MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Because each thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, members of the West Virginia football team stepped through snow and ice Sunday toward the shelter of the Caperton Indoor Practice Facility, where spring practice began with the first of three non-contact workouts.

Based upon what we last saw of the Mountaineers—season-ending losses to 3-9 teams Kansas and Iowa State—it might appear WVU has more than a thousand miles to make up before staring across at Alabama on Aug. 30. Teams do transform themselves, however, and particularly veteran teams like the one coach Dana Holgorsen discussed while donning his vortex visor.

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“There shouldn’t be as much teaching these guys what to do, but how to do it properly,” Holgorsen said, “because we’ve got a lot more experience coming back than we did a year ago.

“Losing (rushing leader) Charles Sims and (TFL leader) Will Clarke is going to hurt, but other than that, we’re not losing much.”

Counting specialists, the Mountaineers bring back 17 players with starting experience (a total that could grow to 18 if cornerback Travis Bell earns reinstatement from indefinite suspension). Such continuity allows coaches to be more intricate … and more demanding.

“We’ll be less patient with mental mistakes,” Holgorsen said, noting that players “should have a handle on what we’re doing.

“That is why we are pretty eager to get started. We wanted to get these three days in to be able to introduce some stuff so when we come back (from spring break) we can get into the nuts and bolts of really being able to play the game. We were not able to do that last year until the middle of August.

With that, let’s segue to the always-trusty “five questions” format for organizing this spring’s most notable talking points. (We’d toss out more, but then what would be left to discuss between now and March 22, which is the next time we’ll be able to glimpse a practice?) To the list:

1. An unofficial return to the 3-3-5?
New defensive coordinator Tony Gibson still calls it a 3-4, but late last season West Virginia began migrating back toward a nickel-based defense. (See cornerback Daryl Worley opening at weakside Will linebacker against Iowa State).
Now there’s converted safety K.J. Dillon listed as the first-teamer at Spur linebacker—the spot Isaiah Bruce manned in 2013. Even the “bulked-up” current iteration of Dillon remains 30 pounds slighter than Bruce, who weighs in at 231 and has moved to the strongside Sam position.
This allows WVU to be more athletic and better suited to match the spread offenses so prominent across the Big 12. You would also presume it allows for more varied blitz packages.
If there’s a playing-time sacrifice, it appears to be junior linebacker Jared Barber (sidelined this spring while recovering from knee surgery). Barber started alongside Nick Kwiatkoski in the middle last fall and was the squad’s third-leading tackler with 71 stops, but now he projects as one of Kwiatkoski’s backups.
Against a pro-set team like Alabama, however, WVU can go back to four conventional-sized linebackers by deploying the 225-pound Marvin Gross at Spur, or by replacing the Spur with another run-stopper in the middle—see Al-Rasheed Benton or Barber—in a more standard 3-4 alignment.
2. How will WVU use the Dreamius Smith/Rushel Shell combo?
Productive one-and-doner Charles Sims had 253 touches last fall, while the rest of West Virginia’s running backs combined for 159. Though Wendell Smallwood, Dustin Garrison and Andrew Buie share some of Sims’ pass-catching versatility, they don’t figure to command the carries that Smith and Shell will.
Can one grab the coaches’ fancy and emerge as a clear-cut No. 1? Even with West Virginia’s increasing affinity for two-back sets, it seems unlikely Smith and Shell will line up much together (save for an occasional short-yardage package).
Sporting only a combined 11 catches through 24 Division I games, they have yet to showcase receiving skills that would create coverage worries. Smith, however, displayed fluid route-running and soft hands last spring. And during one emphatic 75-yard run at Oklahoma, he showed an awesome power/speed combination.
That led running backs coach JaJaun Seider to give Smith a pointed offseason message: “If you ain’t playing on Sunday it’s your own fault.”
Yet the evaluation demanded Smith become more reliable by improving his blocking and running with more pop.
“If you watch what Dreamius did in the Oklahoma game, he ran behind his pads and then ran away from folks,” Seider said. “The thing that nobody talks about is Dreamius might be our fastest running back. Dreamius has got it all. But now, it’s about can he be consistent?
“I’ve been been showing him clips of what he can be and showing him clips of what he shouldn’t be, like when he stops his feet on contact. Hell, go forward for another 2 or 3 yards. His lower body is so strong, if he just falls forward he’s going to pick up the extra yards.”
3. Who’ll ring the Bell at cornerback?
Excuse the pun, especially with regard to a player who has been excused from the team. Yet Travis Bell was a nine-game starter, and considering that he played so much in his first year at the position, his ceiling would have been raised for 2014.
Then came last December’s DUI, which marked Bell’s second arrest in 10 months and made his status cloudy. After a team source told MetroNews earlier this week Bell would miss spring practice, Holgorsen clarified Sunday that Bell had been suspended since January and was allowed to remain on scholarship “to work toward his degree.”
Losing Bell is hardly a backbreaker, considering the immensely talented Worley supplanted him as a starter during three late-season games. Yet the possibility of Bell returning for his senior season can impact depth at a position where WVU still needs help. Icky Banks, merely functional as a 12-game starter at the opposite corner, returns for his senior year, and two other returnees—third-year sophomore Brandon Napoleon and redshirt junior Terrell Chestnut—have yet to establish themselves as Big 12-caliber players.
That leaves the window open for junior-college midterm enrollee Keishawn Richardson to make an impression. He already sounds like a favorite of cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell, who recruited Richardson away from a Wisconsin offer.
“He gets it—has a good football IQ,” Mitchell said. “It’s very rare that you have a young man come into for offseason program and not miss a rep. He has not missed any reps, and that’s like, ‘Wow.’
“We’re talking the sheer volume that we’re putting these guys through, stressing them at every opportunity. Usually kids that have not been in the program are not used to working at that pace that (conditioning coach) Mike Joseph is putting them through. But Keishawn hasn’t missed even one rep.”
Look for sophomore Nana Kyeremeh, coming off 2013’s medical redshirt, to be a factor also.
4. Will offensive tackles be improved?
While the Mountaineers must replace two fifth-year seniors at tackle, Curtis Feigt and Nick Kindler were guys revered more for their hard work than their dominant performances. So even with less experience at the position this time around, the upside of Adam Pankey and Marquis Lucas looks higher.
Pankey appeared at left tackle in seven games as a redshirt freshman and may have become a starter if not for last spring’s pesky ACL tear (from which he still returned in six months). At 6-foot-5 and 323 pounds, Pankey blends prototypical size with agility and doesn’t figure to be pushed by the likes of former walk-on Michael Calicchio or still-developing redshirt freshman Grant Lingafelter.
Lucas (6-4, 312) shifted to right tackle from left guard, where he was inconsistent in four starts before Quinton Spain moved inside. He will be challenged by lanky junior college transfer Sylvester Townes (6-6, 285) and redshirt freshman Marcell Lazard (6-6, 293), who entertained some high-profile offers before signing with WVU in 2013.
“Adam just got better and better last season, and Marquis played tackle before (in high school),” said offensive line coach Ron Crook. “It made sense to go with the guys who have been here and played in games and give them first shot.”
5. Can Skyler Howard get it done?
Some fans have become enchanted with Howard’s junior college highlight video, but is he a genuine threat to win the quarterback job or simply a guy brought in to add depth? (Remember: West Virginia was one blindside hit away from Logan Moore taking game snaps late last season, so the need to sign somebody was pressing.)
Despite his non-ideal height, the 5-11 Howard could be a gem, a guy with a Texas-sized chip on his shoulder who’s intent on proving wrong all the programs who ignored him despite productive high school numbers. Perhaps he’s capable of pushing injured frontrunner Clint Trickett. Then again, some folks held high hopes for Chavas Rawlins, too.
The upcoming spring practices will afford Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson a chance to stress Howard in game-like situations, to see what he can do and whether he truly belongs.
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  • DP

    pinball wizard-so now you're going by this moniker vs. mad hatter/William. Regardless of what name you use, you're a 100% JERK WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!!

  • jwg66

    A good coach will adjust his scheme to the talent they have. R Fraud could never recruit the big DL's so he went with the extra Safety. My memory was we struggled to get a good pass rush and conceptually, we went for bend not break hoping for their Offense to make mistakes. Good power teams(can you say Tide?) gave us trouble.... Who knows, it might make some sense in this pass happy conference. Still, I think we need to find a pass rush and Bruce Irwin is now a Seahawk.

  • Justin

    First of all, congrats to the women's basketball team for defeating Baylor yesteday. I watched most of that game and it was very entertaining. Those ladies can ball!! Now, on to football. Who cares if Dana wears Gold & Blue all the time? He is making his players learn the history of the state and the program, he is embracing the state's culture and hiring a lot of assistants with ties to the program. To me, this proves he takes pride in the state of WV. Also, since when does what you wear determine your coaching ability, it's not a fashion show. As for the game against Bama, I'm not predicting a Mountaineer victory, but I think it will be closer than people think and the Mountaineers have a chance. If you follow Alabama football, you will know that they tend to struggle the most with teams who run a spread style offense. The Big 12's own Oklahoma beat them in a bowl game, and they run a similar offense as WVU. With a healthy Clint Trickett who now has a year in the offense, depth and experience at the skill positions and on D, I think WVU just might surprise some folks on August 30! Let's Goooooo......Mountaineers!!

  • MountieFan1948

    When Holgerson first came to WVU, I was hoping that he would keep the 3-3-5 defense, given that the players on hand had been recruited for that defense. Also, given that no-one in the Big 12 used this type of defense, I thought it might give WVU an edge in its first season or two in the Big 12. But, it didn't happen. Jeff Casteel was willing to stay, but Luck and Holgerson wanted a clean slate. I don't think is panned out like it was initially envisioned. I find it humorous that the 3-3-5 is being reconsidered.


    Nice job Allen, all good questions... we need a good defense, We need a good Offensive line & we need a Good over all game plan to keep our defense off the field & keep our Offense on the field...Dana is one of the best Offensive minds in the game it doesn't do us (WVU) any good if his Offense isn't on the field.... ALABAMA will try / run the ball at WVU & play action pass us just like New England did the Colts in the playoffs... WVU will need to find a way to stop the run against Alabama and get pressure on the QB.... the 5-star kids in Alabama want revenge on the Big 12 (thanks Oklahoma) I wish we were playing Alabama at Heinz field and not in there back yard Atlanta... Boys the cards are stacked against you... but you are at the table, what are you guys prepared to do about!!!!!!

  • pinball wizzard

    with the contracts Luck handed out to Holgerson, and huggins,, let's face it we will be paying them for a long long time.
    Holgie will be here thru 2017 ,,, huggins, let's just say forever. he has options, when to retire and then accept another good job with wvu..
    What in the world was Luck thinking, no wonder he wanted that Texas job so badly.
    I would not be surprise one bit if he quit tomorrow,.

    • Aaron

      "with the contracts Luck handed out to Holgerson, and huggins,, let's face it we will be paying them for a long long time."

      As well we should. Huggins is a proven commodity, a Hall of Fame Coach and without him, who knows where the program would be. You can opine for John Beilein all you want but the fact is, he left WVU, not the other way around. And had he had his way, or if NC State would have been willing to pony up some of his buyout, he would have been gone a year sooner.

      While I appreciate that Coach Beilien restored integrity to the WVU basketball program, Morgantown was not home and he was never going to stay. He never has and on that note, I won't be surprised if he were to leave Michigan at some point in the near future.

      I am curious thought Mr. Hatter, you've called for Coach Huggins head numerous times. Who do you think AD Luck should replace him with?

      As for Holgersen, he's not on quite the stable ground that Coach Huggins is but then, he's not a proven commodity like Coach Huggins is.

      Saying that, regardless of what happens this year, I think given the state of the program he was handed, he deserves at least one more year. If at the end of 2015, the program is not on solid ground, then I think AD Luck has to consider replacing him but short of the wheels coming completely off this year, I don't think he will be looking over his shoulder.

      As for Luck, your last comment is telling as AD Luck has proven his commitment to West Virginia University, from his playing days to his time on the BOG's to his tenure as the AD.

      While it's not certain, I think most would concur that were it not for AD Luck, WV would be languishing in the AAU, the last remaining member on a downward trajectory towards mediocrity with little hope of being relevant in college football for years to come.

      Just because there are those on here not smart enough to see that makes it no less true.

  • JohnZ

    OMG I mean like can you believe Holgs wore a blue shirt?!?! I mean like it is totally awesome!! Like he must really want to win and like really care about the program since he like is wearing a blue shirt!! Like OMG!!!!! I totally like him now!!!!

  • Ryan

    How about everyone take a step back and look at what Holgorsen is actually doing here. He has brought scholarship numbers up to par with the rest of the NCAA DI schools something Bill Stewart and Rich Rod had trouble doing. He also has brought in some of the deepest rosters to date, he can't help the fact that he didn't have the depth to compete high in the B12. In my opinion he is bringing the program up to where it needs to be and is heading in a great direction. I just hope everyone doesn't jump on the fire dana bandwagon too quickly and then find out that his recruits were great and regret it. You need stability in the coaching industry and changing coaches constantly is bad for recruiting and bad to establish a program. Realistically from what I have read this will be a tough season and Dana should be given one more year after this year. This is his toughest schedule since he has been here. We will be lucky to win 7 this year. However, one more year after this I believe will lead to great results and many so-called "fans" will change their tune real quick. Winning is a great antidote to criticism. As long as a quarter back comes out this year and can efficiently run this offense the team will surprise people because Tom "Scrap" Bradley is going to be a huge difference maker on defense. So everyone just relax and let things develop, I don't think anyone including myself thought this transition to the Big 12 would be as difficult as it has been since we enjoyed so much success in the Big East. Every program goes through transition years. Let's give Holgs a little leeway before we rush him out the door.

    • Barry

      Totally agree Ryan

    • Justin

      Ryan, I agree 100%, except I do think the Eers can win 7 games this year. I don't think they will win the Big 12, but I think they will get a bowl game and be very competitive. Look how long it took Marshall to be good in Conference USA after moving up from the MAC. Look at the struggles TCU is having in the Big 12 (exact same record as WVU) and they are a Texas school withouth the travel difficulties. Give Dana and his staff some time and I think it will pay off.

    • Alex

      @Ryan, like your post we'll said .

  • AtlantaJoel

    Is the program 'back' if we upset Bama on Labor Day weekend?

    • pinball wizzard

      now , do you seriously expect and even think we are going to upset Alabama?,, Exactly , what part of our game will confuse Ala. to the point, that we out score them?

      • Aaron

        Who again is Alabama's QB that is going to pile on the points that we have to "outscore" them?

  • ole sasquatch

    Oh! That was Skylar Howard on that game film?
    Here I thought I was watching Doug Flutie.
    Ole Sasquatch's eye's must be deceiving him in his elder years.

  • clair

    You guys please stop with the fussing, be nice like all Mountaineer fans should be. Thanks.