FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — A Fayette County man has pleaded guilty to tossing three cats in a wooden box into a fire.

Michael Ford, 56, entered into the plea Tuesday in Fayette County Circuit Court.  


Michael Ford

The incident happened Oct. 21, 2013. Ford was initially charged with seven counts of cruelty to animals. The remains of seven cats were found in the fire. They all belonged to his wife. However, Ford only pleaded guilty to three counts.

Ford faces 3-15 years in prison. He’ll be sentenced on April 10. He remains in the Southern Regional Jail on $35,000 bail.

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  • Jim Foley

    Come visit me in Texas you scumbag of the earth,, I promise it will be a VERY short visit and nobody will get hurt,,, we shall have luch together....:)....NOT

  • No Sympathy

    What a dirtbag. So let's put him in a wooden box and toss his sorry butt into a fire. Save the taxpayers money and burn him.

  • Brian

    Animals have a better life and more justice than many people do in this state and Obamanation .

  • just sayin

    This gentleman will get 3-15 years in prison for killing cats, yet some people think that it is OK for a baby to be aborted/killed in the womb after 20 weeks and are fighting for it? just sayin..

    • Steve

      You should not pass judgement about what a woman does to her body. I also would bet that you think that birth control is a sin and that there should be no government assistance available to help mothers? Just sayin.

    • wvu999

      and some people think they own a woman's vagina ..... just sayin

      • Plopaganda

        And some people think it's ok to shoot doctors, burn down clinics, and call themselves "pro-life." Just sayin'...

        • No Sympathy

          Well said!!

          • Robertt

            Monica was in her early 20's but Ms. Fluck is not in her 30's?

          • And on

            And some people are too stupid to use protection.... just sayin'!


    No sane reason for this type of evil!!!
    I think he needs to fall into a fire pit!!!
    If he is doing things as evil as this what other evil things has he done or will do if allowed to walk free!!!

  • RDC

    He wasn't thinking. He could have taken them out in the woods, shot them and then had the heads mounted. He could then claim he is a hunter and everyone would have congratulated him on the kills.

    • northforkfisher

      Humanely taking an animal is a lot better than watching them slowly die from disease and starvation. Not to mention, listening to you all whining when the eat your prize flowers or garden.

      • RDC

        Don't get me started. Humanely taking (killing) an animal. Who do you propose does that? Hunters? If they are not "accidentally" shooting people they are at best, wounding the poor animal so it can slowly bleed to death or die of infection. We need to be more aggressive in the sterilization programs already started and showing great results. Hunting needs to be completely wiped out and let the woods become a place for everyone, not just a minority few hunters that get a thrill out of killing something. They need to get mental help.

        • Marion

          People like you need to be neutered and wiped out !

          • RDC

            That's the best you can do, little man. Go read a book or have someone read to you.

        • Ron

          Let the woods be a place for everyone that's just funny lol. I'd like to see you living your life in the woods and we'd all see how quick you'd change your view on hunting once you and yours starting going hungry. And you get sick of eating flower petals. GEEZ......

        • Chipperman

          And what did you eat for dinner? Probably a nice piece of veal that someone else raised, tortured killed and butchered for you.

    • Ron

      Just because you don't believe in hunting that doesn't make it wrong or cruel. As for me and my family and the majority of my neighbors growing/canning crops and harvesting wildgame are our primary food source . Nothing more than cosuming/growing what the Lord provided us with.

  • wvu999

    I hope the prisoners treat him like a child molester. Sick sick man

  • Lisa

    What a sick, cold, heartless piece of matter...I refuse to call him human...

  • Eric Burnham

    Hope he gets the maximum. PERIOD.

    • Robertt

      Certainly, should have recycled not incinerated.