SAINT ALBANS, W.Va. — Kanawha County sheriff’s deputies have charged a St. Albans man with being an accessory after a murder.  


Shawn Legg

It’s alleged Shawn Legg, 32, got rid of an item that was used in the murder of Eva Woods. Legg’s girlfriend, Woods’ daughter Jessica Woods, is charged with the murder.

Investigators said Legg lived with Jessica Woods at the house on West Main Street near St. Albans that belonged to the murder victim. Her body was found in a shed behind the house Sunday. Jessica Woods was taken into custody Monday.

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  • taylor collins

    Agree! Yet he will get maybe five and the cat guy will serve 15. These laws are messed up! A joke at that. We need the death penalty in wv. Hang them or do as they did to the victim. problen solved. maybe then people won't be a stupid and gross minded.

    • Nancy Prentiss

      Who is the "cat guy" you referred to and what has he got to do with this?

  • jay zoom

    if this man is found guilty of the alleged crime execute him along with her if she is found guilty as well.