CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia is preparing for a winter storm expected to invade the Mountain State Sunday night into Monday. The storm could have rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow.

The National Service has placed 44 of the state’s 55 counties under a Winter Storm Watch beginning Sunday afternoon. The significant precipitation is scheduled to arrive Sunday night.

“It’s going to be a sliding transition zone with heavy precipitation within that transition zone,” NWS Meteorologist Nick Webb told MetroNews Saturday morning. “These will be narrow transition zones with 25 to 50 miles of freezing rain and then a zone of sleet followed by an area of snow with the whole thing shifting south and east late Sunday night into Monday morning.”

Webb said it appeared, as of Saturday morning, the biggest threat for ice would come in the Ohio River counties from Parkersburg east to Clarksburg. He said ice could also shift back toward Putnam County and over to Huntington.

Webb said the storm is very difficult to forecast.

“We’re trying to determine how much rain someone gets or how much ice they get or if it’s not much ice and stays mainly sleet and then how much snow they get on the back end, it’s a real headache,” he said.

Meteorologists said once all of the cold air arrives early Monday, the storm could produce 3 to 6 inches of snow in Charleston north to Sutton with higher elevations just north of Braxton County.  Snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches are possible in the Kingwood-Morgantown and Clarksburg areas.

The cold air is scheduled to arrive early in the northern panhandle and there could be as much as 10 inches of snow by Monday morning.

Webb said one thing is for sure travel will be impacted as the work week begins.

“People need to be prepared for some power outages and especially some treacherous travel early Monday,” he said.


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  • D K W

    I've had all the Global Warming I can stand!! Oh, excuse me, I meant Climate Change.

  • jay zoom

    I hope the snow gets so deep that it takes up to six weeks to find the flag pole in front of the flagpole in front of the capital building in Charleston. got plenty of bread, milk, beef and beer. LET IT SNOW.

  • Ronnie Ratliff

    People have to realize that a weather forcast is 85 percent accurate for the first 24 hours and drops bya percentage every day afterwards. Meteorology is not an exact science.

  • The truth

    You are 100% right weather.that seems to be the way now.

  • Weather

    It isn't the Meteorologists fault they get a bust in their forecasts. The weather is changing constantly. Just as the forecast is changing constantly. So don't blame them for things. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't know what was coming our way and we wouldn't be able to prepare. That's the problem now a days.....people only care about themselves and talk trash about others. Have a nice day!

    • Marion

      Hey weather. Was cracking a joke! The weather channel is only correct a percent of the time not all . But you do have to admit they still get a paycheck right or wrong ! LOL

  • Eeyore

    Everybody can rest at ease now. I went out and bought a generator & 20 gal. of fuel. Since I did all of this the storm won't happen.
    To everybody, you're welcome.

    • sam

      Somebody call the governor and let him know that this storm is coming. Close down non essitiential personel so they can stay off roads.

      • Cindy

        The only way that will happen is if the entire east coast is affected. A state of emergency may be called but ya still gotta risk your life to get there or take vacation leave.

  • ole sasquatch

    This global warming is going to freeze us to death.

  • Recil

    Bread & milk, bread&milk, I gotta get bread&milk!! (and batterys too)

  • Harpers Ferry

    It's the teachers' fault.

    Looks like this winter will never end. And now, thanks to Obozo, it looks like we'll have a nuclear winter that follows.

  • Let it snow

    Seems like Marion is a smart a--. The meteorologists are trying to give a heads up so that people can be prepared.

  • Marion

    I want to be a meteorologist ! The only job I know of that you can be wrong 90% of the time and still get a paycheck ! LOL ! So come Monday morning it could be raining, sleeting, hailing, snowing, without the possibility of sunshine. Oh I forgot ! A slight breeze or windy conditions ! No SCHOOL for the kids !!!

    • Abbagoochie

      You are right. I always say the samething about the weather folks. They will be way off for snow totals in the kanawha valley as it will as always be a non event but it will be hyped up as always like the sun will never shine again with maybe an inch of snow. Lol. By the way marion it doesnt even have to snow anymore to close schools. A heavy frost will cause that.3-6 inches for charleston? Not. More likely 3-6 flakes. Folks never listen to these snowcasts. SMH.

    • Col.klink

      I agree with Marion, I was always told ,"if you can't tell the truth, be quiet" With all their new radar, they still can't get it right! "Heads Up, My a--"