PENNSBORO, W.Va. — A veteran educator in Ritchie County is due to appear before a magistrate Thursday charged with sex crimes against two former students.

David P. Weekley, 43, of Pennsboro, was arrested last month after a student reported the allegations to administrators at Ritchie County High School. The student alleged in the complaint Weekley performed oral sex on him in a closet at the school in December of last year and fondled him in an unoccupied room at the school.

Weekley was charged with second degree sexual assault, first degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual abuse by a parent/custodian.  But, a week later, a second former student came forward with similar allegations he claims happened last May.

“After the first news release and it was on the news I guess according to the victim’s family, they were watching the news and he noticed it was his teacher,” said State Police Corporal J.L. Brewer. “He came forward after seeing somebody else had come to them about it.”

Weekley has been a special education teacher at the high school for at least the past eight years. Brewer said there could be additional victims.

“I believe there are more victims out there and if they want to come forward contact any State Trooper or any police officer and they’ll get a hold of me and I’ll help them,” he said. “They don’t have to give their name, just call in and talk to me and we’ll go from there.”

Weekley remains free on 100,000 dollars bond. He’s due for a preliminary hearing in Ritchie County Magistrate Court Thursday at 11 a.m.


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  • skutor424

    What is going on with our schools?We are supposed to be able to send our kids to school feeing they are protected and safe,but everyday we see where another teacher has been arrested for drug use or dealing and more and more we see this kind of abuse happening.Very sad day we are living in!!

  • Well Well

    Another fine teacher so deserving of a raise. How about $6000 over the next 3 years?