Mylan Puskar Stadium could have a wine option for fans in the future.
Mylan Puskar Stadium could have a wine option for fans in the future.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Wine could be an option for Mountaineer football fans this fall in a bill being considered by state lawmakers.

The state Senate Judiciary Committee approved a measure Wednesday afternoon that would allow wine sales at NCAA Division I athletic stadiums in West Virginia.

The bill’s chief sponsor, Monongalia County Senator Bob Beach, said he introduced the bill at the request of WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck.

“It was a short request. I didn’t think it to be a big issue,” Beach said. “We already have beer sales in place, adding wine to that list wasn’t that difficult for me.”

Beach said the sales would operate much the same way as beer sales do at Mountaineer Field.

(read bill here)

“This would allow wine sales in addition to that. Same guidelines,” Beach said. “Students would have to have ID along with adults as well.”

The bill spells out that a license to sell wine would cost $250 and those sales must be away from the general crowd. The bill reads:

“The exterior of the area where wine sales may occur are surrounded by a fence or other barrier prohibiting entry….so that unless the wine sales area is closed to free and unrestricted entry by the general public.”

WVU began selling beer at Mountaineer Field a few seasons ago and Beach said it’s gone well.

“It’s a revenue mechanism for the university and I think it adds a little more to that pool when you add wine sales to it,” Beach said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill in less than three minutes Wednesday. There was very little discussion. The bill now heads to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration.


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  • stephenwv

    Sam Cann stands for important legislation. Up hold WVU traditions. Encouraging too many sober students does not continue the long held tradition of couch burning. We need stronger drinks at football games! Sam Cann always creates the most important legislation for WV. Keep up the good work Sam. You've got a real head on your shoulders.

  • fprio

    Hookah bar next?

  • Low Rider

    When does the bourbon and cigar bar open? Can't wait!

  • Rich Rod fan

    Oliver Luck could rehire Mike Parsons... to be a sommelier!

  • Merlot

    Get it inside or at Kroger....what's the difference? All you that fear the fire water in the stands swallow Xanax to sleep and deal with those kids you don't wanna bring inside...hypocrites. Oliver is taking your Mountaineers into the next century. You all ran off Bowden, blamed Eddie for Rich's exit, trashed Stewart for being boring like the Big 10....what do you want? There is a non-drinking family section just for you, Flanders.

    • John

      Bravo! Absolutely nailed it!

  • RickeyT

    Whenever I have been able to go to the games at Mountaineer field, it has been a great experience. Maybe just lucky but the fans all seemed enthusiastic but not out if control at all. There will always be a few antisocial people wherever you go, bu don't implicate the entire crowd. And people have been drinking at college football games as long as college football has been in existence. Whether its beer, wine or liquor, in or outside the stadium, purchased in the stadium or at the store. Luck's just trying to direct those dollars toward the program. Honestly I've heard and seen worse at the local high school games.

    • John

      Well, what you have to understand is that; most (if not all) of the people crying and complaining have never been to a Mountaineer game in their life and never will.

      They sit in front of their computers all day, stuffing Cheetos in their mouths while surfing the Pitt and Louisville forums... and believing whatever they read.

  • Grant

    Boy Luck is stupid:

    "By tapping kegs at Mountaineer Field, West Virginia has added $700,000 to the athletic department and reduced the number of incidents in which police were called because of excessive drinking by around 30 percent, Athletic Director Oliver Luck said in an interview."

    Oh wait, I guess we shouldn't let facts get in the way of a good argument.

    • Grant

  • steve

    yea --another stupid move--I am commited to never attending another mountaineer game . The last time I attended I had to walk over drunk kids laying in the isles and beer being spilled down my back...Way to go's all about money-----only..............

    • Aaron

      that's fine Steve. maybe you can start attending some marshall games instead, pansy.

      • John

        There's a pretty good chance he's already a Herd fan. The garbage he's spewing sounds similar. Let me ask you, Aaron; have you ever seen the things "Steve" said he saw?

    • John

      Seems like you spend way too much time reading and believing Kevin Kinder's smut site. I've been attending WVU games for nearly 25 years, I have yet to see one drunk person "laying in the isles". At least make your exaggerations believable.

  • JimJim

    WVU Football, it's over. Sad!

  • Robin

    Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill for everyone!!

  • JimJim

    This would bring a little class to the biggest beer bash in WV, or a lot of winos. ha

  • jay zoom

    are these legislators who sponsor this bill getting season free season tickets to these events. just another Oliver Luck ploy to rip off the mountaineer faithful. they sell beer in the open and are going to hide the sale of wine. (why) maybe they need to legalize the sale of the green weed they'll make millions. way to go OLLIE what will you propose to legislatures to rip us off next year. go back to Texas where you belong maybe we can find a true A.D. and get rid of the jerk that we have.

  • Larry

    metronews needs to redo its commenting setup, where it says older comments in red at the bottom, those are the newer and vice versa.

  • jay zoom

    the sponsors of this bill must be getting free seasons tickets to Mountaineer games (football-Basketball) technically this jerk (LUCK) has continued to rip off the mountaineer faithful and he personally has not done anything to improve the athletic department. but people outside his office have. you sell beer in areas open to all of the public -- but not wine whats the problem. Oliver you came here a loser still are a loser and when you leave you will still be a loser. next thing you will want to do is collect $20.00 just to get in and buy wine. like another person said sell the green weed you will make millions. oh by the way senator Beach I would like you to sponsor a bill that would raise the standard deduction on state tax to 3 or 4 thousand dollars that way the whole state can be of benefit. I HOPE THIS BILL FAILS AS WELL AS THE ONE ON CLOSING HOURS one more comment you just lost my vote on this one but you probably don't care