PARKERBURG, W.Va. — A Parkersburg emergency room doctor allegedly wrote illegal prescriptions for pills according to police.


Dr. Robert Hogan was arrested Friday by West Virginia State Police.

Dr. Robert Hogan II, 32, of Coolville, Ohio, was arrested by State Police Friday on a charge of delivery of a controlled substance. Troopers said Hogan’s arrest was part of a doctor prescription pill investigation that’s been taking place for several months.

Hogan, who is employed at Camden Clark Medical Center, allegedly wrote multiple prescriptions for oxycodone to people without a medical examination. In exchange, they were required to give Hogan half of the pills.

Hogan is housed in the North Central Regional Jail on $250,000 bail.

State Police said the investigation would continue.


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  • Bob

    I am the above physician. I made mistakes, I can admit that. I did not ask for help when I knew I was developing a problem. I developed the addiction before I ever wrote an illegal script. Today, almost 8 months clean and sober, I can appreciate the potential danger I placed others and my community in. I am thankful that nobody was injured due to my actions. I have been to rehab for 3 months, am attending na meetings daily, I have a sponsor and a home group, participate in a weekly physicians in recover 12 step group, and receiving both individual and group counseling.

    To those of you who have shown support throughout this difficult journey, I am eternally grateful. For those of you calling me a "monster" all I can do is pray for you. We all have skeletons in our closets, however mine were made public.

  • emily

    I know Bob. I know how the DEA operates. In fact, the DEA reads all kinds of comments like these. What most people do not know is that the DEA encourages all drug dealers to continue their enterprise. When the dealer has sold or provided enough drugs to equate to a 7-10 year prison sentence, they then arrest the individual. The prison sentence is based on the weight and quantity of drugs sold. The DEA buys drugs directly for a long period of time so the sentence is severe. It is a form of entrapment. Obviously, selling or using drugs is not desirable. But, neither is premeditated activity by the DEA to control prison sentences. No matter how you look at it, it is a form of entrapment. No first time non-violent offender should go straight to prison unless they have killed someone. Patients, just like doctors choose to make poor choices and abuse drugs. But, once an individual is addicted and making poor choices whether selling, using or stealing from others to buy more drugs, that individual needs treatment. Nobody except the people who know this doctor know his history. Doctors have addictions and problems just like everybody else. The DEA is not addicted to anything but abusing their own power. They all need prison time as part of their training. They forfeit property and are frequently driven by greed. They lie like everybody else. Win at all costs is their motto. Lie to win. The truth means absolutely nothing. The prison industrial complex thrives on the over one million people behind bars in federal prison. Most Americans do not even know that their exists a large society supporting prison jobs, and working for 7 cents an hour. The health care inside is no better than third world countries, and they serve food that is unsuitable for human consumption. Chickens with 6 legs, and black meat, and rotten eggs. When it is one of your own blood, you will sing a different tune to punishment. But, no media every discussed Bob's problems. No sympathy. Doctor's are not perfect. But, the media exemplifies perfect stupidity, and propaganda. Nine years? What next? He deserves the death penalty?

  • Okey King III

    No, I doubt he is a monster. Most are not. But the problem is this. Because of what he did, and some other doctors are doing, is causing folks that really and truthly need these medications, have a hard time now getting them, because of the paranoina the medical industry has now and won't hardly prescribe any. Example, my best friend who is lives in Florida, recently tried to move back to her home state of WV. When she was five years old, she was burnt. About 50% of her body. Causing all kinds of medical conditions in her life. Conditions like fibromyalga, lung problems, bad spine...etc.... She is a chronic pain patient, well since she was 5 and is now 44. She tries to get a doctor in WV. Every doctor she tried to get, said she had to be in their care for 1 year before they could prescribe her medications for her. Imagine the addiction she has to these medications, since she has been on them since the age of 5. Unfortunatley for without them, her body would shut down and die. Not fair to her. She hates being on them but has no choice if she wants to live a somewhat natural and normal life. All because several doctors broke the law and doctors are scared and who can blame them. Sorry for the misspelled words and typos

  • beth hall

    Ok. People on welfare milking the system is a slob. They don't have drug test thats wrong. Wait working people need to realize that. Wake up working people we are paying. For food ,insurance. .housing, gas money goi g to the dr. You have the right kinda of state insurance and you get a visa gift card. Guess working people cant afford insurance gets it again

  • famfirst

    Writing illegal prescriptions is not a mistake, it is a choice. As a medical professional he is fully aware of the consequences of drug use. He has committed a crime that aids in the destruction of lives. Children, family members, and the sober public are all victims of users and dealers. Prayers for his family. Lock him up for his protection and ours.

  • Gina

    I doubt that he is a monster and we all make mistakes, Addiction is a demon, The problem I have with this guy is writing preciptions for other pill addicts.. Prayers For His Recovery and All the other Ones That He Supplied Their Habbit..

  • RPh

    Why is everyone discussing meth and PSE? Oxycodone has nothing to do with that! Lol

  • Sad

    Very sad we have another Dr in the area abusing their authority. They took an oath. Whether he was a good doctor or a nice guy means nothing. Why wouldn't he be? He doesn't deserve any more of a break than anyone else. There are many regular everyday people that their faces are plastered all over the news and papers, and it ruins their lives to ever get a good job again so why should he get special treatment. They should take his license put him thru rehab and make him get a minimum wage job like many others. Maybe that will teach him.

  • Diana mc

    Need to do this to a lot more Dr.s I know it's not going to change the fact we have so many ppl addicted to pills, which leads to heroin. But just maybe we can start cutting back on the fastly widening destruction of our youth

  • DWL

    In Berkeley County, the deputies just steal the oxy pills from the evidence room (along with the guns for use as collateral for loans or money for their pockets). Never mind the insurance fraud or the sexual misconduct. When caught, the "new" chief deputy recommends a $5.00 fine and the prosecutor agrees with it. Tiffany time!!!! Ethics abound .....

  • Shocked

    He is not a monster. He is actually one of the nicest people I have ever met. Apparently he made a mistake and needs help. Everyone makes mistakes. One sin is equal to any other in the eyes of God. Be careful judging others when you don't know all of the facts.

    • Dave

      Not a monster, bullcrap. He is a contributor to a seriously crippling epidemic. Just because he is a doctor..."poor guy needs help" That is BS

      • Name

        Contributor? He didn't sell a single pill. He was feeding his own addiction. Not saying it's right but he can't be classified as a dealer if he didn't sell a pill.

      • roy

        no its not because he is a dr its because he is a human being that he needs help you want to be angry be angry it the manufacturing industry who refuse to except responsabilty or alter ther formula to not include in addictive element !!

    • skdaniels

      I agree with you. Addiction is not limited just to street people and it is impossible to kick it without professional help,

      • dewspot

        I agree that prescription drug use is an illness the same as alcohol. People need the right place and the right people to help them through the addiction. If used as prescribed I see no problem. If you aren't rich, then you get no help.

        • Bob

          It's not an illness. If I go outside without my coat on I don't catch drug addiction. If I get too close to a crackhead, I don't turn into a junkie. It's something that people do to themselves on purpose. They made the choice to put poison in their body and turn themselves into junkies. There's enough information out there these days to the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco that ignorance is no longer a valid excuse. The guy might be nice but he did this to himself and in the process he's helped to destroy the community he was supposed to serve. Good riddance.

          • Uncle Unctuous

            Golly, that's an impressive rebuttal of an assertion that no one made, i.e. that this doctor (doctor!) was ignorant of the dangers of drug use. Way to beat down that straw man. Yeesh.

          • Amy

            It is not an illness, its a disease, if you go outside without your coat would you catch Cancer from the person sitting next to you. Do your research

          • SAF


  • Concerned

    I doubt seriously that Dr. Hogan is a monster. Too many of us are quick to throw stones without knowing all the facts and when we are so imperfect ourselves. Alcohol and drug addiction are illnesses and need to be viewed as such by the system. I am amazed by how much effort and money is spent addressing the consequences rather than the illness. Although, by the tenor of these comments, I shouldn't be surprised.

  • solution guy

    This slob is a small part of the largest problem facing this country. RAMPANT DRUG USE. Drug addicts cannot be rehabed. They don't want to. They want to suck our society dry and have everyone pay for their free ride. Meanwhile they destroy everyone close to them. We need Chinese style laws here. Exterminate all the drug addicts and dealers.

    • Anon

      Drug addicts be exterminated? Do yourselves a favor and watch the pleasure unwoven. Addiction is a disease. Addict brains are different than those non-addicts. Fact. Those non addicts judging addicts isn't just or fair. No one was placed here to judge- that's Gods job. He made a mistake due to his addiction and is now dealing w those repercussions. Have you never made a mistake? Look in the mirror before judging someone else. He got help. He also saved many lives... Maybe even some of those you know. He's an outstanding person and doctor, regardless of his mistake.

    • None ya business

      You are just sick!!! They need to exterminate u for ignorance!!!

    • solution guy blew moco and my dog

      Solution guy and moco are child molesters and the world worst problem

    • MOCO man

      You are right on it solution guy.......druggies aren't the only ones that need to be purged.......might as well purge the pedophiles, murders, thieves and clean things up a little......

  • Anonymous

    It can happen to any person/family. I am not saying what he did was right in any way, but he needs help. And people posting comments, think how his family is feeling or thinking. They don't need more heartache through internet comments.

  • jim

    I haven't read one comment about the several lives ruined he ruined to supply his own addiction. I say hang him because I don't believe a person that takes the Hippocratic oath, then violates it by dealing drugs cannot be rehabilitated ....just saying

    • mike

      So let's hang this guy and not child molesters and rapists.. good call