NEW YORK, N.Y. — The murder of Skylar Neese, a teenager from Monongalia County who was stabbed to death by two of her so-called friends in 2012, will be the focus of NBC’s “Dateline” on Friday night.

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Skylar Neese, 16, was killed in July 2012. Her remains were found in January 2013.

Last week, one of those girls, Rachel Shoaf, 17, was sentenced in Monongalia County Circuit Court to 30 years in prison for her role in killing Neese.  Shoaf, who will be eligible for parole in ten years, had earlier plead guilty to second degree murder.

“I’m so sorry.  No words can describe the remorse I feel,” Shoaf read from a statement during sentencing.  “That was not the real me.  I became scared and caught up in something I did not want to do.”

In January, her co-defendant, Shelia Eddy, 18, was sentenced to life in prison for Neese’s stabbing death.  She’ll be eligible for parole in 15 years.

Prosecutors have said both Shoaf and Eddy picked up Neese on the night of July 6, 2012 and drove their University High School classmate to Greene County, Pa.  At an agreed upon time, they stabbed Neese at least ten times with kitchen knives, tackling her when she tried to escape.

After being unable to bury Neese’s body, the two left it covered with branches in a ditch.  Shoaf lead investigators to the site in early 2013.

Very little has been said about what may have motivated the murder.  Shoaf alluded to fighting between Eddy and Neese.

The “Dateline” report with Andrea Canning, titled “Something Wicked,” will air on Friday night at 8 p.m.

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  • Samantha Grey

    What's worse is Shelia Eddy walked around like it was nothing afterwards. She attended the North Marion prom last March and danced around having fun like she didn't have a care in the world. Sick.

    • jeannie wilson

      Did she have a prom invitation from a friend at North Marion?

  • griff

    neither one of the murderers should have any mercy. Oh wait a minute, I am wrong. They should be given as much mercy as they gave Skylar

  • thea fillinger

    Sooo sad ,, I hope they will spend the rest of their lives locked up from any light whatsoever,,, such cruelty,,, probably jealous of this beautiful girl sooo sad ,so sad to kill someone intentionally,, I pray for Skylar's family,,, God will help them and give them inner strength if they only ask,,, I know I have went through murder tooo in my family>

  • Maureen

    What a sad world where u can kill a human and get out of prison, when if you hear of a bank robber or person selling pot or other drugs and they spend 50-70 years in prison or never get out. For the love of money is the root of all evil. A human's life is worth $450,000.00. Oh where did I get that number ? Simple, incarceration cost the great state of WV 40-45 thousand each year of incarceration. What a shame that murdering a child is only a temporary loss of freedom.

    • Tabby

      @Maureen... exactly. I was reading about lifers in areas with 3 strike laws. Meaning 3 strikes and they get life in prison. These could be 3 charges stretched decades apart. One case that stuck out to me was a man in Louisiana. He had previous charges for nonviolent crimes and the last charge is the one that put the nail in his coffin. His charge was shoplifting and it was a misdemeanor... total worth of the jacket he stole was $159. That was 15 years ago and he is still in prison without the possibility of parole.

      When comparing the above scenario with these two sociopath/psychos that killed Skylar Neese, I find it to be appalling and pathetic. They get the chance for parole in 10 years on 30 year sentence and 15 years on a life sentence.

      Life for taking a $159 jacket but possible 10yr/15 yr for taking a life, a teenage life... how is that ok? Is a jacket really worth more than a teenaged child?

      • Ronnette

        Send them to Texas.

  • Ana

    I live in Morgantown and have a child that goes to UHS...u cant go anywhere in Morgantown without seeing Skylar's pretty picture...n everywhere in UHS her pictures are posted...I dont begin to understand what her family is going through but I know these girls are psychopaths..because u cant go on with ur life like nothing has happened and to be around her family and live in a city where it is in ur face co stantly and now want to act like ur sorry...I will be 1 parent to find out where to send letters because these girls dont deserve to enjoy any part of life they lost that when they killed Skylar...

  • Ginger

    Unfortunately the fact is the local police, state police and FBI had nothing literally nothing, no murder weapon, no body, just rumors nothing but rumors. They offered immunity to whomever came forward with info so justice could be served for Skylar. They continuously questioned the two girls whom were convicted but those girls stuck with their lie till one embellished a little and the other one's lie didn't catch up. The one who cracked (Rachel Shoaf) got the plea deal as she finally told what happened and took them to Skylar's body. Then agreed to wear a wire so they could get the other girl Shelia. Hence the second degree murder charge for Rachel. As for Shelia Eddy why she got life with mercy I cannot figure out. This to me was one of the most horrific crimes I ever heard of. I will never comprehend how two 16 year old girls can kill their other 16 year old friend just because they do not want to be friends anymore. Well that is the reason Rachel gave and no more. What amazes me even more though is how methodical these two girls were in covering their tracks as there really wasn't any evidence, no murder weapon, no bloody clothes of the killers, only rumors from their fellow peers and anonymous twitter accounts attacking the two killers. Yes it is sad that in order to find Skylar the authorities had to offer immunity to catch whomever, but glad these girls are off the streets. My heart goes out to the Neese's so much as I cannot even imagine the grief, betrayal of trust, and the loss.

  • Barb

    This does not seem fair Skylar was givien a life sentence and these girls are eligable for parole in 10 and 15 years. Not a very fair exchange in the eyes of the loved ones of Skylar Neese they never get to see their daughter alive again.

  • Deb

    I don't care how mad you are at someone. .. You don't want to be friends. .Fine. . You don't stab them to death and try to bury them and then go about your business like nothing ever happened. ... No normal person does theses things..They better get these young women some serious mental help... especially if they are even thinking about letting them out in 10 years. They are lucky they are in WV.. Some states would have no mercy.

  • mary gutshall

    Criminals are usually sorry, only because they were caught. Throw away the key on the murderers. Most of the time you never hear the motive. Criminals like that, don't belong in society.

  • Map

    I honestly am shocked that 2 children were capable of this and it scares my and makes me wanna hold my babies a little tighter I don't feel that they got justice but who am I to judge one day they will be judged by the only one who opinion counts I feel horrible for all the families involved I can't imagine their pain I pray that they all find peace

    • Margaret Pritchett

      They were not children. They were young women who made their own choices. That either should be eligible for parole is a travesty!

    • WML

      We live in a changing world and today children are capable of anything. Look at the violence on TV, in movies and in video games. I am not shocked that these girls were capable of this crime. We in a dangerous society with the increasing use of technology kids are capable of anything now a days.

  • jay zoom

    there is a request to start writing letters now to deny these two girls parole when the time comes.. hopefully they will receive 500 million of them. All I need is the address to send mine. These two girls deserve to die in prison if I had my way. That's the only way that Skylar will be served justice.

  • Genny Nuce

    I lost a son many years ago to AIDS...he received the horrible disease from a blood transfusion...I knew why my son died and the cause of it. How could anyone take a knife and plunge it into another human being and apparently for no reason. These girls were babies killing a baby. I was raised in the church but when I hear of things like this I cannot believe that our all loving God would allow a beautiful girl like this one to die such a horrible death.

    • Rachel

      To read someone put "i cannot believe our all loving God would allow a beautiful girl like this one to die such a horrible death" just disgusts me. Of course it wasn't God who allowed it!! Its fully explained in the bible and out of the mouths of any person speaking the gospel that any sin, based from the free will God had given us, is simply allowing the devil into your lives! Murder is the works of the devil, not God! Holy crap!! Uugh! These two psychotic girls able to go about their lives like they did nothing wrong, a huge red flag should have been them not being torn apart that their best friend was murdered! Its even more disturbing that they have the option for parole!!! I lost my 12 yr old brother when i was 9 to his "best friend", age 11, shooting him in the face. His dad fled the country after charges were filed for wrongful death and him giving a minor a shotgun. I feel this familys pain, ive experienced the same pain. My prayers go out to this family andthe families of the other girls to provide the strength and peace for them to live out the rest of their lives w out harboring feelings of hate or resentment and that one day their heart will no longer be filled w the pain of their loss but of love from the lasting celebrations of their beautiful daughters life and the sweet, precious memories they still and will always have!

    • Roxy

      God did not "allow this to happen" He gave us free will.

      • Robin

        Are you saying God isn't omniscient?

        • Roxy

          of course he is. It is a lot "deeper" than that and not recommended to discuss on such a format. You either "get it" or you don't"

          • Shep

            God had nothing to do with this case because god is imaginary ...

  • Ashley Summers

    This case sickens me to my core. As someone who lives in West Virginia, it disgusts me to see what these two teenagers were capable of doing without even a second thought. Personally, I believe they got off easy. I have a background in Psych, and I would conclude to carry on the way they did all the while knowing WHAT they did.. they both have to be sociopaths. I pray for the family and friends of the victim. (the uncles impact statement had me a complete mess!):(

    • Tabby

      Sheila is definitely a sociopath. I'd guess a therapist could call her many other official things. Im sure rachel is as well but it seemed that she "may" have had some sort of empathy (using the word loosely) when she broke down and went to the mental hospital. This may have been a ploy to evade responsibility, either by her or her parents if she told them prior to confessing; we will never know. Anyone who can plan to kill their 'bestfriend' while maintaining the front of being 'bestfriends,' and still act like they lost her too, has to be a sociopath.

      The way that Sheila smiled on one side of her mouth during the 1st court appearance when she pled not guilty, was a pretty good indication of how psychotic she is. This murder wasn't a was intentional, premeditated, evil.

  • Deana Youngblood

    These girls brutally murdered this beautiful young girl, they should never see daylight again!!

  • DP

    These two LOWLIFE/SCUMBAGS are PURE EVIL!!! I hope EVERY day behind bars they each are USED and ABUSED by the most hardcore prisoners in the joint!!! I'm quite certain they will be!!!!!

    • Jimbo

      You have a right to feel and say what you want-after reading your post And the words you used Makes me come to the conclusion that you are a very bitter person!

      • Jimbo

        ......for DP!

        • Duffy

          Why...Jimbo is it so important to put down DP. It was the 2 coldblooded teens with no value of human life. Nothing in this sentence is hard for them, for they are not getting what they deserve or others that do same sort of crime and that would be death. And for the person that wondered how God could allow this....God gives a free will and he is no respector of people, just look throughout time. We know not the day or the hour we leave this earth or how it will happen. If anything pray (if you can) for the family!

    • Gayle Byers

      I cannot believe that you are airing this story so soon after these two psychopaths were sentenced! The family of Skylar Neese are still in shock and raw with emotion! I pray that you wait awhile longer! Have you not heart? It's all about ratings. The News Stations are liken to vultures swooping down, taking to their prey to eat! This West Virginian and many more will NOT watch YOUR show Friday Night!

      • Tabby

        The Neeses are the center of the entire program, so while your concern is kind, it also misplaced. Their daughter's murder was horrendous but was overshadowed by the martin/zmrman case and others; most people don't even know about it. I don't know if that was their motivation for doing the show but it would be mine. People need to be informed, educated, and reminded of the dangers that could be sitting at your dinner table, acting like one of your children. If any case deserves and needs to be reported more than once- this is it.

      • missmorgantown

        The neese's are behind these stories I believe. I am sure they have to give some permissions for details to air, as well - they themselves just participated in a DR Phil show. So in this case- I don't believe it is about ratings. It's about spread the message of troubled teens.