shouldn't you be allowed to practice, tryout, take a picture or play for a non school affiliated team during that respective season if it doesn't interfere? Makes no sense to me. Seems like they are holding athletes back.

    • TS

      Yes i agree this rule is BS. Yes it does hold our atheletes back a lot. Virginia had the same rule and they filed a law suit against there gov body and got it removed now there kids can play and the coaches can also coach the travel teams so you can imagin the difference in the calaber of teams and players there to here

    • tm

      this one is easy! child safety! for instance, let's say you have a HS pitcher in baseball. this kid throws 7 innings for his school on a Thursday. He is eligible to pitch again on Monday and he throws another 7. However, in between, he plays travel ball and his coach throws him on Friday in a tournament for 7 and tournament rules say he only needs one day rest and the coach throws him another 7 on Sunday. now this kid has thrown 28 innings in 5 days. Entirely too much on his arm and dangerous to his well-being.

      • TS

        And as far as safety goes.. the pitcher is only on of 9 on the field and if his or her parents allow them to be over pitched it is there fault. I know as far as softball goes the calaber of players that play travel compaired to the ones here that can only play 3 months out of the year during school ball is tremendous.. That is why if you look at college teams and look at how many WV players there are on those teams it is very few and will not change until this rule is changed