MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — During the buildup to West Virginia-Baylor, a women’s rematch for which excitement has percolated for weeks, even coach Mike Carey embraced the hype.

“I’m not going to be naive and tell the players it’s just another game,” Carey said. “They know better.”

No. 6 Baylor (25-3, 15-1) can lock up the Big 12 title with a win Sunday, but No. 11 West Virginia (25-3, 14-2) remains in hot pursuit and can forge a tie entering the regular season’s final week. Tipoff is 2:30 p.m. Eastern on FoxSports1.

The Bears won 78-62 in Morgantown on Jan. 8, thanks to a career-best 48 points from guard Odyssey Sims, the nation’s leading scorer at 29.9 per game.

“We’ve got to change up defensively,” Carey joked before the Mountaineers left for Waco. “I’m not the smartest guy, but what we did last time didn’t work. I don’t think you stop her, but you can’t let her have 48.”

Said Mountaineers senior center Asya Bussie about the defensive emphasis required to slow Sims: “If you stop her, you stop Baylor.”

West Virginia has won eight straight games to remain in contention for the conference championship, something that would carry special meaning for a winning program long overshadowed in the Big East by the likes of UConn and Notre Dame—and now attempting to knockoff Big 12 kingpin Baylor.

“It means everything, especially with five seniors,” said WVU guard Christal Caldwell. “It’s a big deal”

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  • Dennis

    This team needs more headlines than Metronews gives them. This team is on top of its game this year. Way to go ladies, keep up the hard work, you ARE going to be a high seed in the NCAA tournament.

  • Aaron

    I must say Metro staff that I'm a little disappointed to sign on to your site nearly 3 hours AFTER the game ended and see no story of the West Virginia Lady Mountaineers historic victory given that the nationally televised game has huge write-ups on yahoo, ESPN and even Baylor's official site.

  • pghmountaineer

    What a great win. I'm heading to the next game and show my appreciation and support.
    It's a great day to be a mountaineer
    where ever you may be!

    • Kelly

      I plan to be there as well Pgh!

      Pure pride right now!

  • Dustin

    It is a shame Lady Mountaineers beat the #6 rated team and can't get on the fist page of metro news. Great win ladies. You are having a great season.

    • Kelly

      Agreed. Most small wire services and markets have the story.

      What's up?!

  • Pudge

    Here is a team that needs much more recognition.
    Here is a coach that needs much more recognition.

  • Mister Man

    Great job Mountaineers!!!!

  • DP

    WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL VICTORY LADIE MOUNTIES and Coach Carey and staff!!!!! The Refs ABSOLUTELY STUNK, but you girls sure hung in there! I was as proud of this win as I was with the men's win over Kentucky to get into the Final Four a few years ago!!!

    I'm one, VERY, VERY HAPPY WV FAN today!!! You girls NEVER EVER QUIT and I'm sure EVERY Mountaineer fan is VERY, VERY PROUD of you!!! Let's gooooooooo

    • Oh Did Ya?

      Agreed. They played great! Refs tried to hand it to Baylor and we didn't help by missing so many FT's but a HUGE win!

  • Aaron

    Congratulations to the WV Lady Mountaineers on an outstanding victory at Baylor.

    It's a great day to be a Mountaineer.

  • Aaron

    Utterly redonkelous. There is no way that's a foul on Sim's. Even the announcers called it a clean block on the replay. And then to come to the other end and call ANOTHER offensive foul on WV, seriously, this is bad.

    I hate to say officials cost a team a win but they're certainly not helping WV here. The sad thing is, a team as good as Baylor does not need their help.

    • Aaron

      I can't blame the officials because WV's missed too many foul shots but the officiating has been dreadful. If WV makes those shots, they handily defeat Baylor. I don't know what happened at the beginning of the year but today, WV is clearly the better team.

  • Aaron

    Our ladies are playing great but I'm not sure they're getting a fair shake on the calls. The 4th foul on Holmes, a charge, was no way a charge as the replay clearly showed the defender moving when Holmes left her feet.

    Keep fighting Mountaineers, you make us proud.

  • Mister Man

    Is this game going to be on radio?

    • B A Winner

      Why would you want to listen to it on radio when it's on TV?

  • wvwinters1976

    I am really looking forward to this rematch between our Lady Mountaineers and Baylor! Our girls are playing great basketball right now and I know they can win this game. What a huge win it would be! Lets go Lady Mountaineers! We believe!!!!!!

    • Billy

      I feel the same. I know that we are better than in the previous game. If The WVU ladies play decent defence on the Simms girl, they are good enough to win. We don't need any scoring drought though.

  • Aaron

    Our ladies are leading the conference in defense and are playing as well as any team in the country. This win should propel them into the top 7 at the very least. Very glad that's it's on TV.

    Let's go...