CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Fifty-three of West Virginia’s 55 counties are under Winter Storm Warnings from the National Weather Service as a storm system packing freezing rain, ice and snow moves through the Mountain State.

NWS Meteorologist Tom Mazza told MetroNews the storm could be the worst in a winter that has already brought multiple snowstorms to the state.  “It does have a combination of hazards and, if it’s not the worst, it may be close to it,” Mazza said on Sunday.

Ice may be the difference in this storm.  Freezing rain had already started in northern West Virginia by Sunday morning, the beginning of precipitation that was expected to continue through the day Monday.

Mazza said the entire storm system is now farther south than predicted several days ago.  “The winter weather effects have gone from being across the northern part of the state to, pretty much, throughout the state in one fashion or another,” he said.

According to forecasts on Sunday, central West Virginia — an area between Parkersburg, Huntington, Charleston, Elkins and Clarksburg — was in for at least a quarter inch of ice followed by six to eight inches of snow before Monday morning.

At the same time, ice accumulations of half an inch or more were possible in areas from Huntington to Charleston and south to Beckley.

“The freezing rain is further south.  The sleet and the snow, that entire transition zone, is further south,” said Mazza.

The snow was expected to continue through the day Monday in areas east of Charleston.  In those mountain counties, snow totals could climb to between eight and 12 inches, including in some Eastern Panhandle counties.

The only counties not under the Winter Storm Warning from the National Weather Service, as of Sunday, were Hancock County and Mercer County.  Winter Weather Advisories were in effect for those areas.

The storm caused West Virginia University to shut down. The University announced that operations would be suspended from 4 p.m. Sunday through 6 a.m. Tuesday.

All classes during that period are canceled and the main campus will be closed.  However, the University said some functions, including dining services, residence halls, and roads and grounds would continue.

Classes are expected to resume Tuesday.

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  • wil

    Veterans helping veterans &fmilies need your help. We have four families in need of wood for heat. if you can hekp please call wil (veterans helping veterans) 304-654-5809 god bless & thank you!

  • Deanna Wilkinson

    MARSHALL UNIVERSITY: All campuses are closed too.

  • Mike

    It's now March 3rd, and you're reading a March 2 story. Great coverage MetroNews.


    Hay guys it's march! In like a lion out like a lamb. leave the ground hog out of the picture!!

  • sam

    close state gov't -tomblin....

  • jay zoom

    some of you cry babies about the weatherman need to wake up and smell the bacon. you should already have milk and bread in the fridge from the last storm. and one day the weather man is going to be right and I hope it is tonight and we get two feet. then all toy tear jerkers can really cry. If I had your address I'd send you a gallon of milk a loaf of bread and a box of tissues.

  • Larry

    Thankfully, It doesn't look like the ice is going to materialize, and as usual I'd bet the snow totals wont be as much as predicted.

  • Todd

    Another over hyped storm since last Wednesday, everybody better hide under their beds in fear for their lives.

  • Jack Frost

    Let's see, what is it that I am supposed to do......oh yea, head to wal-mart and stock up on bread, milk and batteries this time. Do I buy the milk during these forecasts even though I'm lactose intolerant?

    • WV Girl

      Lol funny

  • griff

    Guess what folks. It is still winter in WV. So just put your big girl panties on & deal with it.

  • susanf1218

    You would think the dumb ass Governor would declare a state of emergency or whatever edict to keep people off of the roads. And how about this time, declaring it BEFORE people have already gotten to work, genius!!

    • dl

      You must be a school personnel and mad because kids get off and u got to go to work.

      • susanf1218

        Nope. You are wrong. Try again!


    Holy crap, not again. Someone shoot the groundhog.

    • Jean Jones

      I so agree!! My son in law went out hunting on his property yesterday and I asked why and I loved his answer. "I have to find the coyote that's hanging around my mom's house, and if I see a groundhog, well I'll shoot him just on principle" Lol

    • CaptainQ

      Shoot WHICH groundhog?

      French Creek Freddie, or that pampered poser groundhog who lives in Pennsylvania?

      • WVU 74

        Shoot the one that lives north of the Mason-Dixon.

      • susanf1218

        BOTH of them!!

        • Jed Clampett

          Groundhog Stew sounds good ta me!