AMES, Iowa — It became merely a minor factor in the outcome of Iowa State’s 83-66 victory, but anytime Bob Huggins talks about technicals, the ears perk up.

And so it was that Huggins gave his account of the first-half technical he received from official Mike Stuart, a tech that followed a sequence in which WVU guard Gary Browne appeared to have been undercut by Iowa State’s Matt Thomas on a rebound.

“I said, ‘You don’t think that was a foul?’ That’s what I said. ‘So that wasn’t a foul when Gary got knocked down on the rebound?’ And he T’s me,” Huggins said. “I’m in the (coaching) box, and then he says ‘You were out of the box.’ But no, no, nah, nah, nah, nah — don’t start making stuff up.”

The out-of-the-box argument didn’t seem to matter minutes earlier when Cyclones coach Fred Hoiberg reached midcourt while emphatically making a beef about a foul call.

“Touching the center circle,” said Huggins.

The coach offered virtually no postgame information regarding guard Terry Henderson, who has missed the past two game while dealing with an undisclosed illness. Huggins said “I have no idea” when asked about a timetable for the sophomore’s return.

“I thought he looked better (Tuesday), but I’m obviously not a doctor,” Huggins said. “And at this point in time I’m probably not a very good basketball coach either.”

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  • Barry

    I sure do like GoEers alot more today than I usually do. He must be self-medicating.

  • L77

    It's amazing.....

    that Huggins has more conversation with the officials than he has with his players during the game

    that the use of the tread mill is used during the season practice time when we have 6-7 players who run miles during the games....way to save legs

    that time after time players will be looking at the bench for their replacement when they miss a shot or commit a turnover

    that fronting a player from mid-post to the foul line invites a lay-up or dunk from the post position rather than have a kick-out shot from 21' or more

    double teams are allowed in the post area to prevent lane scores and generally draws a foul on one of our "bigs"

    this could go on and on and on and on. Someone on the staff should see these things. Our players are not stupid. They are the victims.

    • Kenny

      Fact is we are to small and weak inside

  • GoEers

    my dad, bobby huggins is the best dad in the world,, he may weigh almost 400 lbs. but he can still hug.
    so please , leave my dad alone, he might not be the best coach or best recruiter or best speaker, but he doesn't like his players, and he likes to use tv to show it.

  • mad hatter

    ur one nasty person,, ur no better than Larry

  • mad hatter

    heaven forbid, if he actually said he needed to do a better job of coaching,
    seriously folks, i've been a mountaineer all my life , and a wvu grad, with two degrees, but i can't imagine why anyone would want to come to wvu and play bb under him.

    He refuses to take any credit for the last two yrs. and continues to do all he can to discredit the players.
    From the look on watkins's face, he won't be back next yr, and imo, i think this kid has tons of upside.
    O.Luck needs to take huggie to the side and explain to him the importance of what you say on tv about your players.
    It wouldn't surprise me if at least two left theprogram

    • Aaron

      "seriously folks, i've been a mountaineer all my life"

      Jimmidy crickets man, if your going to print that kind of humor you got to warn us man, I just spit hot coffee all over my computer and wall.

      Man, that's a good one. And then you follow that up by with feigned concern for WVU players? Seriously man, if you can ever make it to the top of the steps and out the door before momma gets a hold you, you should give stand-up a try.

      • mad hatter

        why are you so nasty? what makes you tick? why do you feel you have to attack anything anyone says that doesn't stress your viewpoints... Go to church , get real with God, at some point in life, we all have to realize what's important and what isn't... i pray for you

    • GoEers

      Unlike me, there are people who, instead of listening to what is being said , are already listening to what they are going to say themselves.

      Bob Huggins is a wonderful man and human being...please show him respect.

      We should never pretend to know what we don't know. We should not feel ashamed to learn from everyone, and we should listen carefully to the views of others.

      Bob Huggins has knowledge beyond your imaginations...listen when he speaks,

      Be a pupil before you become a teacher; listen & learn from others before you issue orders.

      In other words…

      Speak for yourself and from yourself, or be silent.

      • mad hatter

        how's your dad doing after the loss at iowa state.

      • GoEers

        I don't know who you are or what your game is but please quit using my name. It is not polite and I don't appreciate the hurtful tones you are using.

        Please use a different name when posting your comments.

        Thank You

  • Marcus

    I said after the game that ISU knew they had that game from the jump.The refs set the tone from the beginning of the game.Then moving screen after moving screen after moving screen and there were no calls.I've been playing basketball all my life and moving screens are illegal.The big 12 commission needs to look at this because the is causing us games and the refs should not be the center point of games.

    • mad hatter

      ur absolutely right, it wasn't because that night they were better than our team and coaching, but the refs once again , stole the game.
      It just seems like a pattern, first in football , then BB, and all the other sports, the refs dont like us and probably are paid off by the big 12

      • Truthteller

        The mad hatter is more like that mad hater. From his comments, I can tell he must the President of the Ronnie Millsap fan club because is must be blind or he watches the
        games dead drunk. If he does not see what I
        see and Marcus sees.

  • Mark

    Don't get it. Huggs didn't even use profanity and gets teed up! Earlier in the year Staten got one for looking at a player he'd just torched. Chest-thumpers, screamers, and finger pointers get a pass in the Big 12, but our guy gets one for inappropriate facial gesture. Off the ball fouls on Devin Williams were called at convenient times.

    • mad hatter

      it's a total conspiracy, the refs and big 12 are constantly making bad calls against us,, it has now cost us 7 games....
      we good refereeing, we would be undefeated in the big 12,,, chin up mate, there's always going back to the southern conf. or AAC

      • The Real KeatonsCorner

        I am going to have disagree...

        The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they do not know the game. They do not understand this new breed of players who are sissys and need to be bottle fed. I have found that most referees are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education. They do not understand today’s brand of college athletics. We need better referee schools and better educational programs for them.

        Me having no education. I had to use my brains. That’s where I got to where I am today. Had I had the proper education, who knows…maybe I could have someday been a coach. Just Sayin…

        Lets GOooooooo Mountaineers….On to the NCAA tourney.

        • pinball wizzard

          i am sure you know lots better, so i salute you for you extreme intelligence about the game and how these stupid refs are ruining the game.
          It's great to be able to blame the refs for each loss , that way we don't have to face reality,and realize we just may not be as good as other teams and coache.s

  • Frankie

    Hoiberg ran on the floor 2 different times last night as a timeout was being called to argue calls and no Tech. Huggs was pretty calm when asking ref about the undercut foul on Browne when he was T'ed!! The refs were bad on both ends, some went our way and some didn't!

    • ben

      Huggins was screaming in the refs faces, maybe that wasn't shown on the broadcast. But, in person you would have seen why the T was thrown.

      I agree the refs didn't control that game well, it was a very rough game on both ends.

      • pinball wizzard

        o no, my coach, bobby, does not wrong, i can't imagine him saying something vulgar to a ref.. he has so much respect for the refs, it reminds me of the respect he shows his players.

  • Aaron

    I think it's worthy to note that the technical was uncalled for and was unwarranted as the announcers stated during the game.

    They also pointed out that the same things Huggs has been saying for a couple of weeks and what intelligent posters are saying online; not enough people willing to take shots and those who do, aren't making as many.

    It's not rocket science but it's still above HIS head.

    • mad hatter

      it's aint the coach it's these worthless players he recruited,,, huggie should run off the entire team , but staten and harris, and start over... no,, wait , we did that last yr,,, forever young

      • GoEers

        Please do not continue to use hurtful tone against coach Huggins...What if he reads these commemts and then feels hurt?

        I agree this is not the best crop of players in Bob Huggins tenure...but he h promised to "fix it" and I believe he is a man of his word. He's trying his best to get us to the NCAA's so show some some respect please.

        • pinball wizzard

          $3,650,000 ago he said he'd fix it... hummm , kind of a expensive fix , isn't it.
          I love booby huggins, he loves wv and wvu and his alma mater , i pledge my love to thee , hail o hail my alma mater, wvu.
          got carried away there,,
          yes, booby, needs one of those seinfeld man bras,,, he flops around abit.. embarrassing.

  • Aaron

    Where's all this throwing the player under the bus the LONE naysayer keeps crying about? I thought Coach Huggins comments were spot on but somehow coach is constantly accused of throwing players to the wolves by HIM.

    Seriously, I don't get him but I'll keep HIM in my prayers as it must be challenging facing the demons HE is.

    • john b

      Coach has done a better job of not throwing players under the bus. But with that said he is the one recruiting these players if they can't shoot what does it say for himself and his staff about their recruiting skills?

  • wvajoker

    Diarhea Mouth William Sary Barry putting in their two cents worth of bull crap.
    Thanks for the fertilizer from the Herd Hole.

    • Barry

      I just agreed with Huggins.

  • steve

    That was one of the weakest technical fouls ever. Iowa st owed us one. WVU is not big dance worthy but improvement has been shown. By the way Willie-Coach Huggs will stay as long he likes and I'm lovin that!

  • Barry

    “I thought he looked better (Tuesday), but I’m obviously not a doctor,” Huggins said. “And at this point in time I’m probably not a very good basketball coach either.”

    I agree Coach. I would say that your last sentence would hold true for the last 3 years. The first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem.

  • William

    If you have a head coach with CLASS, GREAT CHARACTER, then you have a winner!
    Look at "Sweatsuit" Huggins -
    What type of guy is HUGGINS?
    He has taken WVU to a all time low.
    How bad does it need to get before this terrible coach is FIRED?
    Get use to losing WVU fans.
    And yes,

    • Big Larry


      "Love your Work"

    • Frankie

      William, Work on your grammar first then you can work on being a basketball analyst!

    • LH

      .....and of course William, the great parasite closet Marshall fan, shows up.

      • aquarius

        calling william a parasite is an insult to parasites.

  • tw eagle

    throwing rocks at Huggins is a no win on this sheet . . . let's just say I feel coach could have handled the team & some situations a lot better (all season ) . . .