MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Dave Neese, the father of slain 16-year-old University High School student Skylar Neese, doubted there was genuine remorse in the apology offered Wednesday by Rachel Shoaf, who received a 30-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

“Absolutely not,” Neese said. “She’s not sorry—she’s sorry she got caught. That’s the only thing she’s sorry for.”

Shoaf, 17, and Shelia Eddy, 18, have confessed to a coordinated stabbing death of Skylar Neese on July 6, 2012. Shoaf, the first to cooperate with investigators after the girls’ alibis began to crumble, will be eligible for parole in 10 years.

“She’s not going to get out when she goes up for (parole) anyway,” Dave Neese said.

Eddy previously pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and received a life sentence with parole eligibility after 15 years.

“It’s a horror,” said Monongalia County Prosecutor Marcia Ashdown, who said investigators might never fully comprehend the motive of the killing. “For everyone who hears that story, it’s unbelievable, it’s beyond understanding.

“I feel satisfied that we were able to accomplish a reasonable amount of justice for both of these girls. I feel satisfied that Dave and Mary (Neese) did not have to face the ordeal of a trial.”

View the complete post-sentencing interview with Neese and Ashdown above.

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  • Chris

    I don't buy Shoaf's apology either. Hopefully she'll do the whole 30 year sentence, and even that's inadequate in my opinion.

  • Leigha

    Skylar was not upper middle class, and Shelia was poor up until the last few years after her mom married a dude with some money.
    Rachel was middle class.

  • Time to Try to Heal

    Mr. And Mrs. Neese,
    Hold each other tight and stay together forever. Don't let anymore pain absorb you. Cherish her memory, but cherish each other now. People all over WV feel your pain. I hope you can go forward and find some happiness with each other. For the other girls families, we wish you some relief as well.

  • tw eagle

    it's really sad when the craziness of the outside world seeps into the lives of West Virginians . . . sadly , the interstates built in the 60's & 70's didn't bring industrial growth to the state - but opened faster ways to import the bad habits of the outside world . . .and now the internet is spreading God knows what to everyone with a link to the net . . .
    what twisted thought pattern created the motivation to commit this heinous crime ?
    and heinous crime it is ! I doubt there is any way to 'rehabilitate' these young women . . .I do think they should be probed by psychologists to find an answer to WHY ?

    • Joe

      Well stated, Eagle.

      I guess all I can postulate in finding an answer as to why this heinous crime happened....

      The greatest feat Satan has ever achieved is convincing the majority of the world he does not exist.

  • jay zoom

    our thoughts and prayers are with the Neese family. sad part of the whole ordeal is that both of these girls are elgible for parole in 10 and 15 years my feeling you are sentenced to 30 you serve 30 but laws are laws Better yet if we had the death penalty we might be able to save the state citizens tax dollars.

  • Matt

    Wow.....Kids killing kids. And to beat it all upper-middle class girls. What a nightmare!