CROSS LANES, W.Va. — A Kanawha County bulk water distribution point had to be closed Thursday afternoon after a hole developed under a large water tanker.

The front of the tanker dug a hole in the pavement of the parking lot at the former Big Sandy Superstore parking lot in Cross Lanes. A large tow truck was brought to the scene to pull the front of the tanker out of the hole.

Kanawha County has bulk water distribution points set up for residents who still aren’t using their tap water following the Jan. 9 chemical leak and resulting water emergency.

The distribution site will reopen Friday.


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  • Justme

    In other words.. As soft as the ground is, the trailer sunk.. If you watch the video you posted with the story? There's 2 tow trucks too..
    Mustve been a slow news day..

  • John

    This is a sign, people. Drink the water. It is.....acceptable.

    • Brian

      LOL - this epic failure just keeps getting better and better. Maybe I'll send this to the tonite show. WV water polluted. . . 300K residents don't have in house access to safe water. . . water truck goes into sinkhole . . . residents don't have access to safe water.