MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After upsetting Baylor for what coach Mike Carey called the most important win of his 13 seasons at West Virginia, the Mountaineers climbed four spots to No. 7 in Monday’s AP poll.

It marked the second-highest ranking ever for the West Virginia women, who enjoyed a four-week stay at No. 6 in December 2010. On the heels of beating Baylor 71-69 on Sunday—and ending the Bears’ 35-game home conference winning streak—there’s reason to believe West Virginia may not be done climbing.

“I can remember beating Notre Dame when they were No. 3 or 4 on their home floor and beating Louisville when they were No. 3 or 4,” Carey said. “But this win meant a lot more to the program, because it gives us a chance at a conference championship.”

West Virginia (26-3, 15-2) owns a nine-game win streak and can secure a share of the Big 12 title by beating Kansas (12-17, 5-12) on Tuesday night at the WVU Coliseum. Baylor (25-4, 15-2), which fell three spots in the poll to No. 9, has a tougher assignment at Iowa State (20-8, 9-8).

Along with pursuing its first league crown since winning the Atlantic 10 in 1992, West Virginia is aiming to improve its NCAA seeding. Sitting 13th in the RPI as of Monday, the Mountaineers have climbed into contention for a No. 2 seed, according to ESPN bracketologist Charlie Creme. He projects West Virginia heading to the Baton Rouge pod, where a second-round matchup looms against No. 10 seed LSU.

Of the 16 four-team pods, 13 will be staged on campuses where the home team figures to be bracketed. Only Toledo, Seattle and Los Angeles approximate neutral-court settings.

“We’re probably going to have to play on someone else’s home floor,” Carey said Monday. “But at least we want to be the higher seed playing on someone else’s floor.”

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  • pghmountaineer


  • Charles

    Fabulous win for the ladies. I hope our Athletic Director noticed and might want to talk new contract for Mike Carey with a nice bump in pay. He did that for our men's FB and BB coaches and they hadn't done anything to deserve it. We pay a FB Asst. coach who's been a total bust over $500,000 a year. Mike Carey could be in high demand. He's built a successful program without getting anywhere near the help Huggs and Holg have gotten. You better let him know how much you appreciate what he's done and will continue to do. He could have a great recruiting class. Show up and support the ladies at the Kansas game.

  • jay zoom

    where were all these commentators at the start of the season. jumping on the band wagon at the end of the season. give me a break. you should of been in the stands cheering them on. LOVE YOU LADIES

  • wvman75

    Really proud of the lady Mountaineers and Coach Carey.

  • Ike

    You deserve your ranking because you earned it. Lets take care of business with Kansas and root for Iowa State. Big 12 Champs sounds pretty good. Win the Big 12 Tourney and see if we get a 1 seed. Ladies, play for yourselves. We support you and love to share in your accomplishments. Play each game to the best of your abilities and let the chips fall where they may. Proud of this team and coaches. Lets Go Mountaineers!

  • Dub V Fan

    Long overdue respect for the lady eers. Congrats !!!

  • jwg66

    I can't believe some of these posts. As best I can tell our ladies have not been sent anywhere yet. We still have a game against Kansas and a conference tournament to play. Alot can happen. To me the key is to keep playing hard and to win. With a conference championship, a new practice facility to help recruiting the future looks bright. Wouldn't it be special to exceed the 8200 that attended Baylor's senior nite for our last home game? That would really mean alot to this team that has worked hard and is so deserving of our fan's support.

  • DP

    As I said yesterday, A GREAT, GREAT, GREAT VICTORY MOUNTAINEER LADIES and Coach Carey and Staff!!!!! You girls made WV Fans and the State of WV VERY, VERY PROUD!!!!!

    Let's Goooooooooooo Mountaineers!!!!!!!!!!


    I've said it all along, with a good coach and great talent WVU can be as tough as any team in the BIG12. Congratulations to the Mountaineer ladies and their coaching staff. You just gotta believe and support them; and we'll win our first BIG12 Championship with our ladies carrying the flag. Goooo Mountaineers !

  • WVManiac

    This is not an NCAA snub..... Its actually smart by the NCAA to have these games in venues that traditionally have good women's basketball attendance... Want the WVU women to get a few home games in the NCAA tourney? Attend their season games

    This is also contractually set before the season and doesn't change throughout the year depending on the top seeds, which would be a logistical nightmare for schools hosting.

    • Aaron

      I agree but it's difficult to follow the ladies when they play the biggest game of their season and they don't even warrant a beat writer from the state to travel with them.

      • Aaron

        sorry, hit submit too soon...

        or ever see them on TV. Baylor and UConn didn't build their programs overnight.

        The media can say they don't cover the ladies because ticket sales and website hits don't warrant it but if they were covered more then perhaps ticket sales and website hits might improve.

        I'm not sure what the answer is but I know these young ladies deserve EVERYONE's support.


    some good & some bad news . . . WVU , whether it's the mens or ladies sports teams , always seem to be given short shrift . . .
    these ladies have played well enough against the best competition in the country to have been not only seeded high , but given the honor & opportunity to play the games on HOME court . . .
    this projected snub more than cements my belief that the hierarchy of the NCAA wishes nothing but the worst for WVU sport teams , especially the women's teams that have had great success the last decade . . .


      You need to back off, think positive, and get the chip off your shoulder. No the NCAA does not hate our beloved Mountaineers and give them the shaft all the time. So get that nonsense out of your mind and support the team. No sense to whine, it gets old and un-called for listening to all the time.

      • Greg

        True. They sent an under-achieving men's team that really didn't deserve a bid to Pittsburgh two just years ago against Gonzaga(?) and they completely laid an egg.

    • Allan Taylor

      @TW Eagle: You can only play on your home court if you bid to do so. ... The NCAA women's tourney values atmosphere and ticket sales over neutral-court matchups played before sparse crowds.

  • RJ

    Way to go girls! Very proud of ya, go all the way.

  • Aaron

    And once again, the NCAA snubs West Virginia's hard work by sending them on the road to essentially play AT LSU.

    What a wonderful reward for winning their conference. Perhaps if they are Big 12 Tournament Champions, the NCAA will reward them by placing them in the Storrs bracket.

    Keep fighting ladies, you have some believers.

  • Phil M.

    Given our record and if we are indeed the Big 12 Regular Season Champions come Tuesday night, then we should be going to Toledo as a #2 seed. However, if we go on and win the Big 12 Tournament as well, how bout a No .1 seed and Lexington, KY.

    This gives a lot of WVU fans a chance to travel and cheer on the Mountaineer Ladies. I was always told it's about the money and we travel better than any fan base, Notre Dame included.

    • Allen

      WVU has a share of the Big 12 title they are not Big 12 out right champions. Do they not have a Big 12 tournament for the women?

    • Allan Taylor

      Here's the conundrum, Phil: Notre Dame will be a No. 1 seed and also deserves to play close to home, as in Toledo, resulting in a 1-v-16 and 8-9 matchups. The committee could send Notre Dame to West LaFayette, but Purdue is hosting and projects as a No. 4 seed—not an 8 as the bracket would require. ... In Lexington, obviously, UK will host, and the Cats project as a 4 seed. If you send WVU there as a 2 and drop UK to a 7 seed, that's an unfair second-round matchup for WVU. ... These home-campus hosts, while necessary to sell tickets and generate atmosphere, create havoc with the seeding.

      • Doug

        Why would it be required to drop UK to a seven seed? If WVU was a 2 seed what keeps UK from staying a four seed?

        Same question for Perdue. How does the bracket require them to be an 8 seed if Notre Dame is a 1 seed in that bracket?

        • Allan Taylor

          Because WVU as a No. 2 seed would have to play a 7-10 winner in the second round of that pod. Just like a No. 3 seed would face the 6-11 winner in the second round, and just like a No. 1 seed would face the 8-9 winner.

          • Doug

            The teams should be seeded based on where they belong regardless of who they may end up playing. I still don't understand your logic that someone could not have a certain seed if someone else is moved to that bracket.

            You comment that "Perdue is hosting and is projected as a 4 seed not an 8 as the bracket would require" makes no sense. How would that require them to be an 8 seed?