CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones is proposing a compromise with lawmakers in an attempt to keep a controversial gun bill from passing — as is — before the end of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session on Saturday.

In exchange for dropping a provision in that bill, SB 317, Jones said Charleston would immediately take its 1993 ordinance that requires a three day waiting period to buy a gun in city limits and allows only one gun purchase a month off the books.

Jones opposes the provision in the proposed bill that would let people with concealed carry permits bring guns into recreation facilities like city swimming pools, rec centers, sports facilities with afterschool programs or other sites where “children are regularly present.”

“To put guns in our rec centers is, and that’s exactly what the bill says it would do, we think is completely over the top and represents a danger to the existence of these rec centers,” said Jones.

The bill reads as follows: “A municipality may not prohibit a person with a valid concealed handgun permit from carrying an otherwise lawfully possessed firearm into a municipally owned recreation facility and securely storing the firearm out of view and access to others during their time at the municipally owned recreation facility.”

The bill does allow cities to enact their own ordinances to keep people with concealed carry permits from taking their guns in courthouses, city halls, convention centers, administrative buildings or other similar municipal buildings.

As part of that bill, which takes gun regulations out of the Home Rule Pilot Program, any additional city gun regulations could not go beyond what state and federal law already allows.

Mayor Jones presented the proposal to members of Charleston’s City Council during Monday night’s meeting.

“We consider this Senate bill very hostile to our city.  We know this is about Charleston,” said Jones.

He said the deal he’s offering would address a number of issues.  “The NRA gets its pound of flesh, so does the Legislature and we can minimize the damage that’s being done here and, maybe, give the Legislature a way out of doing something that’s clearly reckless,” said Jones.

It was not immediately clear if lawmakers were willing to take the Jones deal.

SB 317 is pending in the House Judiciary Committee.

The Senate unanimously approved the proposal last week.  At that time, Senate President Jeff Kessler (D-Marshall, 2) said it would establish a uniform set of gun laws for all of West Virginia.

This year’s regular session ends on Saturday night.

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  • Terri

    The Governor signed sb317. Check out his page!

  • RaceGunShooter

    Danny Jones implores us all to not be "sore winners", well Danny I am asking you to not be a sore loser. This bill will pass. The people have spoken. Get over it. No compromise.

  • Mark

    Why does he keep saying Head Start? Head Start is a school and would not be allowed even with this law.

  • Richard Miller

    He wants to keep those that have been vetted as law abiding from carrying their concealed arms in places such as swimming areas but since there is no mention of it, he must have no problem with the criminal element from carrying their weapon of choice concealed on their, while the patrons of said pool must wait for LE to respond to the 911 call, the 4 CHL friends can only fume in a place of concealment as the active shooter roams the pool area. Why are they fuming? Because their weapons are locked in their vehicles since NO LAW ABIDING citizen is allowed to carry into the pool area...only the criminal element is "authorized".

  • Scott Hodges

    Who died and made Danny Jones king? It is not his place to deny people in Charleston their rights. State law allows for restrictions in court houses, etc., Charleston should be fine with that.

  • jacksoncounty

    I guess mayor Jones thinks his city law will stop criminals from taking guns into city pools, rec centers, sports facilities or any other place children are present. GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason412

    Danny Jones didn't "order" WVAW to keep the water on. That blame lies solely with WVAW.

  • Jason412

    Yeah, but by passing this you're opening a few places in Charleston while giving every other town the ability to restrict areas that as of today may not be restricted

    Say 10 areas of Charleston are opened for carry under this law, but 50 towns across the state pass tighter restrictions then they currently have.

    I don't see how that helps gun owners, or brings any more consistency.

    You could be in 1 town where you're allowed to carry in administrative buildings drive 10 miles down to the next town and its illegal to carry in administrative buildings. Where is the consistency in that? Each town will also get to pick and chose which of those areas they restrict. That doesn't sound like consistency.

  • GregG

    Just give King Danny Jones time and he will figure out a way to place a "user fee" on every gun that comes inside his little kingdom.

  • JFD

    He's just trying to find a way to allow criminals to carry where they want and non criminals to duck and hope the bad guy runs out of bullets soon. If it's a LEGAL person with a ccw then they have had a federal, state and local background check, what's the's Concealed for Heavens sake!!

  • WVCDL Member

    Look at Mayor Danny's offer:

    He might as well be offering fish oil in trade.
    He wants his "Home Rule" tax money. Under current law, he is forced to give up everything and more than he is offering this summer.

    He just hopes that no one notices he is selling you something you will already be getting this summer.

  • Tom Hughey

    The mayor is a Rino. (Republican In Name Only). He has always been anti gun and anti 2nd amendment except when it comes to his safety. Typical politician. His attitude has always been an elitist position. But, Charleston you continue to put him in office. So you get what you deserve.

  • jfk

    personally I do not have a concealed weapon permit and you will not see me and my wife walking the streets of charleston at night but if I had to I would obtain a permit. If one of these thug criminals suspects a person has a concealed weapon they will most likely avoid that person.

    OFF TOPIC: I was told my $2 a week user fee was for fire and police protection NOT for snow removal but most times when it snows more than a few inch's I can't get to my job because of the lack of snow removal in charleston. May I suggest mayor jones you put some snow blades on police cruisers and or fire trucks so we can have taxation WITH representation!

  • BS

    This bill needs to pass, we need uniform gun laws across the state so law abiding taxpaying voting citizens do not have to fear unknowingly breaking laws in every little town and burb in WV. No one cannot know the gun laws everywhere across the state!

    Nanny Jones I hope you read this - you are in no way in control here! This is a desperate antic from a 2 bit political hack. I refuse to go to any Chas city rec center, park etc. for my safety because the only ones with guns there are the criminals, while no one else can protect themselves. Jones - pin heads like you need to go

  • BS

    To Rodney Hytonen:

    You are incorrect sir. The 2nd Amendment and later clarified by the US Supreme Court in the Heller vs. Washington DC and MacDonald vs Chicago allows for private citizens to keep and bear standard typical weapons defined explicitly as semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, rifles (including AR15, AK47 and semi auto shotguns). The intent against public ownership are things like RPG's, bazookas, tanks, nuclear weapons, etc.

    Either you don't know the difference or you are the typical lying, fact distorting, left wing gun grabber trying to confuse the public