CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Supreme Court has issued orders that appoint judges outside of Kanawha County to handle further proceedings in the case involving Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants.

The High Court said Friday Mercer County Circuit Judge Derek Swope would oversee anything that came to circuit court and Cabell County Family Court Judge Patricia Keller the Family Court matters.

All of Kanawha County’s circuit and family court judges recused themselves.

Plants’ ex-wife, Allison, was granted an emergency Domestic Violence Protective Order Thursday afternoon by a Kanawha County Family Court judge just hours after it was announced she had filed a complaint with State Police about alleged child abuse by Plants. She claims the prosecutor abused one of their children by disciplining him “in an excessive manner.”

Plants said he’s cooperating with State Police. No charges have been filed.



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  • cutty77

    I heard Mr Plants ex-wife has some Play Misty for Me Issues.

  • Guardian

    Every religion with which I am familiar supports the discplining of children in order for them to grow up and become responsible, law abiding adults. Christianity, Judiasm, Muslim, Buddism, Hinduism, Shinto, et al. Even the ancient pagan cultures supported this. And they all support corporal punishment.

    Here is the deal - there is a vast difference between spanking and abuse. But the liberal leaning citizens today cannot or will not acknowledge that difference. And they will seek to make any argument to support the non-physical forms of discipline. Yet, for those of us who were spanked by loving, upright parents, they cannot or will not acknowledge the success our parents achieved in our raising - those of us who, like our parents, became successful, loving, and devoted parents ourselves - AND LEARNED RIGHT FROM WRONG AND THE ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY OF AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR OUR ACTIONS.

    As one poster commented and with which comment I can relate, I got spanked growing up and I deserved every one of them - and there were things I did for which I was not caught, but had I been, I would have deserved a spanking for those acts as well.

  • GobblyGook

    I hope the ex-Mrs. Plants and her trial lawyer scum bag have to pay cash money to the State for all the man-hours being wasted to pursue this investigation when Mr. Plants is cleared at the end.

    • Gobbly Gook's Brain

      At least we know what your head is full of. This has nothing to do with the ex. This has to do with a prideful man who continues to make poor decisions. One right after another. He should be responsible for paying back the tax payers--- raises for girlfriend, trips, county vehicles, county ipad purchases - All on the taxpayers dime. When he falls it will be hard - you should hope you aren't near him- he may squish your Gobbly Gook out-- but that could be doing you a favor.

  • Ricky

    Metronews needs to get over their obsession with this story. Is this the fifth article you have written in one day?