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West Virginia defensive assistant Tom Bradley gives instructions during the Mountaineers’ first spring practice Sunday.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Newly hired West Virginia associate head coach Tom Bradley will earn a base salary of $600,000 in his first season, according to a contract obtained Monday from the university.

His two-year deal, the details of which were acquired by MetroNews through a Freedom of Information Act request, features a total salary of $1 million and runs through Jan. 30, 2016, at which point Bradley would receive a $50,000 retention incentive.

MORE: Read the complete terms of Bradley’s contract.

MetroNews first reported Feb. 21 that the 57-year-old Bradley—who spent more than three decades as a Penn State assistant and defensive coordinator—had agreed to join the Mountaineers’ staff. His contract was signed Feb. 19 and took effect Feb. 24.

Bradley was assigned to coach the defensive line, though head coach Dana Holgorsen said his experience can help in “a lot” of areas.

The contract stipulates Bradley could continue accruing salary for up to 180 days in the event of Holgorsen’s resignation. It also includes various performance incentives:

12 wins: $15,000
11 wins: $ 10,000
10 wins: $7,500
9 wins: $5,000
Big 12 title: $7,500
Non-playoff bowl appearance: $10,000
College playoff appearance: $15,000
National semifinal victory: $5,000
National championship game berth: $20,000
National championship game victory: $5,000

Bradley’s contract also calls for customary perks, including a courtesy vehicle, compensation for camps and clinics, and an assortment of tickets (four to each home football game, four to a WVU bowl game, two to each men’s and women’s basketball game).

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    Could Bradley help WVU's defense to the point that WVU will be called D-line know like Penn State being called Linebacker U...I hope he can find a couple Bruce Smiths for WVU.

    I believe this guy will bring pride to our Defense ... as long as the head coach understands that both number one units should not line up at the same time in practice, D one's go against the O's second stringers and so fourth.... (Spring game exception to the rule or not)

    Three and out .... three and out...

    Let's Gooooooooooo!!!! Mountaineeeeeeeers!!!!

  • jay zoom

    just another puppet in Lucks pocket

    • hailey

      JZ, tell Beyonce' hello and that with Bradley's hire we have the steal of the century.

  • Matt

    Football first Aaron, that's what pays the bills, AND creates passion.

    • Aaron

      Yiu woukd think but exhaustive studies have found that despite numerous claims of self-sufficiency across this country, only ~25 or so instructions actually have programs that are in the black.

      Given that WV taxpayers contribute more than $200 million dollars to WVU annually I'm not so sure they can make that claim.

  • Alex

    As the saying gos to play with the big boys you have to get off the porch. We are in the big time now, want the best pay the ($$$$) best. If they don't produce get rid of them and get someone else. After saying that I think Bradley is an excellent fit for our team. Mr. Luck is trying to do what is best for our athletic department. $$$$ talks like in any business. Just one example, what Alabama did with their coach when rumors was spreading about him leaving and going to Texas, they put more money on the table so he would not consider going anywhere.

  • Whip

    Next head coach. Mark it.
    Smart move.

    • MoJo

      I thought the same thing; the stipulation about continuing to accrue salary in the event of a Hangoversen resignation is very telling...

  • wvrefugee

    I'm fine with the salary BUT we have $500k getting thrown away every season with Deforest!

    • The Real KeatonsCorner

      Defo vastly improved our Special Teams last season.......

      went from last to 2nd in conference...

  • Palmetto Ale

    Aaron, that is why the Shaq made his million first then got hid PhD! Lol just kidding, but we do have a big problem with salaries in sports .


    Bradley comes from a program that has a long history of success . . . Bradley has spent his entire career at PSU . . . all I know for sure is that he didn't sass jo pa & didn't make too many mistakes to lose games for PSU and get replaced . . . I have reservations on his abilities because he wasn't hired by any other Div I school . . . the jo pa - Sandusky stink shouldn't have hampered any PSU coaches from finding equitable coaching positions . . .

    his tenure at PSU looks good on the cover . . .I would have kept his published salary in the $300K range , in line with the other coaches . . . anything needed above that to be "paid" by the deep pockets alumni on the side . . .

    personally , I'd prefer to shoot , rather than hire , anyone from Pervert State . . .

    • The bookman

      If he was ready to make a move and stay close to the place he has called home for thirty years, can you think of a much better place than WVU. One would have to think that after being in State College for that long, he would have some roots and family in the area. There is a lot to be said for those kind of benefits that don't show up in a contract.

  • DP

    From everything I've heard, T.B. is not only a great coach, but also a wonderful man!!! He will be a real asset to the program and hopefully we can keep him here in WV!!!!!

  • Aaron

    As a lifelong sports fan, I would have agree years ago that the salary is inline.

    As a parent of college students and a non-traditional student myself, I have to wonder if our Universities have their priorities in order.

    How is it that we can pay an assistant football coach 2-5 times more than a PhD educator and a head coach as much as 10 times their salary?

    And it's not just WV as the top 10 coaches in college football all make 2-3 times as much as WVU coaches and all work for public universities.

    Again, where are our priorities?

    • Chuckb

      When the professor's dept averages over 50,000 fans per exam and has a fully self sufficient department I'm sure said professor will get a raise.

      • Aaron

        What is the purpose of West Virginia University again?

        • Shadow

          While I didn't go to a big school and their exciting sports, I am amazed by the attendance of students at basketball games. At school, my evenings were spent studying and working problems. Did I miss something?

        • The bookman

          It takes money and exposure to build a successful and thriving university community. Sports programs, and football specifically, do both. These salaries are outrageous, I agree. But if we are to compete and play and recruit against the Big Boys, we have to act like Big Boys. We didn't land the golden egg when we were accepted into the Big XII. We received a cut of the pie to compete on their level. How we spend it determines whether we are successful or not. The jury is still out, and the clock is ticking. I think Bradley is a step in the right direction.

          • The bookman


            I agree that the sports programs should be a means to that end, and it is easy to lose sight of the proper perspective. I think, however, that WVU is on the right track in improving itself academically utilizing its new found affiliation with the Big XII. We have a great future!

          • Aaron

            I understand that and my issue's aren't so much with WVU as they are with college sports in general.

            As such and as it deals with WVU, that institution receives over $200 million dollars of tax payer money. Despite what those above would have us believe, the mission of WVU is to educate citizens, not provide a top notch sports program.

            I think it's apparent that I support WVU athletics but I still believe we have to keep our priorities straight. I think it's apparent from some of the comments above, that's not the case.

        • Big Hooptie

          To make money.

          It's a business.

  • shawn

    Getting him for cheap. He's a great coach and will contribute in a big way.


    This looks to be a great hire and from friends that have ties to Penn State say our defense will improve vastly with him behind the helm!

  • BH

    Worth every penny.

    • GoEers

      absolutely agree

    • Greg