MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The team with the worst statistical defense in the Big 12 lived down to expectations Saturday, and West Virginia coach Bob Huggins wasn’t happy about it.

He watched Baylor shoot 54 percent for the game and pile up 52 second-half points while handing the Mountaineers an 88-75 loss that deflates for the moment any talk of this team being NCAA tournament-worthy.

“The frustrating thing is they scored every time down the floor,” Huggins said. “It has been a steady diet of that.”

After Texas shot 57 percent while also scoring 88 points in West Virginia’s previous game, Huggins’ team entered the day allowing 44-percent shooting on the season—worst in the conference.

Isaiah Austin had eight baskets, including six in the paint, on his way to 19 points. As Baylor took control in the second half, the 7-footer easily caught the ball isolated in the post and turned it into points.

“I’ve always found that the best way for a guy not to score on you is not to let them catch it,” Huggins said. “I didn’t see us in front of them.”

Still, Austin’s output didn’t seem to irk Huggins as much as what the unheralded Royce O’Neale produced. The 6-foot-6 junior poured in a career-high 22 points—16 above his average—by making all eight of his shots, including four at point-blank range and four more on open 3-point looks.

“How about Royce O’Neale,” Huggins said. “He was only 8-for-8. He hasn’t made shots like that all year.”

Baylor enjoyed a 38-12 scoring advantage in the paint and committed only four turnovers as WVU’s defense failed to pressure the ball.

“We’re not ever going to get back to where we are until we guard again,” said Huggins. “How the hell are you going to give up 88 points and think you’re guarding somebody?”

Baylor coach Scott Drew chuckled out loud when asked if he foresaw such a big performance from O’Neale, the University of Denver transfer who had only one double-figure scoring game in his last 19 outings.

“You always see the best in your players, but you know they’re not normally going to go 8-for-8,” Drew said. “Normally we would expect them to go probably 7-for-8.”

O’Neale scored 22 points once in WAC game but hadn’t approached anything so noisy during his debut season in the Big 12. He was only 7-of-21 from 3-point range in his first 13 league games before going 4-for-4 at WVU.

“We were just moving the ball, getting each other touches and open shots,” he said.

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  • GoEers

    I sure do see a lot of posts from mad hatter, pghmountaineer, and Barry. Here's how knowledgeable these losers are:

    --Mad Hatter earlier in the year predicted WVU would not win more than 13 games

    --Both Pgheer and Barry towards the end of January predicted that wvu would not win more than 2 games once they started the 9 game stretch on jan. 24th at Oklahoma st.

    WVU has since won 4 games and has 15 overall and is 7-7 in the nation's #1 RPI conference with one of the nation's youngest teams.

    So I would ask all reasonable and sane WVU fans to please do not take these 3 guys too seriously. They are not WVU fans and only hope the worst for WVU athletics. They are fans of another school. They are the true definition of trolls.

  • Allen

    WVU fans are hilarious. winning and there are no crying complainers. Couple of losses and Willy and his troll boys are back crying fire fire fire!

  • TruthTeller

    Here is another question that nobody wants to bring up. Why is it when WVU has a home game on ESPN the cameras are always on the other team's side lines and their coach. The announcers talk all about the opposing team and what that team needs to do to beat WVU.
    Why is it they don't about what WVU needs to do to win? Its always what does the other team need to do to beat WVU. The hate from ESPN is so obvious.

  • TruthTeller

    Some of you tv heads have forgotten that WVU has just changed conferences and it takes time to adjust to all the changes. Have you ever moved into another house or changed jobs. It takes time. One thing I do see is WVU is getting the shaft even at home with very bad officiating. I played basketball myself and I know the rules. It is never a foul by just standing there and looking at a player. There has to be physical contact. I am really sick of the phantom foul calls.

  • The Wisetalker

    I hope everyone has enjoyed Aaron's comments today who completely dominated the conversation.

    Yesterday,Today it was Aaron, tomorrow it might be Keaton'sCorner, Steve, Stevewvu, shawn, troll, or GoEers...

    There are others but these are the main ones.

    They are all the same person...a WVU paid Troll who's job is to flood the WVU Message boards with Pro-WVU/ Huggins Rhetoric and Propaganda.

    The earmark is that they hate Marshall and accuse anyone who makes a negative WVU comment a Marshall Troll.

    And they are good...They know every WVU sports statistic dating back to when the started keeping records. And they love to make you look foolish...

    So it is what it is and they are not to go away anytime soon...It's their job.

    Just sayin,,,

    • Aaron

      I actually like Marshall and you don't need me to make you look folkish, you do a fine job all by yourself.

    • GoEers

      Larry Jeffords it is not my goal to make you look foolish. From what I've read and heard, you do a pretty good job of that on your own.

      Have a nice day!

  • William

    If you have a head coach with CLASS GREAT CHARACTER, then you have a winner!
    Look at "Sweatsuit" Huggins -
    What type of guy is HUGGINS?
    His has taken WVU to a all time low.
    How bad does it need to get before this terrible coach is FIRED?
    Get use to losing WVU fans.
    And yes,

    • Aaron

      Is there a reason you posted this same comment under another's comment on a previous page but failed to answer it here?

      I must say though that your fixation on Coach Huggins and his attire is somewhat unsettling. Perhaps you should seek out help for your problem.

      • GoEers

        Aaron why are you replying to a guy like William who can't even complete a single sentence?

        Don't waste your time on losers like him and mad hatter and Barry.

    • Aaron

      Two questions.

      Did you watch the Duke/North Carolina game last night and would you consider their respective coaches "winners" by your definition?

      Your responses should be interesting.

  • graywv

    The team is a good team we just need a enforcer in the middle to clog things up like Ausin does for them. We expected Macon to be that person(broken hand) , Williams, Watkins needed to step up (Watkins at 1st of year maybe redshirt, but lack of players he had to play) the kids just at times seemed confused, I really like Dibo & Adrian but times yesterday the seemed to be lost not guarding anybody. A week off can hurt as much as it helps!

  • Jdl

    For Huggins defenders: WVU is .500 over last three seasons...defend that! He has been here 7 seasons. Program is adrift

    • GoEers

      5 NCAA tourneys the past 6 conference championship...a final four and a sweet 16

      Not to mention the fact that he is taking a team full of freshman and sophomores and navigating them to a winning record on the toughest conference in America.

      The future looks bright!

      Let's go mountaineers!!

    • Aaron

      So are you going to fire him or give him one more year?

      • Big Larry


        Give it a rest...Every other of these 53 comments are yours...

        We get it...

        • rtdeco

          aaron is a breath of fresh air..."give it rest"...really when all you and your ilk do is slime wvu....why dont you "give it rest" and take the rest of the trash out when you leave.

          • The Wisetalker

            Taking up for a WVU paid Troll?


        • GoEers

          Hey Larry Jefferds go away you troll....hahaha Larry Jefferds the loser...hahahah

          • GoEers

            Hi Larry Jefferds...I'm just GOEers...if you want to talk to any of those other posters that you mention, then feel free to address them when they post.

            This is just between you and me Larry Jefferds you no good filthy disgusting jealous Marshall troll.

            You've been kicked off multiple sites for being a dirty troll. The joke is on you big Larry Jefferds/Lawrence Tomas/wisetalker

          • Big Larry

            Sorry Aaron, I mean GoEers, I mean Steve, I mean Troll, I mean Shawn, I mean...

            Can't you decide who you want to be?

            What a Joke you are...

      • WILLIAM

        The only thing "Sweatsuit" loves about WV is the MONEY!
        Huggins make over $10,000.00 dollars a day and that's 7 days a week for a part time job and coaching kids game!
        that's 70,000.00 dollars a week!
        What a joke, but I will never give WVU a dime of my money!

      • william

        If you have a head coach with CLASS, GREAT CHARACTER, then you have a winner!
        Look at "Sweatsuit" Huggins -
        What type of guy is HUGGINS?
        He has taken WVU to a all time low.
        How bad does it need to get before this terrible coach is FIRED?
        Get use to losing WVU fans.
        And yes,
        I'M LOVIN' IT

        • Aaron

          Would you consider the coaches at Syracuse and Duke as winners?

          • TruthTeller

            Actually I would consider them good coaches but a lot of their wins come from the refs calling
            the game in their favor most of the time. Duke gets 85 percent of its points from the foul line.

      • Jdl

        If it were up to me, I would replace him.

        • GoEers

          Sure you would are a Marshall fan and Marshall hasn't been to the NCAA tourney in 26 definitely don't want bob Huggins to coach WVU as he has lead them to 5 straight NCAA tourneys in 6 want him gone in the hopes that the program ends up in shambles kinda like how Marshall's program has been for 26 straight years!! lol!!

        • Aaron

          I'm pretty sure there is an Assistant Athletic Director position available. Perhaps you should should apply.

          Or maybe you should lobby the Governor for a seat on the Board of Governors and begin your campaign from that avenue.

  • richard

    hey barry, get your facts straight. they didn't transfer on their own. huggins pushed them out because they had attitude problems, didn't want to listen or were "me" players. people get on here and say the dumbest things. they are just huggin haters or WVU haters, who like to cut down the program. makes me sick.

    • Barry

      Just keep repeating that when more transfer out after this year. I watched Pepper go through the same thing with Huggins. Now if Watkins (a player that shows alot of potential) transfers who could blame him?

  • Aaron

    For those who make asinine comments about Huggins treatment of officials, watch the end of the Syracuse/Duke game.

    • Barry

      I don't care about Syracuse or Duke. I care about WVU. I care about this state and how we are represented.

      • GoEers

        Barry you are a Marshall fan that only cares about WVU losing so you can come on here and pose as a concerned WVU fan. At the end ofJanuary you predicted WVU would only win 2 more games. They've won 4 and have played a tough schedule. You and all of the other Marshall trolls don't understand big time college basketball because you are fans of a school that has never won an NCAA tourney game. You are as big of a loser as the team that you are actually a fan of.

      • Aaron

        I think your concern is more of an obsession with Coach Huggins then it is a concern with WVU and the state, particularly when the notion from outside is that Huggins is a great coach and he represents the state and the institution in a positive manner.

  • Dennis

    The bubble has burst, let us see if this team can hold onto a NIT berth.

  • Aaron

    How miserable must one be to watch something they obviously hate as much as they do?

    I went to the game today and other than the final score, had a great time with my youngest son. One of the most enjoyable things about attending in person is that you can see just how much coaching actually goes into the game by not only Huggs but his staff as well.

    Win or lose with HOF'er Huggins at the helm, WV basketball is certainly enjoyable. We're it not, with so many other things to do in life, I wouldn't set around miserable praying the team loses so I can run to mom's basement and trash the coach and team.

    It's a GREAT DAY to be a MOUNTAINEER.

    • Barry

      How miserable must one be to watch someone that is obviously a mean spirited jerk and still cheer what a great guy he is?

      Watch the video one more time and tell me, who would want to play for this guy?

      • Aaron

        Why do you continue to watch?

        • Aaron

          Your obsession seems unhealthy to me. I'm almost afraid to ask but s it strictly platonic?

        • william


    • Barry

      If you went to the game with your son then why were there like 20 comments posted on this site during the game? If you were there, watch the game and enjoy your son.

      Ha, mom's basement. There it is. What about Marshall Trolls and they are on welfare?

      • Aaron

        We discussed the post during the game. Unlike most of you guys, he's a pretty bright young man and concurred with my post.

        He's also met Coach Huggins, is aware of a lot of the stuff that happens behind the scenes and immensely respectful of the coach.

        He's also read many of the comments on here and as a psychology major on course to graduate with honors, he had some interesting insights on many of the posters, which we discussed over dinner late last night.

        The word 'nuts' came up a lot.

    • Aaron

      I will also add that the halftime ceremony in which players from 6 decades returned to Morgantown was great. Dozens of former players, coaches and others who are a part of the WVU program know it's always a GREAT DAY to be a MOUNTAINEER!!!!!

      Let's go....