DUNBAR, W.Va. — A Kanawha County man is dead after being shot with his own gun during a domestic call involving police.

Officers with the Dunbar Police Department went to the home on West Virginia Avenue Wednesday night to serve a domestic violence petition on Rick Wilcox, 65, of Dunbar. The petition was issued earlier in the day and required him to leave the residence.

Upon seeing authorities, Wilcox locked the door and retreated into the house. Relatives provided police with a key and they entered. Investigators said those relatives warned officers Wilcox might be armed.

According to investigators Wilcox came down the stairs as officers entered, the ran back upstairs and officers pursued him. A scuffle ensued upstairs as police attempted to take him into custody and Wilcox pulled a handgun. During the struggle the gun went off and struck Wilcox in the torso.

Wilcox was taken to Thomas Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Dunbar Police Chief Jess Bailes requested the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department to handle the investigation. Bailes confirmed an interval investigation into the incident is also underway. Nobody else was injured in the struggle.

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  • MOCO man

    This individual clearly made a lot of stupid decisions on that fateful day. 1) he locked the door instead of just being a man and talking it over and receiving the papers.
    2) He tried to run upstairs from the officers and in a moment of stupidity tried to pull a weapon. If I am wrestling a gun from you......I am going to point it towards you so I don't get hit..........seems like he kind of got what he deserved.

  • BS

    He pulled the gun out struggled with police and shot himself. Really?

    Funny how the only other witness to this shooting, other than a group of thug cops, is dead.

    How about this - he had a gun with no intention to use it, otherwise there would be a thug cop or two with a bullet in them. The cops attacked, forced the gun to point into him and pulled the trigger. Much more believable.

    • KeatonsCorner

      please explain why a person would have a gun in a confrontation with law enforcement with no intentions of using it.

      He didn't surrender the weapon, or else he'd be alive right now.

      Probable cause to shoot on sight, much less fire once the criminal engages physically...

      • DWL

        He didn't realize the FPO's (DVP's) are "bullet proof". The victims can hold them in front of their body and they repel bullets!

  • DWL

    Yep. That Piece of Paper worked well!

  • Beckie

    The relatives knew he was dangerous! He was being served for domestic violence. May the souls who he terrorized have some peace now. Good job police

    • Josh

      You're assuming an awful lot. They shouldn't be entering and "chasing down" to serve papers. Another life wasted due to bad police discretion.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Struggling with the police is usually a bad idea. A man's got to know his limitations.

  • Brian

    One question will end all this speculation. The gun that Wilcox "pulled" . . . who is it registered to ?

  • william

    Someone from the outside needs to investigate-
    Who pulled the trigger?
    I don't think Wilcox pulled the trigger and killed himself!
    And the truth will never be known!

    • Jonus Grumby

      Just a swingin' wild ### guess here, but I'd say it was a death struggle and the officers won this time.

    • Mike

      William You are such a police hater. The bad guy pulled the gun on the Police officer. His finger was on the trigger. When you are fighting for your life with some scum bag who wants to kill you the idea is not to get shot yourself. I would hate to see your police record. Bet it is as long as I am tall. One day you might grow up,I doubt it.

      • BS

        Mike that is about the most illogical stupid argument I've seen here. Go back to the donut shop with the rest of your cop comrades

        • Mike

          Big words from a person that hides behind the keyboard.

          I bet you're a real tough guy, aren't you?

      • Josh

        I guess we'll never know the truth. You have one wife's story of a "bad guy". Why are they entering and "chasing down" to serve papers? Did he need to die?

        • Me

          Why he run? All they were doing was serving papers which means serve the papers and the male has to leave residence. The family already told them they he probably was armed. You stupid anti police people tickled the crap out of me LOL

          • Josh

            "Why he run?"
            He 'pose to run?

            Miraculously, pulled a gun during the struggle and shot himself.

      • MIKE


    • KeatonsCorner

      You thinking that is caused by a personal bias you bring to the argument in the first place. How can your "opinion" be respected (hint: it's not) if we all know your view is highly skewed from the get-go?