MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In this edition of Gold and Blue Now, we look back to Saturday’s loss to Baylor as we hear from Bob Huggins and Juwan Staten.

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  • TruthTeller

    I don't understand if I can see which players are making all the points for the opposing team how come WVU coaches can't see it and make the proper guarding adjustments at half time. That is part of being a coach is it not? Oliver Luck still needs to file a complaint about the bias fouls called on WVU when they don't even touch a player. Last time I checked the rules there has to be actual physical contact. You call a foul because the WVU looked at the shooter. That is like playing against Duke.

    • Allen

      I was shocked over the 4 fouls in first 2 minutes of the 2nd half that 2 on Dibo giving him 4 fouls and took him out the game and our 3rd scoring option that would have helped keep us in the game. The team was completely lost after that.

      • Aaron

        I don't know if foul trouble was the ultimate reason Dibo was taken out or not. I assumed it was his post defense which was atrocious. He refused to body up on Austin and instead let a man 5 inches taller than him back him down and score at will.

        As Austin is listed at 225 pounds, had Dibo at least played defense with his lower body, he could have forced Austin to shoot over him from 6-8 feet away. Maybe he would have still scored but it should have been a little tougher than it was.