HARRISVILLE, W.Va. — A special education teacher at Ritchie County High School is facing sexual assault and abuse charges involving a student.

State Police arrested David P. Weekley, 43, of Pennsboro on Wednesday and charged him with second degree sexual assault, first degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual abuse by a parent or custodian.

Earlier this month, troopers said a male student at Ritchie County High School alleged he’d been abused in a closet of the school last December and in an unoccupied room of the school this month.

Weekley was able to post $100,000 bond after his arraignment Wednesday in Ritchie County Magistrate Court.

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  • Ally

    I am sorry but there are three sides to every story, the kids, Pete's, and the truth. Everyone needs to wait until all the evidence and facts come out before they make judgments on everything. The preliminary hearing hasn't even happened yet!

  • zero tolerance

    An absolute violation of public trust of the worst in nature. Bad enough that it's a teacher but is much more disturbing that the victim is a special needs student/child.

  • Jerry Sandusky

    Please don't judge another's lifestyle choices

  • William

    Cut it off

  • Sheri

    Way to Go POM POM PETEY!!!! Sicko