MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — As West Virginia prepared for Saturday’s game against Big 12 bottom-feeder TCU on Saturday, coach Bob Huggins didn’t sound optimistic about having Terry Henderson available.

The Mountaineers third-leading scorer at 12.1 points per game, Henderson sat out the past two games with illness. Huggins said Thursday night he didn’t expect Henderson to to be well enough to face TCU, and the coach’s past-tense tone Friday in discussing the sophomore guard wasn’t any more encouraging.

“Terry did a lot of things for us,” Huggins said. “Obviously, Terry made shots, but Terry also was a pretty versatile defender. He was a guy you could put on a big three or he’s a guy who could guard a two. He changed some shots around the rim because of his athleticism, and blocked some shots. And I think he was really getting better at rebounding the ball, particularly on the offensive end.”

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  • Mary

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  • jwg66

    Whatever he has is his business. I'm sure he did not intend to get it. However, the lack of depth on this team is a result of taking some risks in recruiting. While I like Huggins as a coach, he has taken too many chances with his recruits. The attrition over the last 4 years is really bad. And clearly some of his players are limited in certain aspects. our inside players have struggled on D and Noreen/Brown have struggled to score. This gives opponents a recipe to beat us. I do think this team is on the way back. We should have better depth next year and better scoring options. Go Mountaineers.

    • Aaron

      Who specifically has he taken risk on? Are you referring to current recruits Macon and Holton? Or are you referring to past recruiting classes?

  • Tim C

    TCU gets their first conference win today. We are done without Henderson. All they have to do is shut down Harris. Juwan can't do it all every game. Season is over if Henderson can't come back. We are out of weapons.

    • Aaron

      Yeah, how did that work out MH?

  • tw eagle

    what did Henderson catch ? did he contract hoof & mouth disease while playing the Longhorns ? TB ? didn't clean up his sweat off the practice facility floor and hasn't finished his million lap penance from coach Huggins yet ? I feel something 'strange' here . . . are 'we' chasing another player from the program ? Henderson's not perfect , but who is perfect ?

  • Leroy j Gibbs

    If it's mono then he is out for a long time. The spleen can get enlarged and contact sports are contraindicated

  • pinball wizzard

    at times, Henderson can look overpowering, and then his alter ego kicks in, and you wonder if that's really henderson.
    but, when hot, he's a heck of a shooter, and he isn't afraid to grab some rebounds.
    If he were a bit more consistent, I would call him the second best player on the team, next to staten, but he seems to have a lapse here and there... Whatever, without him, we are a lesser, and a good possibility tcu could win their first big12 game. ... Let's hope not.

  • Big Larry

    That is not good news...

    Still yet WVU should win this one.

    I predicted the Mountaineers to win 15 games and it looks like they will win 16.

    I do not see a win at Oklahoma nor at home against Kansas.

    But anything can happen.

    I did NOT predict a NIT bid and if they lose tomorrow, that is definitely out of the question.

    We'll see...

  • Charles

    “Terry did a lot of things for us,” Huggins said.


    • Oh Did Ya?

      He is likely out until the NIT or whatever postseason and possibly out for the year.

  • Mister Man

    One man can make a big difference.

  • Aaron

    The biggest component of Henderson's game that the team misses is his willingness to step up and take a shot. They don't have that now.

    Dibo is streaky and will occasionally take some shots but I believe he's better off the bench in a limited role. In that manner, his inability to play defense is not exploited as much.

    Adrian will take some shots but I agree with Huggins is that he plays better as a 4, not a 3 and Williams is out of position as well at the center spot.

    At the very least, hopefully Henderson makes it back for the Big 12 Tournament and WV can win a couple of games and solidify an NIT bid with at least 1 home game. .

    • Barry

      I agree, without Henderson's ability to take and make shots it becomes difficult to spread the floor. In regards to Williams he is out of place at center. He could be a very good 4. He has a good 15 foot jump shot and if he could develope more inside moves he could be hard to handle.

      At this point it will be hard to make a run in any tournament. If Henderson returns then maybe.

    • B A Winner

      Heard he had Mono. If true, can he make it back that quickly? Lets hope!