CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County police made quick work of information they received Friday from a woman who cut a plea deal with prosecutors in a murder case.

Deputies arrested Miguel Quinones, 36, of Charleston, and Deveron Patterson, 26 of Beckley, and charged them with last fall’s murder of Charleston resident Kareem Hunter.

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Kelsey Legg

Earlier Friday, Kelsey Legg, 20, of Marmet, admitted she was an accessory to two men after they murdered the 29-year-old Hunter last year. She also admitted to helping dispose of the body. Hunter was killed in Legg’s apartment. She has told police she knew who did it, 12 hours later Quinones and Patterson were in custody. Legg was originally charged with murder and kidnapping. Those charges were dropped Friday as part of the plea bargain.

Legg faces a maximum of 2 to 13 years in prison when she’s sentenced April 24. Circuit Judge Paul Zakaib ruled Friday could spend until then on home confinement.

That decision angered Hunter’s family. Some walked out of the courtroom. They want Legg behind bars for her part in the crime. However, Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants said this was a deal his office had to make.

“This agreement was to build a case against the person who actually committed this murder. This is still an ongoing investigation and this was a huge step forward in solving this murder,” explained Plants after the plea hearing.

Hunter was reported missing back in September. Legg was taken into custody a week later after a large amount of blood was discovered in her Marmet apartment. Hunter’s body was found six weeks later in a shallow grave in Raleigh County.

Plants said he understood why the victim’s family was so upset about the plea, however, he needs Legg’s cooperation.

“There’s no evidence that this defendant was involved in any way in actually committing the murder. She was involved, but in order to catch that person this [plea] had to happen. That’s just the bottom line,” Plants stressed.

Patterson was arrested near his home in Beckley and Quinones was charged at the Southern Regional Jail where he is in custody for a probation violation in connection with a Fayette County murder conviction.


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  • LightThaWeedBro

    I lost all hope in our Justice system when they did Trayvon dirty. At least weed will be legal everywhere soon

  • LightThaWeedBeo

    Nothing the justice system does will surprise me.. NOTHIN

  • kalmom

    Meanwhile, my daughter is facing 5 years in PRISON for pawning some crappy jewelry for someone who stole it. (which she was stupid for doing so) She has never been in trouble in her life!! & this chick may get 2-13 for being involved in a murder?!?!?! The judicial system is a joke!

  • Angie

    She's trash and should be disposed of! She's just as guilty in every single way just like those men! Plea or no plea she deserves a lot longer!

  • kathy adkins

    I think she should serve atleast the 13 years and NOT on home confinement. This is not a drug bust verdict. She was there for the murder. I also do not believe this woman had so little to do with it either. SMH what ppl get by with now a days. Shame on our legal system

  • Tyrone

    Also if they would not fill the jails up with these drug offenders ....(lol) then some one who commits a violent act might be have to serve more time . But as we all know the prisons are overcrowded all ready so they let the real bad people out early .But if you sell some weed to some undercover agent you get the book thrown at you . The laws need to be changed or this will keep happening

  • Tyrone

    I don"t understand any of these comments from all of you . How long have you lived in West Virginia . This has been going on in this state as long as i can remember. If you want to commit murder this is the state to do it in . I have seen people get out of prison here in this state in eight years.This is just par for the course here in this state.

  • griff

    what a worthless pos. she lured the man to her apt. her gets killed & she rats out her partners who kill him. she wont be in prison long enough to even lose some weight. maybe the same thing will be done to one of her family members

    • LightThaWeedBeo

      Actually you gain weight in jail/prison buddy

  • hillbilly

    Man , shouldda cut off her food stamps a long time ago , look at the size of her , holy cow !

  • bottom feeder


    Don't ever agree with you on your nasty, mis-guided comments regarding WVU sports, but you are spot on in this case. Looks like the child beater let another go virtually scott free.

  • jay zoom

    (tom) watching and participating are two different things. hopefully she will serve 13 years and then gets run over by a Greyhound bus when she is released for her part in the crime. then call the family of the victim so they can put a rope around her neck and drag her off the street because she is obstructing traffic.

    • Tom

      You are correct jay, participating is different. I was responding to the comment from jim. Also, this sight has the wrong numbers, she is only looking at 8 yrs at most.

  • BH

    Like a broken record, Prosecutor Plants always says "this (plea) had to happen" when he lets murderers off with little or no jail time. Is his office lazy or just poor investigators?

    • joe

      a judge sentences people not the prosecutor

  • CPA

    What a useless piece of trash she is. Get the info from her, then bury her.

  • jim

    It's been my understanding that if you have knowledge of a crime and do nothing, you are guilty of that crime.

    • Tom

      Sorry jim, that understanding is 100% incorrect. I can watch people commit crimes all day and have no legal duty to report it.

      • jim

        Tom....hate to burst your bubble, but a magistrate showed it to me in black and white once. What it amounts to is have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything just keep watching..

        • Tom

          Jim please show me the section of the code, in black and white, you are talking about. I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn't exist. I also hate to tell you most magistrates are not lawyers. You just keep spitting out your misinformed opinions as fact and I'm sure someone will believe you.