PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — The State Police is investigating what’s been called a “riot” at the Lorrie Yeager Jr. Juvenile Center in Parkersburg.

Six juveniles allegedly destroyed the commons area of the facility Tuesday. Six officers from the Parkersburg Police Department were called in to help assist juvenile correctional officers get the situation under control.

Authorities said there was never any threat to the public. The juveniles were securely contained within the center.

Damage to the facility is said to be extensive. A cost estimate has not yet been determined.

The state Division of Juvenile Services said Thursday evening three of the six juveniles involved have been transferred to other facilities.

The Wood County Prosecutor’s Office is also investigating.



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  • DWL

    According to the leftists, democrats, socialists, tree huggers, DHHR cry babies (everyone a (d)), they are only incorrigible. They'd never hurt anyone. Their babysitters (aka guards) can't though them, so they had to call for help.

    • Me

      You are exactly right! They are criminals and should be treated as such. Now one of these juvys involved have been transferred to where my spouse works! Told my spouse don't trust these kids. Some of them are hard core. You people have no idea what some of these juvys are incarcerated for. Both adult and Juvenile centers are short staffed, they train them then they go across state to get better pay.
      They are also not allowed to "restrain" these kids when something like this happens. And the parents should pay for it but Im sure most of them do not work so it wil be the tax payers that pay for the damage.

  • Future problems

    These kids will grow up to do further damage by stealing, fighting, and generally breaking laws. Don't worry, most will have numerous kids they don't support. These aren't kids, they are parasites. Sounds harsh but true.

    Juvenile delinquents grow up to be adult law breakers.

  • just me

    Better not punish these juveniles or you will get shut down like Salem did. As the previous post said all the residents got sent to already over crowded Detention Centers that are not equipped to handle juveniles that are out of control. But maybe the really smart judge from the southern part of the state may have all the answers seeing the he closed Salem without ever stepping foot in the place.Or maybe the Gov. can help since he claims no jobs were lost when Salem closed but there was over 20 jobs lost.

  • chasmo

    Get ready !! These POS needed more meds for their ADHD , What they really need is some Hard Chore Rehab @ a Korean Work Camp or, better yet , PRIMITIVE SOLUTIONS !!!!! We need to stop the babysitting !!

  • Former CO

    These sweet juveniles stabbed a guard and attacked another one requiring both to be sent to the Hospital. They tore electrical lines out of the walls. Being a juvenile does not mean that they are innocent young children. Salem was closed because the judge did not like the tables and chairs being bolted to the floor. Juveniles can be a danger to themselves and others in society.

    • Rambo

      If you only knew what you were talking about. The judge didn't close Salem. The judge ordered the legislature and executive branch to fix the facility to comply with the law. They, not the judge, passed a law closing the facilty. That is what they decided to do to fix the facility. There was nothing said about tables being bolted down, etc. know your facts.

  • wvfreedomfighter

    Those mean cops need to quit provoking these innocent kids. I'm willing to bet that some mean conservatives are behind this!

  • Independent View

    Correction: Understaffed instead of unstaffed.

  • Independent View

    From reading the article, it appears that the center may have been unstaffed. Maybe, with adequate staff, the "riot" may not have happened.
    As to consequences for the six "rioters", their parents should pay the bill for repairs or replacement of damages.

  • Cooter

    That's OK, they're just kids.

  • Donnie

    This is what is going to start happening since the closing of Salem Industrial Home. I agree that there needed to be some changes, but now those from Salem were sent to other facilities and they are not able to handle them. Not saying anything about the people at these other facilities, but they are not used the the extreme that some of these kids are bringing to these facilities.