MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — This time Juwan Staten never had a chance to make the game-winner. And West Virginia never had a chance after Baylor asserted its second-half dominance.

Staten scored 16 points and backcourt partner Eron Harris produced 32, but the rest of their teammates combined for seven baskets in an 88-75 loss. The illness-induced absence of third-leading scorer Terry Henderson left West Virginia unable to keep pace as Baylor piled up points.

“We could take the easy road out, and say we didn’t have Terry, but it’s not the first game we played without Terry,” Staten said.

“Yeah, it hurt not to have Terry tonight, but that’s not what killed us. The defensive end is what killed us.”

Coach Bob Huggins said West Virginia’s supporting cast didn’t capitalize once Baylor’s defense emphasized limiting Staten and Harris.

“Wannie’s getting 18 a game, Eron’s getting 17 a game and Terry’s getting like 13 a game and Terry wasn’t there,” Huggins said. “Scott Drew’s been around basketball his whole life, so it stands to reason he’s thinking, ‘Let’s guard those two.'”

Watch Staten’s complete postgame interview above.

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  • TruthTeller

    Its the unfair bias vendetta against WVU for some odd reason. The Big 12 officials only call fouls on WVU when they try to play defense. So WVU backs off and they get beat. Its the perfect way to beat WVU. Don't allow them to play defense and if WVU struggles on offense the game is over. I have seen moving screens, walking, carrying the ball, bunny hopping, over the back reaches, WVU players getting slapped and knocked down and the fouls are only being called on WVU.My eyes don't lie!!! Oliver Luck needs to file a complaint to call attention to the bias calls so the refs will put a stop to this madness!!!! To beat WVU you have to cheat WVU. Stop the Big 12 official bias NOW!!!!

    • real truth

      Hey truthteller: You are dumber than stump water. Forever there have been idiots like you that can't ever accept that when WVa loses that it was because the other team was just better than WVU. Gee, can't be that we suck, must be that we were robbed! Can't possibly be us, must be the refs. You are pathetic, man up, or at least in your case, try to boy up and stop looking to blame someone else for the fact that we don't have all the parts needed to play big boy basketball YET! Yes we need some GOOD big men, but there are few of them and a bunch of schools recruiting them. It ain't easy! If you want to help the state of WVa please move out of state, though I doubt any other state would want you either. I just saw on the news that another poll listed WVa last in all the states in quality of living. Maybe if you wern't here it would take us out of last place. Can't you hook up your trailer and just go, it would at least help clean up the air quality.

      • Allen

        Drink another bottle and go to sleep real truth.

  • wvrefugee

    I feel so bad for Juwanie and Eron! Great kids in a terrible program. Henderson as well.

    • Aaron

      If the program is so terrible, why your obsession?