CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state legislature gave final approval Saturday night to an across-the-board $1,000 teacher pay raise.

“Finally,” West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee told MetroNews once the bill got the passing vote in the state Senate. The proposal had several ups and downs during the past 60 days.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin originally proposed a two percent raise for teachers and service personnel. The state Senate changed the raise to $837 for teachers and two percent for service personnel and then the House went with $1,000 across-the-board and two percent for service personnel.

The governor said Saturday night the change is more expensive than his original bill but he supports it.

“I would have preferred to stay within the two percent range because it is a tight budget year but we can fund the money to go with a thousand,” Tomblin said the increase would address the problem of starting salaries.

Del. Roy Cooper, R-Summers, himself a former teacher, told House members Saturday the raise wasn’t enough. He said the teachers have a monumental job in West Virginia.

“We have got to educate the workforce,” Cooper said. “We’re not going to educate the workforce when we’re not willing to pay those that do the educating half salaries.”

Del. Karen Arvon, R-Raleigh, said her daughter is a teacher with a masters degree and makes just more than $30,000 a year. She said she’s been talking about a job in Maryland where the pay is much different.

“To move to Silver Springs, Maryland from here with her same degree she will make 96-thousand dollars,” Arvon said.

But in a tight budge year supporters said $1,000 across-the-board is at the top limit teachers could hope for until better financial times.

Late Saturday night the governor sounded like he intended to sign the bill.

“We’re asking our teachers and school people to do more work and I think they need the compensation,” Gov. Tomblin said.

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  • Dan the man

    Why are non teachers so jealous of the careers of teachers.....go back to school if you want what a teaching degree.

    • Yeah! Right!

      Jealous, no. Angry that the teachers hold our children's education hostage if their wages aren’t equivalent to the average teacher page in the three highest paying bordering states. What groups of people in the state are paid at those averages? Very few; and none I know of in state government. Of course none of these people provide useful service; do they? I hope the teachers achieve their pay scale dreams. Then our children will be educated enough to get good paying jobs in other states. There really is no need to educate a workforce beyond the requirements of the industries in the state. The well educated people will take the next generation. And following in their parent’s footsteps they are likely to go college. Those that are left will likely follow their parent’s footsteps and settle for a high school education or less. And no increase in teacher salary can change this without changes in our economic base. Maybe if they concentrated their efforts on that we would have a tax base large enough to support the teacher’s demands. But then, their wages will be less than those with comparable college degrees. Oh what to do what to do? Maybe the teachers could go back to school and get degrees in higher paying fields and leave the state. Or just take the degrees they have now and go to all of those higher paying jobs. When I checked nearly every state has openings for teachers; especially for math, science and special education.

    • Teacher's Are Great

      Because they are idiots No. All you hear on these boards are that teachers don't deserve any raises blah blah blah. Then you hear that they are only 200 day employees like everyone else works 365 or 366 days a year. This year there are 261 total Monday thru Friday days possible to work on any job. Take out some holidays and vacation or sick days and the difference is minuscule...and for most of you uneducated idiots who hate the teachers ask one of them what that word means! I live with a teacher who is one the most dedicated I know. If many of the parents who seem to want to blame the teachers for their children's shortcomings would step up and do a little bit at home their kids may end up a lot better off. Right now it does no good for a teacher to teach when all that happens when the child gets home is see their parent or parents cashing their government checks and making calls and surfing the web on their government issued IPhones. Haters need to quit the negativity to teachers and realize that they do more for your children's welfare (no pun intended) than the parents themselves.

    • griff

      #1 I am not jealous. teaching is the wussiest job you can have. the teachers I know don't deserve a pay raise. just heard they was wanting the starting pay to be $40k. Working 200 days = $25.oo hr. there is not a teacher out there that earns 25.00 per hour.

    • WhgFeeling

      Let me be clear I am not jealous of any teacher in WV!!!! A comment such as this just infuriates the masses and causes so much more divide. I for one am even more disgruntled toward the teaching profession that continuously whine and cry about not making enough. At a median income of $44,000/yr (substantially higher than the majority of other state employees) I have nothing but contempt for a cry baby teacher.

      • Dan the man


        My point is those who bash teachers pay raise bring up snow days off and summers off as a reason for teachers getting paid enough.

        My assumption is people are jealous because they hate that they have to go in to work in bad weather, and many teachers do not.

        I say and will always say, if you think you can do a better job teaching or want perks that many teachers get. Then go back to school and get a teaching degree. There are jobs needed in math and science at high school level, and elementary schools are hiring 22yr olds right out of college with no experience because of lack of teachers.

        I was not attempting to infuriate anyone...just making a reasonable statement. Sorry for any inconvenience that I may have caused you.

    • No

      I'm just concerned that we continue to reward failure. $1000 raise and our educators as a whole are terrible. Disagree? Just look at where our kids rank.

      • Dan the man

        The problem is not with teachers....the problem is there is much poverty in the state. We give welfare families an average of $24,000 a year and give them food stamps, "free healthcare", subsidized living expenses, cheap rent, and free cell phones. Why should kids try???? The will get everything free if they do nothing. They see it at home everyday.

        Teachers get on average of $37,000 a year. Beginning teachers make around $30,000. Many have hefty student loans. Must pay healthcare. Retirement, pay for classroom supplies, plus pay for expenses that government does not pay.

        Do u think that people who bum off the government should have a higher standard of living than those that are college educated???? If so, than communism reigns in WV.

        Educated college graduates leave to find work that rewards their degree. They have children in other states.

        The people who stay are not bursting with high IQs. My point is the gene pool is not what it use to be neither is the work ethic.

        We need leaders who diversify our state and creat jobs for college educated people.

        However right now the goal is to runoff possibly the largest group of college educated people in the state....our teachers. Jeez.

        • really

          Teachers work 200 days a year

          • Bandit

            My wife works that 200 plus about 35 more doing the extra crap they don't give her time for at school. David is right, and if your a teacher and not taking things home to do at night, then your not trying hard enough. Most of you wouldn't know a hard days work if it big you in the butt.

        • Lynn

          Let's say your figure of 37K a year is correct. It's not, it's higher but let's use it anyway. Based on their 200 day a year contract at 8 hours a day that's $23.12 an hour. Combined with their other benifits that is one fine deal here in WV. That's right up there with the gas fields and mineing.

          We don't have the population thus tax base of surrounding states nor do we have the economy of those states so why in the world should we need to compete with their wage packages. Yet the teachers demand it and use the threat of moving if they don't get it when in fact they arn't going to up and move their family for a few thousand and then pay the higher costs of living most those states have.

          Do you people really think that if they get their way and get their pay up to the highest pay of any surrounding state that these demands for pay increases will end? There ain't no way. It will never end even if it bankrupts the state.

          Their bullying of the legislature and taxpayers needs to be reined in before it's too late.

          • Mr. James

            8 hours a day? I assume you are getting that figure from the 8 hour school day that children attend, but I can assure you that many teachers put in more than 8 hours on any given day. This includes many teachers that spend weekend grading papers, creating lesson plans, and other various tasks during their "off-days".

            I think you're correct about the cost of living and other things about teacher's pay, but you shouldn't be short-sighted on their "hourly wage".

          • Stacey

            What teacher works an 8 hour day????????? And individuals in those other industries don't have to buy their own supplies!! Get real.

            You get what you pay for.. the salaries are low, the outcomes are low.

          • WV teacher's wife

            Seriously Lynn, Dan is right! I am married to a teacher and trust me he brings plenty of work home in the evenings. He usually spends 5-6 hours or more a week, grading homework and tests at home, as well as putting grades on line, doing research for classroom projects, etc. All because they only get a 45 minute planning period, in which he is usually in the office making copies for the day and meeting with parents or returning their phone calls, since we have an increasing number of special ed and behavior disorder children in our schools. Please tell me when do you expect them to fit in everything in their "8 hour day?" Not to mention, they have spent many years and $$ on their education. Even with a masters degree, they still don't compare to what ther states pay their teachers. If it weren't for all of our family living here, we probably would have moved to another state so he could have better pay. You wouldn't even be able to comprehend the issues they deal with everyday. I bet you couldn't do their job for one day! Our teachers and school personnel, need more respect and better pay. What they get now is a complete disgrace! What we need is a reduction of welfare benefits. We are losing so many young people, who are moving on to better jobs. We need to give them a reason to stay.

          • Roscoe


            Ain't isn't a word. Maybe you need more education

          • Concerned

            Teachers and other state employees have been underpaid for years. Always have been. And yet somehow this state seems to think we can pay some of the lowest wages in the country and get good returns. Better teachers start with providing salaries that better employees want. Smart people don't do jobs that pay poor and are thankless. Continuing to do the same thing year in year out is simply rediculous. Using oil and gas workers is complete bs. Oil and gas workers make way more, and requires mostly that you're still breathing and can pass a drug test. Everyone on this site is always talking about the lack of jobs, blah blah blah, if companies don't have an intelligent workforce, they're not going to come. And when Tomblin talks about the the tight budget, I wonder what his raises look like? Only 1k. Doubt it.

          • Lynn

            David, for another thing, bull!

            I have two friends that are teachers. Neither one does as you described. One is my neighbor and she is always home before me and leaves after me and said she has to do some of what you described every once in a while. She suggested that the ones you mentioned may have a time management issue.

            Further, keep your demeaning (chick) comments to yourself. You don't intimidate me at all.

          • David

            Well, for one thing, you're wrong about the 8 hour a day work week. Try more like 11 or 12 hours at school, not count the hours spent at home working. The supplies that have to be bought for the classroom, for other students that cant afford supplies, printer ink, copying paper, you get my drift there Lynn!! Yes there is a 200 scheduled work year, but you for get to add in the 2 to 3 weeks before they have to report to school, working at home, getting things ready to give to the students. Making folders, stacks of paper all over the living room floor, see what I'm saying there Lynn!!?? How about the conferences they are required to attend in the summer?? So, chick, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Oh, and I'm not a teacher, but there are members in my family that are!! And, my daughter wants to teach!!! It takes a special person to deal with kids!!! And to answer another question, we have looked at moving to another state due to teacher pay!!

          • Lynn

            The problem is teacher pay and benefits going up all the time while no one else's is and then our schools being ranked near the bottom. I have a friend who works with DHHR and up until the last couple years didn't see a raise for 10 years and now what she gets is just enough to cover the increase in health care.

            Young people leaving is not a new problem and raising teacher pay is not the answer. The problem is opportunity and taxes. No opportunity and high taxes. For way too long this state put all their eggs in the coal basket and did little to attract other industry other than stripping worker protections and short term tax breaks for new business's. Personal, property and business taxes are too high just to start with. Then there's road taxes. Tax on inventory and the list goes on and on.

            Most the people in this state are struggling and the more this state spends in all areas the more taxes they need to collect from those that choose to live here because their mentality haven't changed and doesn't look to any time soon.

            Where is the relief and pay increases for non teachers?

            No where in site.

          • Dan the man

            I think the point is new college grads will seek employment in other states.

            With such a large number of older teachers retiring in the near future. Being competitive in salary is very important to recruiting new blood to our state and keeping our young people home.

            Our population is only getting older and we may be one of the only states to lose numbers in the last census.

            Competitive pay for teachers is a serious long term problem...

            Not sure why there is such a strong hate/jealously towards teachers. Most teachers want students to achieve greatness and encourages them to reach goals.

            The attitude towards teachers must improve if we want our kids to be successful. Negativity helps nobody.

  • Gary

    Comparing WV and Maryland is a joke. The cost of living down there is a lot more the taxes especially on real estate is thru the roof. The schools were rated as some of the best in the country. WV schools are rated 45yh. Giving teachers a raise is doing nothing to improve the schools. How about some money to improve the schools? First we need some leadership and send them to see what some of the top schools in the country are doing that WV schools aren't and implement the best ideas. I don't see anything happening to try to improve the schools. I really think that the politicians and head of the of education think salary raises for teachers is going to improve the schools and it isn't.

    • Geography

      Maryland is not down there, it's either up there or over there unless you live in the northern panhandle. Get a map. The cost of living in the eastern panhandle is equivilent to Maryland. Maryland teachers starting salary is 12,000 a year more than WV. I do agree that we need money to upgrade the schools, but complaining about teachers getting a unfair raise is idiotic.

    • Mac

      Gary - if we're going to keep what's left of the better teachers, we've got to pay them what they are worth. There are still some outstanding teachers in most counties, but many of that calibre have already moved to another state. So by raising teacher pay ( a mere $1,000) we are trying to stem the exodus of our "better" teachers. As for sending our educational leaders to see what some top schools in country are doing, we have! And those ideas returned with those leaders. However, we have to jump a couple of hurdles. #1 - We must quit telling students they can be "anything you want to be." This myth has unfortunately raised the hopes of children who "think" they can achieve anything...and thus fail because they were "told they could be that person" while, in all actuality, they couldn't even get into college. For example, students still think that a degree in "international studies" means fame and fortune - but those are only "glossy" words that sound impressive when tossed out to friends and family, but in reality lead no where. Think of the time & money wasted for both student and parents. Realism in education would be to pre-test students and THEN advise them as to what "realistic" paths they should take to either learn a skill-set to be employed or to continue towards a four-year degree. Let's get over the "chasing rainbows" syndrome, or money-trap, that so many students and their parents fall into. One last thought - - As to your quote about improving schools, I hope, Gary, that you live in a county that has passed one or more school building levy to place children in a much better teaching environment. And one such necessity is faster broadband for both the students and the school itself. If you look at the amount of "gambling dollars" spent in each of WV's 55 counties, those "easily" wasted dollars, placed on a bet with odds truly against the bettors, could have placed new educational facilities in EVERY county. And with progress like that - better qualified teachers - many from even outside the state of WV - would be clamoring to work in West Virginia's public school system. Think about it!

      • Enough

        More GREED from a liberal teacher. The money gambled is NOT YOUR MONEY, but belongs to the person choosing to spend his or her money any way they see fit. It's not yours to funnel to teachers or "poor" folks who "can't get ahead because of corporate greed." Take your $1000 you stole from the taxpayers and keep your mouth shut. By the way, you don't deserve it.

        • Mac

          Sorry "Enough" - but you missed my point. My point was that people will vote DOWN a school levy in the blink of an eye that would provide major improvements and newer schools, but think nothing of taking those same dollars and literally flushing them down the toilet! One way or the other the "house" always wins! Ever notice that the folks sitting at the Hot Spots look like they can't afford to lose money? Most of them look like sad, broken, lonely people. Oh, and I'm a true conservative...never voted for a liberal in my life and I am NOT an educator. Just a retired businessman. - Sorry, Enough!

    • Agreed

      It will take quality educators giving a damn.

  • Hadley

    $96,000 in Silver Springs statement is B.S. or every teacher in WV would go there. They have standards, that most of WV teachers would never meet - like you have to show up for work and not call off 3-4 days every month.

  • George

    96,000 in Silver Springs MD is good pay unless you try and live there and they don't start you off at that. I did the drive for 28 years good luck, add at least 4 hours to your day if you live in WV. Add the driving expense, food and vehicle repairs. Its good money but there is more to it than saying I'm going to teach in another state.

  • a concerned educator

    Del. Arvon from Raleigh County is incorrect on her statements regarding her daughter's pay as a teacher in WV, as well as what they would be in Maryland. A teacher in WV with a Master's degree would make more than $30,000 per since the base pay for all teachers with a Bachelor's degree is already higher than that. In addition, I know of no teachers in Maryland who are making $96,000 per year. A principal or central office staff member might, but no teacher is making that kind of money. It is misinformation of this type that causes issues when it comes to pay raises.

  • Fed up with fed up

    It says per pay.

  • Fed up with fed up

    Dear Fed Up,
    I am not a teacher and I had a few bad teachers. I also had quite a few very good teachers. Who taught you to read and write??? If I had to guess I would say an underpaid teacher. Where do you work??? If I had to guess I would say a very very low paying job. You also are probably for right to work. It's true some teachers don't care, I have seen this. The board office is where the cuts need made, superintendents and their assistants make entirely too much. I am not sure why we even need an assistant or for that matter a super in every county. Plus a principal and assistant in every school. The school system is definitely messed up, but I still see why the teachers are underpaid.

  • Mister G!

    Much ado about nothing. And one grand a year is...nothing.

  • Wowbagger

    WV Public Employees It's an election year! If you aren't happy with the crumbs get busy and throw the bums out!

    If you succeed the next bunch of legislators will be more sympathetic.

  • Mark

    After taxes, I will be dragging home an additional 32 dollars per pay. This translates to 16 dollars per week. I have a Masters + 30 hours. I do not get paid for days "off" in the summer, nor do I get paid for work after school and on weekends. We are still next to last in the nation in teacher pay. And you are upset with this?

    • Hadley

      Nice to see how appreciative you are for the raise. Sure you are a great addition to the education system. Sure hope you don't go off to Silver Springs and make all that money leaving us poor Mountaineers uneducated. Did you not realize taht in the Summer you don't get paid since you DON'T WORK! Sounds like you may have lacked a little education about the field before you entered into it.

      • Agreed


    • Jeff

      Mark I hope your degree was not in math. LOL. $32 per day don't equal $16 per week unless you only 1/2 day per week .

      • Chris

        Jeff, the comment was $32/pay, not $32/ day. Marak's Math id OK, it's your eye sight thta's he problem, LOL

  • Shameful

    Most teachers don't even care about the students. They are just drawing a paycheck. I'm glad I can afford to put my kids in private school, where teachers get results or are FIRED.

    • Hadley

      right on - agree - if teachers had to perform, most would be fired in first year.

  • Pay raise is deserved

    I agree that it would be nice for everyone to get a raise, but the reason education employees need a raise is because they are required to work 25 more days. It amazes me how people think teachers should work for free. If you were required to work 25 extra days without pay, would you? Also, do you get more than 3 vacation days a year? Do you get dental? How about optical? Teachers do not, unless their county has a levy which my county does not. Do you get paid overtime, we don't.

    • Aaron

      Teachers are NOT required to work an additional 25 days. The contract remains at 200 days.

      The school year calendar in which to achieve 180 days of instruction was increased from 43 weeks to 48 weeks beginning next year.

      I thought a simpler solution would have been to allow Saturday School.

      • stophating


        You are technically correct, but the lengthening of the calendar has essentially made teachers "on call" workers... Do other jobs pay employees for "being on call?"

        • Aaron

          No, not normally.

    • Fed Up

      Do other employees get entire summers off??? No. Thanksgiving break? No. Christmas break? No. Easter vacation? No.

      Give me a break! Teachers deserve nothing more and actually less than they were getting. Don't forget, they knew exactly how much they were going to make before taking the job. It's an easy college major for people who aren't all that bright, so those types of folks gravitate toward it. And unfortunately, they are responsible for educating our children.

      • WV Teacher

        Dear Fed Up,
        I can read your frustration about what you feel is injustice in the state government. However, I would appreciate if you would not insult my intelligence. I graduated cum laude from one of the best private colleges in the country with a BS in Mathematics (and a minor in Secondary Education). I took my job willingly and am grateful everyday for the good work that I get to do. Not everyone gets to go to work and see a child's joy when they learn something new or overcome an obstacle. My goal as a professional is to be the best educator that I can be. As a result, I am going back to graduate school this summer for a MA in Special Education. I selected this degree so that I may best help my students with exceptionalities in my classroom. However, this has not been an easy choice for me. Going back for my Master’s is going to result in the depletion of my life’s savings and with this $1,000 raise I will barely be able to make ends meet. I could chose not to get my Master’s and keep going as I have been, but that is NOT what is in the best interest of my students. I am assuming that you are a hard-working individual whose tax dollars are going to contribute to my raise, for that I want to say thank you and I will try my hardest to make sure that I provide the best education I can for my students. The extra money I will make upon completion of my Master’s will not go to a shiny car or a fancy car. The extra money will go toward purchasing a new sweatshirt and coat for my student whom wears the same sweatshirt every day and for food so that my students whom cannot afford breakfast won’t spend half their school day hungry. Once again, thank you for helping me help the future of West Virginia.

      • WVTeacher

        "It's an easy college major for people who aren't all that bright, so those types of folks gravitate toward it." Wow.... that was the most ignorant statement I think I have read on here... I knew exactly what I was getting into when I chose to become an educator. Here's a hint... when kids come to school and teachers have to undo the bad attitudes that people like YOU teach them about school and learning, it makes our job extremely difficult. Because of YOUR attitude, which you spread to your offspring and whoever else in the room might be listening, children do not want to learn... maybe that little tidbit is why we teachers suck so much and "deserve actually less than what they are getting".

        • Caroline

          Couldn't have said it better WVTeacher.

      • Pay raise is deserved

        We get 5 non-paid weeks off for summer. We are only guaranteed holidays off, and no we don't get paid for those "breaks" and we have no choice as to whether to work or not during those "breaks" or snow days.
        You are absolutely right, I knew what I would make when I took the job, and I have never once complained about the money, UNTIL they increased our contract by 5 weeks.
        Lastly, I am sorry if you had a bad experience with a teacher that has clouded your view of them. I assume you have a teaching degree and that you are a teacher considering you know they are "underworked and overpaid" and that it is an "easy college major" or maybe your talking about something you know nothing about and you are just upset that someone besides yourself is getting a raise. Either way I want you to know that if your work load was increased by 25 days, I would still be in favor for your employer to pay you for those 25 days, even though you don't think teachers deserve it.

        • really

          Let's see... you work 200 days a year and make on average 37k a year - what is your argument? If you don't like it find another job and make 37k a year and work 365 days a year and see how you like that!!!

          • Caroline

            I am absolutely amazed at the ignorance of the WV people about their teachers. Maybe everyone who is whining about our pay raise and complaining about our "200 day contract" should go back to college and do our job. They have NO IDEA what is going on in the public school system and base all of their opinions either on what they heard someone else say or on one bad experience. I am one of many who have remained a teacher for 28 years simply because I love kids and I want to teach!

          • Mac

            Really?-Really! If YOU work 365 days a year - as it portends in your comment above, you are either really dumb, or really overpaid. If you're a union guy, you're only going to work 48 weeks out of 52 and the other four will be for vacations and holidays. Oh, and if you work holidays, it's time-and-one-half! Right? Since teachers are paid for 200 working days, that's really 10 months - since school's are not in session on weekends. Now here's the part you may find tricky. Instead of getting that 37k for 200 days - (roughly 10 months), lets spread that 37k over the two summer months you are NOT paid and can’t get a 2nd job because you have to take 6 hours worth of summer college classes "by law" to renew your teaching certificate every three years. Oh, and those classes must be paid for out of pocket. And, there's no union paying the way for your training. So now you're earning $3,083/month instead of the $3,700/month that you thought a 200 day (or 10 teaching months) salary contract would give you. Evidently "really" - - you "really" didn't study in your math classes, did you? Really?

  • Fed Up

    Teacher raises don't translate into better student outcomes. They were already underworked and overpaid. Thanks retard legislators...raise their salary without regard for the financial stability of our state. Why not just sign the entire rainy day fund over to the teachers' union?

    • stophating

      @Fed Up

      Let's assume that you are correct--raises won't increase achievement, but they will help fill many vacant jobs with highly qualified teachers---that will increase achievement.

      Sadly, $1000 is probably going to have a minimal effect on the number of vacant teaching jobs.

    • a concerned educator

      Fed Up

      The use of the "R" word is no longer acceptable, just as the use of the "N" word should never have been. Most states, as well as the federal government, have removed the "R" word from ALL documents due to its offensive nature. I am not posting here to cut you down, as many people are not aware of the changes. However, as a parent of a child with developmental disabilities, the word is offensive. My child probably works harder in school than 95% of students.

    • A Teacher

      I see 180 different students in the course of a week in 16 different classes from Pre-School to 8th grade. My normal workday, which is 8 hours, does not have enough time in it to prepare lesson plans for those 16 classes. I do that on my own time.
      My first order of business is to instill in my students is to have an open mind and respect others which includes not calling others "retards."
      My summers are filled with creating pacing guides for the upcoming school year and attending various workshops and conferences to help me stay on top of my game and better relate to my students all on my own time and my own costs.
      I was just wondering, who taught you how to read and write? I guess you are self taught since we teachers aren't good enough to impart that sort of knowledge to our students.

      • really

        You work 200 days in a calendar year! !!!

        • John

          We are paid to work 200 days in a calendar year. We work more days than that preparing lessons, attending classes and trainings (that we often have to pay for out of pocket). We work more than 200 days, but we only get paid for 200 days.

    • mntr Bob

      Fed up, you are certainly entitled to your opinion on salaries and teachers, however, I work with special ed students everyday and your use of the word "retard" is highly offensive to many.

      • WVTeacher

        Fed Up, I'm shocked that you, someone who is obviously someone that has a degree of higher standards than us lowly educators, would choose to use such a word as "retard". Do you not watch the news? They want to ban that in the NFL... Again with the ignorant attitude... eh?

      • Aaron


  • I'm honest at least

    Teachers don't care about other state employees. That has been made clear. Myself I hope they choke on it.

    • stophating

      Glad you care so much about teachers.

      • I'm honest at least

        And I'm glad teachers care about other state employees....You know the undereducated group that you all speak of.

  • Public Sector

    What about state employees? Do we not deserve anything? Our jobs require degrees, but most of us qualify for various forms of welfare because our pay is so low.

    • John

      Yes, you deserve a raise as well.

    • Aaron

      To be fair, many of those state jobs requiring a degree are not degree specific and can be substituted with relevant work history.

      While there are some needed jobs in state government, the simple truth is Joe Taxpayer would be better served if the vast majority of state jobs went the way of Brickstreet.

      • so

        Maybe aaron but many do. I have a bachelor's degree and it's a shame that school service personnel who have no education are getting raises at a higher rate than state employee's. I would rather get merit based raises rather than have to beg the legislature for minimum raises. The state agency I work for DHHR and the clientele base has went up 25 to 35 percent since 2008. The Charleston Gazette article was absolutely correct then it called DHHR a train wreak but it seems the governor and the legislature isn't concerned in the least. The agency is severely understaffed and underpaid but maybe they'll throw us some crumbs next year.

        • Dustin

          Dear So, I am a school service worker. I do have a degree. I choose to be a service worker because I enjoy my job. I make $27,000 a year, I work more days then teachers do including snow days and summers. Please don't say all service workers are not educated you will find that many of us are. Be it collage or technical schooling.

          • Dustin

            Thanks Up,I was in a hurry and didn't notice my misspelling.

          • UpandDown