HEDGESVILLE, W.Va — Class AAA Region 2, Section 1 consistently is loaded year-in and year-out with top 10 teams – and this year has been no different as postseason play gets into full-swing this week.

Just two teams will have a chance to move on, adding even more intrigue to Thursday’s scheduled elimination game between Hedgesville and expected opponent Martinsburg (the Bulldogs face Spring Mills on Wednesday for the right to move on).

“It’s one of things where although sometimes two teams get left out, it gives other teams from different parts of the state representation,” Hedgesville head coach Kelly Church said. “I think the system we have now is pretty good.”

Christopher C. Davis/Clark’s Artistic Photography

Hedgesville and head coach Kelly Church earned the No. 2 seed in their loaded eastern panhandle section.

Washington, Hedgesville, Martinsburg and Musselman have all gone at each other this year as a part of a bruising schedule. Top ranked Washington (21-0) finished the season as the No. 1 seed in the region and will have home-court advantage throughout.

Hedgesville (16-4) earned the No. 2 seed with Martinsburg (14-7) and Musselman (15-6) at No. 3 and 4 respectively.

“The reality is, the four teams in our section have proven throughout the year all of us are top 10,” Church said. “Basically, the way we look at it is two state semifinal games, because any one of us can get there and play, like happened last year.”

Hedgesville and Martinsburg split both meetings this year, each winning on the other’s home floor (Hedgesville won at Martinsburg 54-27 and Martinsburg won at Hedgesville 61-52).

The anticipated rubber match between the two rivals, with everything on the line, will be played at Hedgesville.

“The will be a great environment in the gym, there’s no way for me to describe (this rivalry),” Church said.


Jefferson at Musselman
Spring Mills at Martinsburg
Jefferson/Musselman Winner at Washington
Spring Mills/Martinsburg Winner at Hedgesville
Winners at highest remaining seed
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  • Martinsburg Resident

    Go to You Tube & watch "The Rivalry"... a Hedgesville high school senior produced this 20 minute documentary. There is a short trailer, but watch the full 20 minute video. This young man did a great job capturing this intense high school basketball Rivalry... It is worth the 20 minutes. Hope Thursday produces another instant classic!