MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Sheetz, the Pennsylvania-based chain whose bright-red convenience stores dot interstates across the mid-Atlantic, plans to open its first fuel-free store at University Place development under construction in Sunnyside on the WVU campus.

“They have actually rolled out the first-of-this-kind grocery/convenience concept called the Sheetz MTO Market,” explained Ryan Lynch, with Paradigm Development. That’s the company working with the university to develop the housing/retail space in Sunnyside.

University Place should be complete this summer

The Sheetz MTO Market will be located on the ground floor of the complex and is different from the company’s typical convenience store.

“Sheetz is occupying about 15,000 square feet of space, about three times their typical store. They’ll have expanded feeding options and also the expanded grocery offering,” said Lynch.

Customers will be able to purchase signature Sheetz options like Made-To-Order subs and sandwiches, M-T-Go prepared foods, a bakery, coffee, full-service espresso and smoothie bar.

It will be within steps of University Place housing, which will eventually be home to nearly 1,000 students. The Sheetz will also be open to the public.

“In addition to our tenants there will be thousands of WVU students within walking distance and thousands more community members that will be able to utilize it,” Lynch said.

University Place is scheduled for completion in August.

Sheetz claims more than 437 locations across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina.

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  • WVU fan in Boston

    I was thinking about SunnySide Superette. As a ex-SunnySider check casher, and with all the new housing around SS, no more bars from the cleanup, I would suggest that SS re-event itself as a Bar.
    Also is Sheetz a sponsor of WVU sports, if not why not, and the same for PNC bank. Both visible Brands in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Ollie?

  • jay zoom

    is Oliver luck going to get any of the profits from this place. bet he has tried

  • Lois Short

    Looking for pink, orange and brown camo coffee mugs

  • Wowbagger


    I wonder how long Sunnyside Superette will last.

  • Greg

    Does this mean the end of Sunnyside Superette? Where will students then cash checks? Or has the Superette already met the wrecking ball?

  • jay zoom

    are they going to sell beer. if not hope they go out of business

  • ernesto

    I think this a good idea. In my career as a college student @ WVU there were lots of times at 3am I got in my car (usually impaired) to get something to eat. Back in the day there weren't many places to go. I like their food (except for their hot dogs....bad sauce) and their coffee. I've never eaten in a five star restaurant and can't use that comparison. I have a plebian palate as I enjoyed C RATS AND MRE's....also back in the day.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Back in my college days I was more interested in having fun between the sheets, rather than having fun at Sheetz.

  • sheetzfreakz

    I'm more than a little jealous my dorm didn't have a grocery store and MTOs in it. Kids these days have it all!

  • wv4evah

    Does anybody know how this plan affects Sheetz's reported intention to take-over the former car lot property on University Avenue near the old train station?

    • Oh Did Ya?

      They are still planning to put a gas station at that location if they can convince everyone it won't cause more of a traffic jam.

  • Aaron

    Can you get a $4.00 12" sub anywhere else in Morgantown anytime, day or night?

    Why, yes you can. At either of the Sheetz on opposite ends of the Star City Bridge and on Chestnut Ridge Road near the football stadium.

    Good food at cheap prices plus you don't have to worry about some minimum wage stooge messing up your orders, you place it yourself on one of their kiosks.

  • polarbear

    Jeff what do you want a Gordon Ramsay 5 star restaurante. Pizza and Subs is what the kids want.

    • Jeff

      Good point, Mr. Extreme. I wasn't aware there was no middle ground between 5 star and gas station food.

  • Chris

    Can't wait to see what a Sheetz Grocery Store will look like.15000 square feet in Sunnyside... WOW!

  • Jeff

    WVU takes out a city block to construct a huge complex that is the focal point of downtown, and the best they can attract is greasy gas station food to service that whole untapped area. Very sad.

    • Barry Bledsoe

      Jeff, you need to look at the demand for Sheetz stores and their product. People want it, they support it, Sheetz is glad to provide the service. It is the free market system.

      • Jeff

        Alright dude. I guarantee you no one in Morgantown is demanding more Sheetz. Just the opposite actually.

        • gary

          Dude, I guarantee you're wrong about that. I don't even eat at Sheetz, but know many people who do that will love the idea of an additional location.

          I have more of a problem with that giant, ugly-ass complex being put there than with having a Sheetz in the same building.

    • Geoff

      A) Sheetz is amazing. Especially to a college student.

      B) I imagine that will not be the only food offering in this gigantic complex.

      C) I can't believe I responded to a comment section. I am going to go re-evaluate my entire existence.

      • Jeff

        I'd go with "C"

      • ShinnstonGuy

        I agree with all three points. Oops, I just violated "C."

        • WV77Steve