CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state is in good shape so far when it comes to paying out tax refunds.

There was concern earlier this year that the Tax Department might be short on cash and have to dip into the Rainy Day Fund to get those refunds out on time. However, state Deputy Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow said refunds are going out “as normal.”

Coming up with enough money wasn’t easy. Muchow said the state had to take several money-saving measures.

“We’ve been fairly successful so far because we implemented some budget reductions, mainly through the hiring freeze. That’s effectively reduced the amount of outlays and expenditures that the state’s had to make,” explained Muchow.

Tax filings began arriving in late January, early February. Muchow said they’ve already started turning around those refunds and as of Tuesday, the state had shelled out more than $55 million in returns. That’s considered a short turnaround according to Muchow.

“Because we have positive cash flow we’re able to do the refunds. We’re almost at the tail end of February and refunds are going out pretty much the same way as they did last year,” said Muchow.

Because the refunds are flowing smoothly now, Muchow said there’s no reason to believe that won’t continue to be the case throughout the rest of the tax season.

“February is usually the busiest month on the personal income side, although we continue to have significant refund payments in March as well as April and May,” according to the deputy tax secretary.

The average refund for West Virginia residents ranges from $200 to $300.


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  • Jim Strickland

    Sorry but this is NOT true. Might have been so early on but not now.i know several people with 7-8 week waits so far with no good explanation. My sister who lost her husband last year and is desperate for hers has been trying to get answers but so far she gets wrong answers and once hung up on. I think 8 weeks is enough time....And I see people starting to complain online. One can only think larger refunds are being held back.

  • Wirerowe

    I was concerned about mind and it may be very uneven in the dispursing of refunds. But mind was sent out in a very timely manner.

  • CaptainQ

    I'll believe that when I receive mine.

    Traditionally, when the WV state budget has fallen short, tax refunds are held up, sometimes as long as June, so the state has our money longer.

    Sorry, but I trust the government in Charleston as far as I can throw my Jeep Cherokee with one hand, and that's NOT very far.

    I'll accept this article as fact when my refund check arrives, but I'm not holding my breath.