Mylan Puskar Stadium could have a wine option for fans in the future.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Wine could be an option for Mountaineer football fans this fall in a bill being considered by state lawmakers.

The state Senate Judiciary Committee approved a measure Wednesday afternoon that would allow wine sales at NCAA Division I athletic stadiums in West Virginia.

The bill’s chief sponsor, Monongalia County Senator Bob Beach, said he introduced the bill at the request of WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck.

“It was a short request. I didn’t think it to be a big issue,” Beach said. “We already have beer sales in place, adding wine to that list wasn’t that difficult for me.”

Beach said the sales would operate much the same way as beer sales do at Mountaineer Field.

(read bill here)

“This would allow wine sales in addition to that. Same guidelines,” Beach said. “Students would have to have ID along with adults as well.”

The bill spells out that a license to sell wine would cost $250 and those sales must be away from the general crowd. The bill reads:

“The exterior of the area where wine sales may occur are surrounded by a fence or other barrier prohibiting entry….so that unless the wine sales area is closed to free and unrestricted entry by the general public.”

WVU began selling beer at Mountaineer Field a few seasons ago and Beach said it’s gone well.

“It’s a revenue mechanism for the university and I think it adds a little more to that pool when you add wine sales to it,” Beach said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill in less than three minutes Wednesday. There was very little discussion. The bill now heads to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration.


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  • Aaron

    I guess someone forgot to tell the Metro crowd that prohibition ended during the depression.

    • sam

      how about working on a pay raise bill for state employees at their request!

      • WVU1

        How about earning that raise beyond being there "a long time"?

        • Interesting123

          Having been a former state employee who left due to no foreseeable raise let me tell you, It doesn't matter what you "earn" there are no raises. Certainly, there are those who dont deserve it but even the ones who do cant get one.

          • WVU1

            State employees are no different than any other service worker. Low pay, no overtime, limited benefits. This is not a state government "thing".

        • WVUAlum

          Hey sam , I'll leave this here for you:

  • jl

    go back to our roots. A moonshine still.

  • WV Grad

    Bad wine in plastic cups--stylin and profilin.

    • Patchy

      With plenty of elbow room, especially in the student section.

      • Charleston

        That's hilarious!

    • WVU1

      True WV.....Mad Dog and Boones Farm or nothimg!

  • heartshot

    Hell think of the money Luck could make WVU if
    WV would legalize pot it would be a one stop shop beer,wine and dope.

    • Denver Washington

      Ever sit in the upper deck of the student section? You can get a contact buzz just by sitting close by there right now.

    • pc

      Hell, another season like the last, and they may have to have stadium vendors start selling hard core drugs to enable the fans to cope with the fiasco on the field!!

  • PT

    This is good. Will bring in more revenue and probably without significant consequences. To the person who says "it's all about money now- not winning football games", you are wrong- money wins football games. Money means higher pay for the best coaches, etc. Besides, if somebody wants booze- it isn't hard to get in. Hell, I take a flask in every game. I doubt the wine is going to have negative consequences!

    • Protechcpa

      Will the wine sales also bring in more money for the lousy coaches we have now? Getting someone a bit tipsy will always cloud their judgement. Perhaps this is designed to make the fans perceive a bad team as good. Get drunk enough and you will not remember the poor coaching decisions. Maybe they have been serving that wine to the coaches pregame already.

    • Billy

      I can't imagine a decent parent wanting to take their family to a football game up there and try to watch it in a drunken mob.

      • Grant

        Statistics show, and my observations at the games concurs, WVU has had fewer issues with alcohol in the stadium the past two years. Yes, you can buy beer, but their enforcement on conduct issues are really cleaning up the environment.

        • Ragweed

          So, Grant, with your knowledge and logic, we should sell hard liquor and maybe dope. That should really make conduct related issues go away. One could go to a game and hear nothing but "shucks," "daggone it," and the like. I certaiunly haven't seen any great improvement in conduct at the games I have been to.

          And, by the way, what statistics do yo have to back up your claim?

          The same 'ol drunks are always going to get drunk. Now, the university just makes it easier.

          • Grant

            Thanks GoEers! That was what I was referring too.

            As for allowing hard liquor, etc. Give me a break. Well if you're going to allow someone to drive 70, you may as well let them go 100.

            Game atmosphere isn't any different? Either you haven't been to any/many games the past two years or just are looking for things to complain about.

          • GoEers

            don't mean to barge in on this conversation, but the statistics came from the Morgantown police dept. after the first year of beer sales and were published in Bloomberg's online business magazine...the theme of the article centered around the additional revenue generated as well as decrease in incidents

      • tw eagle

        grow up , little billie . . . I guess you & the wifie have a workable plan to keep your little chillins from ever hearing a nasty word their whole lives . . .

        apparently your parents skewed your life by sheltering you from all the 'badness' in the world . . . were you home schooled to keep you from being tainted by all the worldly temptations ?

        real people smoke , drink (to excess on occasion) , swear , and God forbid have sexual relations outside the marriage bed . . . unless you chain your chillins to the radiators in the basement they will find out about these foibles of mankind all on their own , and in good time . . .

        so again - grow up billie , and stop trying to save the chillins from the REAL world . . .it's the real world that they will have to deal with , eventually . . .

        • Billy

          I am grown. I was raised by a mother who was deserted by her husband. I raised 4 law abiding, and grown adults that would never take my grandchildren to such a family unfriendly event.
          And you are in my opinion not much but a smart mouth. You are the one that needs to grow up and be a adult. Oh yeah- you are not funny either.

        • mac

          And once again, the lowest of humanity attempt to convince the whole crowd that "everything's OK" - - your kids just need to grow up in the REAL world. Why do we let a few idiots who want to get drunk, blow their minds, and cuss like a sailor at a college football game ruin a "great family experience?" Yep, the minority rules once again.

      • Ryan

        It's always a drunken mob. Even before beer sales, are fans and students are embarrassing, its one thing to have a beer or two but I got sick of all the students and parents who get so damn drunk they cant walk or all they do is drop the f bomb every fifth word

        • Cletus

          Stay home....theses is my of kind people.

          • Cletus

            I say more drinkin, fighting and cussin. Plus anybody without a full set teeth gets in half price. Better add on to stadium boys we is ready for some football.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    I think proper etiquette requires you to hold your pinkie finger out when taking a sip in polite company.

  • jl

    he needs to influence the big money to buy some better football talent. But it has to be legal.

  • william

    Printed on the back of football tickets this year -

  • herder

    Luck will continue to be worshiped because he is going to make so much more money for WVU. Remember, now a days, it is about making money, not about winning football games! Get into the 21st century of football!!!

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Hmmmmm. Does that mean Tad, Buffy, my Muffin and I can...what do they refer to it as...uh...... "tailgate" a specially designated area away from those boorish, crude, loud, uncivilized and unwashed devotees of football? Egad, after all there are certain social proprieties one must observe. Bravo Ollie, bravo.

  • Billy

    Oliver Luck, what a piece of work. He is without a doubt the worst possible hire WVU has ever made. It will take decades to undo his stupid mistakes. Who is his boss and is he awake? Gee what a clown.

    • Charleston

      No, the worst possible hire was definitely President Garrison.

    • dude

      Oliver Luck was a WVU QB. One of the best. Some fan loyalty.

    • Oh Did Ya?

      Funny that you used the word clown. That's exactly what I was thinking about you as I was reading your post. OL got WVU into the Big 12 - lack of doing so would have been crippling. New baseball stadium, athletic dept set to do significant improvements to facilities - all done because Luck has some foresight. Has he done everything perfectly?No but who has? He had the vision and leadership to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

      • Billy

        Great comment mrs. Luck

        • GoEers

          Billy you are a Marshall troll....everything you see WVU doing is considered a failure as you are the fan of a school who has failed on 12 occassions to beat WVU in football and has failed to secure a spot in one of the big 5 conferences

          have a nice day billy...the future looks bright for you

        • fiestajoe

          While Marshall........fanless and winners of.......well nothing ever really.......languishes in the eternal abyss that in CUSA

        • Oh Did Ya?

          Solid comeback

          • Oh Did Ya?

            Makes perfect sense. I'd much rather play SMU and Temple than Texas and Oklahoma. I'd also prefer we get a couple million a year to fund the program opposed to $25MM. That way we could be nationally irrelevant - good call.

          • Billy

            You are a luck lover. All the things you listed as accomplishments, I see as failures.

    • Billy

      Just saw on tv that there is a clown shortage. I thought there is a surplus of clown in morgantown. Maybe they will change the name to Morganclown.

  • Pickle Barrel

    Why not? You gotta be drunk to watch that team play. Eases the pain.

  • richard

    That's just all we need - more alcohol at Mt. Field. You would think that OL would have better things to do than worry about selling more alcohol. Is that the primary focus of the AD? You might want to worry a little more about getting a coach.

    • GoEers

      they already have they need more revenue and moe capital expenditures on facilities in order to keep up with other members of the Big 5 Conferences

  • Jonus Grumby

    Just what is needed, more alcohol consumption at WVU football games.

    • Charleston

      No, it's more of a selection of alcohol consumption at football games. I wonder if they'll include a shiraz, because that cab is too dry for my tastes.

  • Larry

    Wow, this Luck guy must be some kind of drinker, the experience at a WVU game would be much, much better with no alcohol sales, nor the admittance of anyone under its influence.