MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Thirty-one candidates have either been nominated or applied for the open president’s job at West Virginia University.

WVU Board of Governors Chairman Jim Dailey II told fellow members of the BOG Friday the names of the candidates will be turned over to a search firm when that firm is hired.

The deadline to apply for the president’s post was Friday. A 20-member search committee is charged with finding a replacement for former president Jim Clements, who began as president at Clemson University earlier this year.

WVU has apparently not missed a beat though with President Gordon Gee who was chosen to lead the university during the interim. Gee, who previously served as WVU president in the 1980s, said at Friday’s BOG meeting he was very glad he agreed to return to Morgantown.

“I cherish the humility and the pride West Virginians have,” Gee said.

Dailey previously said he hoped to have a new president chosen by this summer.


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  • tw eagle

    I agree with Mr Kennedy - Dr Gee needs to be made a permanent fixture in the presidential suite at WVU University . . .

    offer him the job to keep till he gets tired of it . . . . and then get on your knees & beg him to stay longer . . . I will anyway . . . .

    Let's Gooo Dr. Geeeeeee !

    • SAF


  • David Kennedy

    Save the state all the transportation, hotel and food money and keep Gordy Gee in the Presidents chair.
    That chair will be a hot seat next year when Holgersen brings in another losing football season.
    We will need a cool head to manage and not some new guy who still thinks we are connected to Virginia.
    Give Gordy anything he wants and ask him to stay with us for 3 years....1096 days....please!

  • Mike

    Please, please, just don't hire someone else from Texas or Oklahoma. We've had our fill of those arrogant cowboys (Luck included).

  • wvajoker

    I hope Oliver Luck has a say in who is hired, that way most of the candidates for the position can come out of the commenters here.

  • jay zoom

    we already have one greedy loser at WVU in Oliver Luck. I thought it was in some kind of rules that Mr. Gee could not be the new pres. maybe I am wrong. Just don't hire another jerk like Oliver. But if Luck has a say in it you will.

  • WV Grad

    As an alum: the best possible choice is already in place: Gordon Gee. Hire him ASAP.

  • Michael

    Keep Gordon Gee!

  • ernie

    I love his comment about cherishing the humility and pride that West Virginians have. Coming from Ohio State where they have no humility, I'm sure it's a welcome change.

    • Mike

      Well that is certainly a true statement. There are no more arrogant people than Ohio State Buckeyes! Oh excuse me...THE Ohio State University. Gag me!

      • Coach44

        That's right Mike
        THE Ohio State University!

        Thanks for correcting that!
        GO BUCKS

        • tw eagle

          go deep buckeye , real deeeepp !

        • Mike

          Thanks Coach44, I love being 100% right.

  • Mike

    Save time and effort, just give the job to Gee and let him lead WVU once again. Heck, he might even get rid of Luck, and wouldn't that be great luck!

    • wvrefugee

      We could only hope we would remove Luck!!

    • JJ

      E. Gordon Gee is the right choice, at any price. He's done more to tech out to faculty, students, and the community than Clements did in his entire tenure.