CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Members of the House of Delegates will next consider the bill that would limit what cities can do to regulate gun purchases, but allow municipalities to set their own rules on where guns can be carried on government property.

On Tuesday afternoon, the full Senate unanimously approved the proposal that Senate President Jeff Kessler (D-Marshall, 2) said would, in most cases, set up a uniform set of gun laws in all of West Virginia.

When it comes to the purchases of firearms, “They couldn’t enact any ordinances in excess or greater than that provided by state or federal law,” said Kessler.

In last year’s Home Rule legislation, there were limits to what gun ordinances cities could implement while part of the Home Rule Pilot Program, which was designed to give local officials more local control.

SB 317 takes firearms completely out of the Home Rule process and, instead, requires all municipalities to follow state and federal gun laws.  All past grandfather clauses dealing with city gun laws have been removed as well.

Additionally, though, the proposal does allow cities to decide where people with concealed carry permits can take their guns on government property.

“I think it’s better to have a uniform system of laws, rather than each city potentially having a different patchwork,” said Kessler on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline” of the part of the bill that deals with gun purchases.

In the Capitol City, gun buyers are currently limited to one gun purchase a month with a mandatory three day waiting period — a stricter standard than what the state and some surrounding municipalities require.

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones said, even before Tuesday’s vote, he knew Charleston’s more restrictive gun regulations would have to be changed.

However, he’s critical of lawmakers who, he said, have been missing the major issue of the entire 2014 Regular Legislative Session.

“I think they’re whole direction is completely wrong.  I mean — guns, abortion, gays — it’s the same old stuff.  The number one resource in West Virginia is not coal or gas, it’s water and that the whole session should have been focused on that,” said Jones.

The bill written as a response to the Jan. 9 chemical leak in Kanawha County, setting up a regulatory framework for above ground storage tanks, is still pending in the House Judiciary Committee.

The last day of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session will be on Saturday, March 8.

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  • jfk

    another small victory for freedom

    • Dont Tread on Me

      The next time the federal govt imposes its will on W.Va. (War on Coal ring a bell?) in the same way the W.Va. Legislature is imposing its will on the city of Charleston, please remind me again how it will be "another small victory for freedom."

      • BS

        What about the City of Charleston imposing its outrageous will on its citizens? Thank God for the State Legislature

        • Don't Tread on Me

          Big difference BS. City of Charleston imposed its current legislation more than 20 years ago, meaning the citizens of Charleston have accepted it for more than 20 years. The ballot box has shown that the citizens of Charleston have accepted these gun ordinances. Now, legislators from around the state have undermined an excellent home rule bill - which many city leaders want - with this bogus attached string gun repeal measure. Until this measure was introduced by state legislators, I have not heard on Charleston resident and/or candidate for city office make this 20-year old ordinance a campaign issue. Thus, Don't Tread on Me state legislators.

  • rick

    More guns and abortion bills pass the Legislature. No action on industry or job creation. Why not another important bill like the road kill meat bill will help us out.

  • wvrefugee

    You idiots get what you deserve!

    • BS

      yes we do - we got rid of you didn't we?

  • Don't shop In Charleston

    Nanny Jones, next time you vacation in California (where your friends have no idea you are mayor of Charleston until they caught you on CNN)-- how 'bout just staying there.

  • Have Gun will Travel

    Would someone please ask Nanny Jones if Charleston is a sanctuary city?

    Is Nanny Jones for amnesty?

  • Clint

    If Danny were concerned about the water, and the people in Charleston,
    Then why did he not people a break on their sewer bills?

    • BS

      Because "our bond holders wouldn't allow it" (liar)

  • RHytonen

    Oh. Guns. Just like abortion (except guns even make a large corporate conglomerate money. Until they can arrange the next war.)

    Yet another scapegoating red herring, so you won't recognize you're being robbed blind of your resources (as you have been for 150 years) and left with cancer in your bodies and your environment and ugly, abandoned industralized toxic mess, with triple the energy prices (from bidding against Japan for our OWN resources.)

    • Ragweed


    • Have Gun will Travel

      So what's the Red Herring, Danny Jones' impulsive need blow smoke out his rear?

      Oh. Abortion. a billion dollar a year business.

  • Independent View

    Could it be that Danny Jones has finally relented and decided to stop using the retreaded and wornout story about drug dealers from Detroit coming to Charleston, selling their drugs and using the cash to buy guns on the city streets of Charleston from criminals selling them out of the trunks of cars?
    Over the many years Mayor Jones has repeated this retreaded story, the same story parrotted by the Charleston Gazette, not one example of this outlandish claim has ever been produced.
    Surely with the hundreds of video cameras in Charleston, (at Danny Jones's insistance) monitoring the publics' movement and CPD conducting surveillance stakeouts of known drug areas and dealers, surely in all of those efforts one photograph substantiating the mayor's claim would have been produced. Has the mayor or the Gazette ever produced ONE PHOTOGRAPH depicting this alleged activity? No they have not!
    Somehow the mayor, aided by the Gazette, chose to trample on the rights of law abiding citizens in the name of providing security.
    Finally, cooler heads prevailed and the State Senate has said, Second Amendment Rights and firearm's regulation is and will remain the privy of the legislature and not allow municipalities to produce a hodge-podge of ordinances that nobody traveling through various towns in WV could possibly know and therefore, be unknowingly breaking the law.
    "Those that sacrifice liberty in the name of security will have neither."--Ben Franklin (paraphrased)

    • Dont Tread on Me

      You are a bit off with your story Independent. The current Chas. gun laws were enacted 20 years ago and to best of my knowledge, Mayor Jones (who I have never voted for) has never repeated the "Detroit" story over and over through the years as you assert. I do agree with him (possibly a first) on this though. Charleston enacted gun laws in its best interests 20 years ago after a lot of heated debate. Strike one for democracy. Now big brother state Legislature is holding the city hostage to remove its gun laws in order to participate in a well-designed home rule law which has nothing to do with firearms. That's bull. The next time any state legislator and/or candidate for state or federal office says they are tired of Washington imposing its will on West Virginia (War on Coal ring a bell?), I will gladly remind them of how they are imposing their will on a smaller govt entity. And all - spare me the "infringing on freedom" drivel. If Charleston's 20-year old gun laws are so bad why has Cabella's and Gander Mountain (with its "biggest gun dealer in the state" billboards) located to Charleston. I resent Big Brother state govt telling Charleston and other cities what it can and can't legislate. Don't Tread on Me state govt!

      • BS

        Nanny Jones ALWAYS repeats that story. What rock have you been hiding underneath?

        Again the state legislature is kicking the big bully of the city of Charleston off the backs of its citizen's - correcting a wrong . Thank you legislature.

        Why are Cabella and Gander here? Because they sell guns regardless of laws. Stupid argument.

        Answer this Einstein - why drug dealers go to Charleston to buy guns when they can go to Beckley or St Albans. Yes Charleston laws really help stop that

        • Don't Tread on Me

          BS - Nanny always refers to the "Detroit" story as what was happening prior to gun law passed 20 years ago. He has never said it continues to this day. Big difference. Clean the rocks out of your ears. As for the legislature correcting a wrong ... what is the wrong? For 20 years, this law stood with no outcry. As for your Cabella/Gander point, you agree with me with your argument "that they sell guns regardless of laws." If Charleston's gun laws were so restrictive (which they aren't), those businesses would have never located here. As for your last question about going to Charleston: You show your complete ignorance. You have zero facts to back your assertion. You make an argument that has zero validity. Better try next time.

  • Craig

    Danny jones should have took his sorry ass and changed this unconstitutional law. Also based on my reading, the city CANNOT determine where people can carry firearms. It would allow them to prohibit in municipal buildings, and convention centers, however parks, parking garages and other areas would now be allowed. Danny jones is a true waste of air.

    • mark


    • Keith

      You are correct sir.

    • Hollow Hunter

      Totally agree + 1 !!!