CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Appalachian Power Company said the company’s meteorologists predict the approaching winter storm could dump as much as a half-inch of ice on West Virginia, potentially leading to outages and taxing repair crews.

“Ice is one of the most damaging weather events for our electric system because its weight brings down trees and power lines, and inhibits our ability to get to the damaged poles, transformers and wires,” said Phil Wright, Appalachian Power’s vice president of distribution, in a company release. “We have been monitoring the weather conditions closely and will take steps to speed restoration should outages occur.”

The company said it would use the weekend to move employees and contractors in place to respond to potential problems. The storm is forecast to hit Sunday night into Monday.

“We are doing everything we can to get to prepare for this storm so that we can get the power back on as quickly as possible in affected areas and minimize any inconveniences our customers may experience because of the weather,” Wright said.

Outages can be reported to Appalachian Power at 1-800-982-4237.


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  • taylor nicole collins

    I really wish we did have to live life like people dis back in the day. Maybe people wouldnt be so stupid.

  • Recil

    If you power gos off and you call that number don't expect to talk to a real person. All you get is pre-recorded crap about how hard they are working.3 months later your bill will go up to pay for it.

  • jay zoom

    maybe we need to go back to the old days. do away with power plants - use kerosene lamps wood burning stoves to cook and coal and kerosene heaters. you won't have an electric bill. what will all you cry babies do without a T.V. or your computer. if you think the rates are to high have them pull your electric meter.. If you the price of a gallon of gas is to high buy a bike. bye

  • TCeer

    The reason everyone's electric bill has been escalating the last several years is the EPA is requiring an astronomical amount of money to be put into the coal plants to meet their ridiculous emissions regulations that have been instituted since Obama took office. They are also requiring older plants to be taken offline and that means the grid has to be re-worked to change the way power flows across the system. The price of fuel just 8 years ago was 70% cheaper than it is right now! and that has to be accounted for. As for using ice storms to ask for rate increases is about as inaccurate as it gets. I don't know of any business that depends on "acts of God" as part of their business model. It is the democratic party that is the daddy of all the misery we are facing on all our electric bills. Their being in bed with the left-wing environmental kooks and the alternative energy groups is the driving force in pricing. It's about time we the people woke up and sent these people home that are actively destroying the middle class.

  • taylor nicole collins

    Awesome! Everyone now we will see a huge incline once again in our electric bills. They wonder why people in america cant live because we have ignorant companies who lie on our bills and say we used so much power. pathetic now that the attonery general is now stepping in because not only i have noticed this but over thousands of people, so be aware!

  • Daniel

    Don't worry, I bought a generator. The way my luck runs the electric will never go off again.

    • whatamoroon

      Isn't that the way it always goes. I still think you may get a chance to use it because I haven't bought one yet. When I buy one they'll announce a way to deliver power wireless.

  • Leroy j Gibbs

    Cause they're cheap

  • WV Worker

    They don't cut the tree limbs because they wait and do it after they have an emergency knowing they can go to the PSC and request an increase in our rates to pay for it.

  • richard griffith

    Why doesn't the power company cut trees and bushes off the lines in the summer as they did long ago?.

    • I know

      They do, there are crews cutting rights of way somewhere all the time, it just may not be in your particular area.