GLEN DANIELS, W.Va. — State Police said Wednesday juvenile petitions would be obtained against three 15-year-old boys for allegedly calling in bomb threats at a Raleigh County high school.

Troopers responded to bomb threats at Liberty High School in Glen Daniels both Monday and Tuesday. The buildings were searched and nothing was found.

An investigation developed evidence against the three boys. They were suspended from school as a result of the juvenile charges. Other action against them is pending.

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    This was just children being ignorant.The fact that people act like they never done nothing as a child or that their child has never done nothing wrong amazes me.If you can remember your teenage years then you will remember making mistakes and doing dumb things.Give these children and their families a break I am sure it is hard enough on them already.Looks like to me some of the adults here are just as immature as these students were.

  • Wixcheew

    Send them to
    Gitmo It is an act of terrorism!!


    It's time to use the "board of education" on these young men.