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West Virginia point guard Juwan Staten drive against Kansas’ Landen Lucas during Saturday’s regular-season finale at the WVU Coliseum.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia’s first sellout crowd of the season filled the Coliseum and enjoyed a crazy game of runs. Kansas trimmed a 25-point deficit to four in the final minute, before the Mountaineers held on 92-86.

Today was also notable for contract incentives as Bob Huggins earned $25,000 for beating Kansas, a quirky part of last year’s extension. Quirky in that it’s atypical for a major-conference program to incentivize to a coach simply for beating a league foe, especially one he’s guaranteed to face twice each season. Long live the negotiators.

Check out the live-game updates from throughout the afternoon:

Student-body left, right, all-over. The court is stormed as WVU hangs on for the upset. Harris scores 28, Staten pumps in 24 and Williams 22 for the Mountaineers, who shoot 53 percent and out-rebound Kansas 37-31. … WVU needs some help from Iowa State and Kansas State later in the day in order to hang on to the Big 12’s No. 6 seed.
WEST VIRGINIA 85, KANSAS 80 (0:56 second half)
KU’s Frank Mason drains a 3 and the Jayhawks are on a 7-0 run to make it a two-possession game. The Jayhawks’ defense—though atrocious most of the afternoon—has forced 10 second-half turnovers to climb back into this one. Remember the lead was 25 points at 64-39.
WEST VIRGINIA 85, KANSAS 73 (3:11 second half)
Welp, to quote a middle-school coach from 2007, “This Wiggins kid has potential.” He has 39 points on 11-of-15 shooting from the flooor and 15-of-19 at the foul line. But he also has four fouls, along with teammates Selden and Black, hurting KU’s chances of rallying. … Kansas has been trapping in hopes of speeding up the pace, so WVU’s ballhandling and spacing must be savvy down the stretch.
WEST VIRGINIA 76, KANSAS 57 (7:35 second half)
With foul trouble mounting, WVU has begun milking the shot clock. At the tail end of one possession, Staten got a 17-foot pull-up jumper (the spot he loves) and swished it. … Williams has 22 points, a new season/career high, and 11 rebounds for his third consecutive double-double.
WEST VIRGINIA 64, KANSAS 42 (15:47 second half)
Behind four straight 3-pointers—two each by Harris and Dibo—WVU opened the second half on a 14-2 run. In the process Bill Self spent his final two timeouts, but the way this game is going, he may not want to stop it again anyway. Kansas is brutally timid on defense, and showing zero fire.
WEST VIRGINIA 50, KANSAS 38 (halftime)
Wiggins has 17 points, Ellis 11 and Wayne Selden Jr. eight for the Jayhawks, who are shooting 41 percent. The crowd lost its mind at the end of the half when Wiggins spun into the lane, appeared to trip over his own sneakers and a ref whistled Henderson for his second foul. Thought Huggins might toss his stool cage match-style on that one. … KU also committed eight turnovers to WVU’s three.
WEST VIRGINIA 50, KANSAS 38 (halftime)
The Jayhawks haven’t endured a worse defensive half all season, but WVU deserves a ton of credit for shooting lights out. (Hey, who didn’t foresee Williams, Staten and Harris putting up 45 in the first half? Duh.) The Mountaineers shot 63 percent, and 21 of their 27 shots came from inside the 3-point arc. … Henderson played 11 minutes, and though mono sucked away some of his explosiveness, he finished a contested layup in transition for his first points in 30 days.
WEST VIRGINIA 42, KANSAS 32 (3:37 first half)
The amped-up Mountaineers have maintained a double-digit lead for several minutes, thanks to 61 percent shooting. Staten has 14 points, four assists and three rebounds, looking like a Big 12 first-teamer for sure. Harris has 10 points, giving WVU three double-digit scorers in the first half. Bill Self might have expected some defensive dropoff without Embiid, but nothing this precipitous. Lots of teaching points for KU.
WEST VIRGINIA 34, KANSAS 23 (7:34 first half)
Andrew Wiggins, making what figures to be his only appearance at the Coliseum before bouncing off to the NBA, has nine points and looks every bit as athletic as advertised. But, he’s not even the best freshman on the court right now, because Williams has 16 points on 6-of-6 shooting to go along with four rebounds. In today’s game preview, I wrote that Williams might feel emboldened by the absence of KU’s top shot-blocker Embiid, but this outburst is more than WVU could have hoped.
WEST VIRGINIA 24, KANSAS 17 (11:17 first half)
Devin Williams has been active—and lucky—in the early going. He has 10 points, including 4-of-5 from the foul line (not the usual for a 55-percent free-throw shooter). He also collected a gift basket after Harris missed a 3 and the loose ball skipped away from two KU defenders. … Landen Lucas became the second Jayhawk with two fouls, though Adrian has his second as well for WVU.
WEST VIRGINIA 9, KANSAS 9 (15:56 first half)
The shooting has been crisp so far: Kansas is 4-of-5 and West Virginia is 3-of-5 (including 3s by Eron Harris and Nate Adrian). The most crucial early development is KU forward Tarik Black picking up two fouls. He figured to draw extra minutes with 7-footer Joel Embiid resting today. Another big moment: Terry Henderson entering a game for the first time since Feb. 15
Before Friday’s practice, Bob Huggins sounded pretty confident about West Virginia’s prospects for life beyond the Big 12 tournament: “We’re definitely going to be in the postseason. It’s just a matter of which one.” At this point, the NIT is the only option unless WVU beats Kansas, gets a No. 6 seed in Kansas City and beats two quality teams to reach the final. At 20-15, the Mountaineers might command an at-large bid.
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  • Aaron

    well done guys, your doing a lot better than last year, but you're coach just made 25 grand off you guys today..
    me, i like the moral wins , we have ten this yr. and yes the refs are stealing from us every game.

  • mad hatter

    one important thing we need to realize about this team, and this is especially directed towards aaron,, we have some freshmen who are going to be very good, they need time to mature , and most importantly ,PT.. Do you hear this aaron,, please get off these kid's back , and give them space. Just watching them today, one can see that they are growing in a positive manner... be cool aaron.

  • mad hatter

    aaron ,,, now one more time,,, what is the difference between your, and you're? such an intelligent chap , yet you have difficulty with the english language.. sad.

    • Aaron

      Your undivided attention Barry, including hijacking my name at the top of this page gives me hope that perhaps I can teach you yet. Keep paying attention grass hopper and the sky is the limit.

  • Red Dwarf

    Sic sempter proditor, Andrew Wiggins.

  • Mister Man


  • Leroy j Gibbs

    Looks like we're playing Tcu on Wednesday

    • Aaron

      I think that's a good thing. It puts them inline to play Oklahoma, a team they played much better than were they the 6 seed against Texas.

      • Aaron

        Apparently we got the tie breaker over Baylor thus earning the 6 seed and Texas.

  • Mister Man

    Aight Mountaineers!!!!

  • GoEers

    It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be!

  • Aaron

    What a great win. Harris showed his outing in Oklahoma was an anomaly, Staten played like the best PG in the Big 12 and Williams showed what he can playing like a 4, hitting big shots and grabbing big boards.

    Dibo hit a couple of big shots, Brown buried one when he needed to and the rest of the team played well enough to win. I know it kills the haters but the truth is this team is one of the best 68 in America even though they are likely going to play in the NIT.

    Despite the win, it looks like WV will slip to the 7 spot which could be beneficial. By falling to that spot, WV draws TCU which should be a win and then will play #2 Oklahoma, a team WV faired much better than #3 Texas.

    If that holds form, WV could easily be in the finals next weekend and back on the bubble, a position we all know kills the haters.

    The future is certainly bright and it’s a great day to be a Mountaineer.

    • Leroy j Gibbs

      I said a long time ago we win the nit

  • Big Larry

    A great win for the program. I predicted Kansas to win by 5 not expecting Henderson to play...

    His presence definitely made a difference.

    Williams raised his game up a notch today...

    No one defended Wiggins the entire game...Do they not use "double teams" anymore?

    And yes...Any day you beat Kansas in Basketball is a great day...

    • Mister Man

      Since the spread was 5, great prediction.

      • Big Larry

        Thank you...

        But I never look at spreads...I predicted this last week....

  • ole sasquatch

    Way to go Willaims - learning how to use that big body - put it between the defender and the ball when you power it in there. Just like Staten. Good confidence.
    Does anyone want to apologize to Coach Huggins - those who say derogatory things about him? Winning so consistently over all these years with a gigantic lifetime record. Do you realize how childish you look when you try to embarrass him - your only embarrassing yourselves.
    Referees had some really bad calls today against us. Staton is so solid. Glad the ball was in his hands. Watkins - way too much extra motion in your foul shots. Just use your arms, your legs & weight make you shoot it too long. Also communicate with your teammates on defense - you are there ready to block the shot and they commit a foul right in front of you.
    Tell them " I got him!"

  • Mister Man

    Yeh buddy!!!!

  • CaptainQ

    Although this is a GREAT win for the Mountaineer Men's team, they're still ending the season at 17-14. Enough to secure a NIT bid, but in all likelihood, not good enough to make it to the Big Dance unless WVU can go deep in or win the Big 12 Tournament. Beating Kansas does boost the Mountaineers' RPI rating, but that might not be enough to make it into a very crowded and competitive NCAA Tournament Field.

  • mad hatter

    two of our smallest players, out rebounded everyone else on our team , but williams..

    something ain't right about this picture.

    • Mister Man

      So, they outrebounded the other two guys on the team?

      • pinball wizzard

        and subs who played more minutes,, look at the stats knucklehead

  • ernie

    "It is a great day to be a Mountaineer"! Right, william?