PRINCETON, W.Va. — Mercer County sheriff’s deputies said Friday a Bluefield, Virginia man may have been dead before a Mercer County school bus accidentally ran over him Thursday morning.

The school system said it’s fully cooperating with investigators in the death of Patrick Neal, 31.

Mercer County Deputy A.M. Ballard said Neal was lying across Stoney Ridge Road near Brushfork at 6:16 a.m. when the bus was making its morning run. Ballard said an autopsy could determine if Neal was dead before then or not.

The body is at the state Medical Examiner’s Office.


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  • mazie

    I am so sorry for this condition of this man and so sorry that sometime when you are driving you come uupon something so fast that you don't know and have time to stop at a morning hours at this..I hope this turns out that it wasn't the bus that did this so sorry for the family of this man...Very Sad...for his life to be taken...