CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Thin mints and trefoils and samoas, oh my!

The Girl Scout cookies have arrived. Parents started showing up at the delivery point first thing Friday morning in Charleston.

“Lots of parents have come by with their cars and trucks. They’ve even rented U-hauls,” explained Jennifer Brown, with the Black Diamond Girl Scout Council.

Jennifer Smith/MetroNews

Nearly 1 million boxes of cookies were sold by members of the Black Diamond Council in West Virginia.

One month of cookies sales netted the council, which covers most of West Virginia, eight tractor trailers full of cookies to be delivered.

“As a council we have sold more than 77,000 cases, which equates to over 900,000 boxes,” said Brown.

Delivery day is meticulously planned out. Parents and troop leaders are given a time to be at the pick up site. They drive down a long row of tractor trailers each with a different cookie and volunteers packed them into the vehicles.

The Girls Scouts will begin delivering their cookies this weekend. You need to be prepared for a knock on the door if you ordered.

The Girl Scouts will continue to sell cookies at booths that will pop up all across the state, in the coming weeks. Brown is hopeful more people will participate in their Gift of Caring program that provides boxes of cookies to homeless shelters.

“Right now we’re only at about 349 boxes. We really need the community’s help to get to about 1,000 boxes,” stressed Brown.

When you stop by a booth to pick up some extra boxes of cookies you can purchase one for a homeless shelter in the region.

The most popular cookie this year in Charleston? It was a tie, with samoas and thin mints generating equal orders.

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  • DWL

    WHO CARES? Do they come with the Planned Parenthood "seal of approval"? How about the lgbt endorsement? Now if they could find Christian beliefs again .....

    • Ben Dover

      Seriously? They are girl scout cookies.

      Be angry somewhere else...

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            Quit playing God. You're lousy at it and the job is already taken.

            Btw-being a racist bigit is not good.

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            You can’t be a “devout” Irish- Catholic and support an organization which is instilling the beliefs of Planed Parenthood and lgbt beliefs! So which are you? GOD knows!

        • Joe

          He might have a point, Ben.

          I just enjoyed some thin mints with an ice-cold glass of milk and now have an overwhelming urge to dance to The Village People song catalog and start using the word 'fabulous'.