NEW YORK, N.Y. — The murder of Skylar Neese, a teenager from Monongalia County who was stabbed to death by two of her so-called friends in 2012, will be the focus of NBC’s “Dateline” on Friday night.

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Skylar Neese, 16, was killed in July 2012. Her remains were found in January 2013.

Last week, one of those girls, Rachel Shoaf, 17, was sentenced in Monongalia County Circuit Court to 30 years in prison for her role in killing Neese.  Shoaf, who will be eligible for parole in ten years, had earlier plead guilty to second degree murder.

“I’m so sorry.  No words can describe the remorse I feel,” Shoaf read from a statement during sentencing.  “That was not the real me.  I became scared and caught up in something I did not want to do.”

In January, her co-defendant, Shelia Eddy, 18, was sentenced to life in prison for Neese’s stabbing death.  She’ll be eligible for parole in 15 years.

Prosecutors have said both Shoaf and Eddy picked up Neese on the night of July 6, 2012 and drove their University High School classmate to Greene County, Pa.  At an agreed upon time, they stabbed Neese at least ten times with kitchen knives, tackling her when she tried to escape.

After being unable to bury Neese’s body, the two left it covered with branches in a ditch.  Shoaf lead investigators to the site in early 2013.

Very little has been said about what may have motivated the murder.  Shoaf alluded to fighting between Eddy and Neese.

The “Dateline” report with Andrea Canning, titled “Something Wicked,” will air on Friday night at 8 p.m.

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  • sick of lies

    Second degree murder? They met at an agreed upon time. They brought weapons. Sounds like the definition of first degree murder to me.

  • Armand

    In Singapore they'll get the same treatment of what they did to her, they'll be sentenced to hang till death, for murder. A life for a life.

  • judy mcdivitt

    hi my name is judy and I think that the girls that did that to your daughter I think they should spend life in prison because Skylar live in the same location that I do and she was so nice to be area and skylar was a good friend and she would not do anything wrong to anyone and if they did not like her then they should told not hurt her or killed I live in Fairmont wv and you can not truse no one these day all they had to do is just wall away from her they never had the right to kill her she never done anyone wrong and my prayers are out for you all skylar family

  • alicebragg

    im feel sorry for skylar she was to young to go to see god I think it was all of her friend at she was hung out with and I feel sorry for her family now to all the trouble that then are going throw now since the lost there little go we are here for u and we are all pray for uyourfamily to to and skylar s is a good girl she did not do not thing wrong to have this we are all pray for the family to get throw this

  • Anna

    Why would anyone do something so monstrous and sick and later when everyone found out try to make an innocent excuse for it? I hope they rot in hell!

  • Jean

    I think they should both get life without visit ing right to their parents family or friends to me that would be far to skylar she can't see anyone why should they this was a child and they are children but if a child kills what will they do as a adult so for me life no visiting right then it's even

  • kelley

    This story was so disturbing to me for so many reasons! It hasn't left my mind since the story aired and what pains me so much other than the loss of this beautiful child, is the lack of remorse. They walked around all that time knowing where she was and what happened to her. These are girls who know right from wrong! If you don't like someone you don't kill them!

    Any way you look at it it boils down to their parents and how they were raised! I know there was not one once of remorse even through that apology!

    There are no words I can even say to her parents that could ever make this story make any kind of sense! And they planned it! I'm so sickened by this...

  • p tandhasetti

    evil is too nice for these two. They are diabolical and they should never be released from prison. They are as evil as Manson, and other murders.

    There jail time should be brutal. They can never pay for what they did.

  • Alexus

    I am so sorry what had happen to skylar neese.

  • Ben

    Disgusting! Odds are both will be out in 20 years, still leaving plenty of time to have a life on the outside, but that still leaves Skylar dead with no future, no prospects. The mercy Skylar received is the same mercy these two sociopaths deserve.

  • Tony Wright

    I am so sad every time I think of Skylar the moment that she realized her bff's were killing her what a sad broken little heart she must have had I know my heart is sad and broken for her.To also know that the cold hearted killers will be able to get out of jail while they are still young enough to live a full life I dont understand the legal system they may be out in 10 to 15 years I i got 5 years for a probation violation for not paying my restitution in time i was $255 behind in my payments my crime was that i stole $1,246 from my bowling league which is wrong in every way so i got 5 to 10 years less than 2 stone cold killers

  • Emily

    shut up they killed their friend! it does not matter what sports teams they liked! you pig! : (

    • Robert Geller

      I feel sorry for your lost of Sylar neese. I still don't understand why would her two best friends kill her.please I hope you are still praying every night.
      I hope you guys still don't worry about the same problem as well that's not a huge number of years you would look back and say why would she be best friends with those girls and why did I let her go with her best friends.

  • Emily

    god bless her parents, poor skylar she did not deserve to die this way. she was beautiful. i am speechless. her friends killed sad.

  • Samantha Grey

    What's worse is Shelia Eddy walked around like it was nothing afterwards. She attended the North Marion prom last March and danced around having fun like she didn't have a care in the world. Sick.

    • jeannie wilson

      Did she have a prom invitation from a friend at North Marion?

  • griff

    neither one of the murderers should have any mercy. Oh wait a minute, I am wrong. They should be given as much mercy as they gave Skylar