MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University’s women’s basketball team sits at No. 7 in the AP poll with Kansas scheduled to roll into Morgantown on Tuesday night.

A win to close the regular season will guarantee the Mountaineers (26-3, 15-2) at least a share of this year’s Big 12 Conference title.

“I think they’re going to be focused,” WVU coach Mike Carey of his team’s mindset on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“There’s a lot of the line. It’s senior night. Our five seniors, (it’s) their last night playing in the Coliseum, so I think we’ll be excited.  We’ve just got to come out and pay attention to details and we should be in good shape.”

On Sunday, WVU handed Baylor, then ranked No. 6 nationally, the Lady Bears’ first home loss in four years with a 71-69 win in Waco, Texas.

Baylor (25-4, 15-2) will be on the road at Iowa State on Tuesday.  A loss for Baylor and a win for WVU on Tuesday would give the Mountaineers the Big 12 title outright. If Baylor and WVU win their last regular-season game, the teams will share that title.

“It’s a great group and they believe they’re going to win and they fight until the last second and that’s all you can ask out of your players,” said Carey.

He said the Mountaineers, though, do have a bigger goal  “We’ve got to get to the Sweet 16 and beyond. I just think that’s our goal and we’ve been there close and been to the NCAAs a lot of times, but we’ve never been able to really make a run.”

Tipoff for Tuesday night’s game at the WVU Coliseum is set for 7 p.m.

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  • Indpendent View

    I have been sorely disapointed at the lack of coverage the WV Media has given to the WVU Girls Basketball Team. Going into a hostile environment, on senior night, against a Baylor team that had not been beaten at home in 35 games, has the No. 1 player in the nation and took it to them and won and probably clinched the Big 12 title!
    I had to search and search for news coverage of this great win! One would think, with a football team that sucked in '13 and a basketball team that regularly faulters, the accomplishments of the WVU Women's BB Team would warrant some media coverage and be the lead story on WV TV stations sports segments, but nooooo!
    These girls deserve tons of praise, yet receive little.
    Another WVU sport that has reached even higher achievement is the WVU Rifle Team. They just won their 15th NCAA National Championship! The closest to their record stands at 10. But, we hear even less about this great accomplishment that girls BB Big 12 Title!
    The Dominion Post and Metro News are as guilty of these omissions as the Charleston Newspapers.

    • flossrancher

      Women. They are called women. Whether individual college students are actually mature or not, the male teams are referred to as men and the females as women, not boys and girls.

    • Aaron

      "The Dominion Post and Metro News are as guilty of these omissions as the Charleston Newspapers."

      More so in my humble opinion. Anyone who reads the Gazette knows their sports department is as anti-WVU as they come and Charleston covers other schools.

      Plus the Gazette has a story on the victory.

      Given the magnitude of this game, the sports news media dropped the ball on this story.

      Big time.

      • Allan Taylor

        @Aaron: Let me try this one more time ... we had a story (not an AP pickup but one that was compiled using various sources from Baylor & WVU). And we assembled a highlights package. And it occupied our lead sports page position on Sunday evening. That is all.

        • Aaron

          The WVU women's team went to Baylor to play in a nationally televised game in what was potentially the biggest game in the history of the program and no state sports outlet, INCLUDING Metro News felt like the game was important enough to send a beat writer to cover the event.

          That's fine but to take well in excess of 3 hours to post your story leaves much to be desired. Were I the only poster pointing this out, perhaps I could be dismissed, which wouldn't bother me in the slightest but that is not the case as numerous posters have commented on Metro News' shortcomings in covering this team. I’m sorry that I’ve stepped on toes at Metro News but the facts are what they are.

    • Kevin

      And also the wvu girls soccer program won the big 12 last fall and the success the boys baseball had this school is like the professional team we don't have in this state. So give all the wvu teams props! The media really needs to do better job of that! Let's GO!!!!!

  • Medman

    Great bunch of ladies and a solid coach. WVU and our State should be proud of this team.