CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Competition from other casinos is prompting Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races toward new development. The casino has announced plans to add a 1,200-seat performance hall at the facility in Jefferson County.

“Competition has continued to increase in our market place,” Hollywood Casino General Manager Al Britton said Tuesday on MetroNews Talkline. “We want to continue to invest in West Virginia and in Charles Town in a way that will add some incremental business.”

The facility will be located next to the casino with its own outside entrance. Britton said they want the facility as an added amenity to their resort, but also to attract those who might buy a ticket just to see a concert or event at the hall. Britton said they will be able to add musical acts of any genre, but also bring in other events depending on what their customers want to see. They are presently polling to see what kinds of acts will sell best and would also consider things like boxing as an added attraction.

New casinos in the Baltimore area are starting to draw from Maryland and Northern Virginia which are two key areas for Charles Town’s customers.

“This is something we’ve prepared for for years,” Britton said. “This isn’t something that took us by surprise and we’re more than ready to compete.”

The new performance hall should be done and in operation by this summer.

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  • Jason

    MGM just got awarded the last casino license in Maryland to build a monster casino with entertainment venue, right outside of DC. That, along with Maryland Live plus another one opening in Baltimore this summer will pretty much put the nail in the coffin for Charles Town, unless they get real creative. They need to look into something like bringing in UFC or something to that venue, people seem to travel well for UFC, I know in Maryland, alot of people are excited for the first UFC event in Bmore in April. Being from WV originally, my heart is still with WV and I like to see $ go to WV, but since living in MD the last 11 years, it is nice to have the revenue stay in state.

  • Byron

    Well ViennaGuy lets just close the casino's and raise your taxes instead. Which is the
    lesser of two evils. Plus you do not have to go to any of the four casino's. Guess if they raise your taxes you will be paying them. Same with you Harpers Ferry.

    • ViennaGuy

      Byron, where did I say that they should be closed?

  • Harpers Ferry

    What a waste of money!

  • ViennaGuy

    I am very dismayed by the way we've become so dependent on gambling to keep the state afloat.

    • Mason County Contrarian

      Agree, ViennaGuy. We're dependent to the point of sacrificing our quality of life on the altar of the Big Win that lies with the next play. Communities throughout our state have become like "Poor-Man's Little Vegases" filled with convenience stores selling lottery tickets and the gambling parlors selling hope and prosperity. I shudder to think that there are probably hundreds of communities just like this across our state.

      It's very sad to say the least.

      • Jason

        The only reason lotteries, casinos, gambling, etc. exists, is because adults are choosing to do it. If you think it is ethically wrong, then teach your values to your family and friends and if it makes enough sense to them, they will do the same and eventually there will be no market for lotteries and casinos and they will dry up and leave. But as long as adults choose to go and spend money at these places, they will continue to pop up and take your money. That is kind of how a free society and a free market works, in a nut shell. Nobody is making anybody do anything.