CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones is livid over the passage of legislation backed by the NRA.

The bill, which won approval Saturday before the end of the regular legislative session, would allow the carrying of guns into municipal buildings if the person armed has a legal conceal-carry permit.

“I wasn’t surprised, but what this bill does is put guns in the recreation centers in the poorest zip codes in our city,” said the mayor. “It exposes children in daycare and Head Start programs to be in the proximity of handguns.”

The legislation cleared the way for carrying at city recreation centers, swimming pools, and municipal parks. However, Jones said it also enables a person to carry a firearm into any other building, like the Civic Center and City Hall.

“If you find someone in City Hall who has a gun, you can ask them to leave,” Jones said. “That includes the Civic center.”

They mayor fought hard to have the measure defeated, but failed.

“You’re talking to me about the work product of people that don’t have the wherewithal to write or read legislation,” said Jones.

The mayor huddled with his team Monday morning to discuss what the city’s next move might be in response to the legislation.


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  • Aaron

    “I wasn’t surprised, but what this bill does is put guns in the recreation centers in the poorest zip codes in our city,” said the mayor. “It exposes children in daycare and Head Start programs to be in the proximity of handguns.”

    What pray tell Mayor Jones does the income level of the community have to do with this issue. Are you saying you're ok with concealed weapons in South Hills or Fox Chase but not in Orchard Manor or the West Side?

    Why Mr. Mayor?

    • Teufel

      Is he saying that if your are poor then you aren't responsible enough to have a firearm - kinda sounds like it.

  • TB

    Maybe Jones should just outlaw criminals from the areas he says he wants to protect. Criminals are the problem as evidenced by the majority of downtown Charleston being deserted past sundown.

    • Teufel

      Maybe mayor needs to spend more time controlling the criminals and less time controlling law abiding citizens - jmo

  • C. F. T.

    In 15 or so years of having an concealed carry permits 1. I make it an priority that know one knows I'm carrying and 2. The only time I had an need to be carrying was 6 PM on an bright sunny evening on the sidewalk at the Town Centre Mall in CHARLESTON, WV, thankfully the thug thought better of his intent to harm me or he may have not have survived his attempted criminal act.
    Question Mayor Jones, would you prefer to have an law abiding, working, tax paying citizen become an crime statistic or an criminal back down and walk away because he realized there would be consequences to his stated actions?

  • Wowbagger

    Danny Jones used to say the Charleston regulations were about Detroiters hauling in drugs and buying guns, now it's really about carrying in City Hall or the Civic Center.


    Seems to me it's all about following Danny Jones orders.

  • wvumounties8

    Poor Dollar Danny didn't get his way this time!!! AND, if you know ANYTHING about WV CWP laws, you know that all of WV has already been like this with the exception of 4 cities. Thus, why would there be mass murder or any danger to the children NOW!! That's not saying much for the City of Charleston. It is just Dollar Danny Jones towing the party line.

  • Shadow

    How did this guy get elected? Is he an emigrant from DC?

  • Robin

    So I guess if there was a law against allowing conceal carry citizens from bringing their guns then the criminals would obey the law as well? This mayor is an idiot if he believes a law is going to prevent anyone who has evil intentions on their mind from carrying out those intentions.

  • 45 auto

    Dollar Danny needs to move to California and crawl in bed with Nancy Pelosi if that's his way of thinking.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Childish but not unexpected.

      • BS

        UU - typical flaming left wing gun grabber comment - can't provide a logical argument so call names. Typical but not unexpected

      • MP

        You're free to join him.

  • Independent View

    At anytime I expect Danny Jones to begin frothing at the mouth. He cannot seem to accept that everyone does not live in Charleston under his thumb. He wanted to keep the status quo and have a hodge-podge of municipal ordinances regarding concealed carry throughout WV, which is exactly what we had. Were there signs at the various and many city limits informing travelers of their municipal gun ordinances? No, non-residents of Po-Dunk were expected to "know" or suffer the consequences which could include jail time.
    Jones said it's not about the state's right to legislate firearms laws, it's about Charleston.
    Are you that paranoid Mayor that you believe that the legislature and the NRA are out to get you? Obviously you are. And, you have councilman Lane parroting your baseless and silly rants. The latest example is his antecdotal story in a Charleston newspaper asking citizens, "when should a lifeguard shoot?" Reprehensible and ridiculous behavior by city "leaders"!
    With Danny Jones, it's not about guns in rec centers, pools, community centers, etc. because literally hundreds of these same areas in WV already allow concealed carry and there have been no shootouts--it's ALL ABOUT CONTROL MAYOR! And, thankfully, the citizens and voters of WV have spoken loud and clear and the members of the legislature heard us and voted accoridingly. The senate and house votes weren't even close.
    It will be a better day when the likes of Danny Jones and Councilman Lane go quietly into the night!

    • JJ

      Very well said.

  • James Hoffman

    If this is what Danny Jones thinks of our State Government that works better than any other governing body in Charleston, Perhaps Danny Jones should be removed from office and a state appointed manager be installed to get the damn roads paved! and other city functions working that Danny Jones has Neglected for too long!

  • Independent View

    It appears that Mayor Jones cannot get a "bead" (pun intended) on what his priorities should be.
    He critized the legislature unmercifully about not getting their priorities right, because they should be dealing with the "water crises" instead of passing gun bills. Yet, he gets on TV and in print and rants incessantly about SB 317 instead of what HE should be foucused on: getting a water protection bill passed in the legislature for Charleston and 300,000 West Virginians.
    Further, he rails against WV American Water for not doing enough to protect Charleston. How convenient that he does not acknowledge that the City of Charleston owned the water system and let in fall into a state of disrepair while quandering the revenue and saw dollar signs when WVAWC offered to buy the system and rehabilitate it.

  • Damion45

    Mayor Jones,
    Please cite the number of firearm related crimes committed in Charleston by a lawful owner/possessor of a gun. I will be patient and await your response.

    • Damion45

      I give up. Guess he doesn't know or does know and doesn't' want to say.

    • Damion45

      I'm losing my patience...

    • Damion45

      ...Still waiting Mayor...

      and this is a two-part question.

    • Damion45

      ,,,still waiting...

      • Undertheradar

        Good question.. :)

    • Aaron

      I would love to see Mayor Jones answer that question as well.

  • Crai

    Dollar danny at it again. The people have spoken. 100 percent passage in senate, and 92 of 97 votes in house. This was necessary because of the extreme agenda of danny jones. Too late for let's make a deal. Groups tried in the past to work with him and was laughed out of city hall. Danny is a bold faced liar. This bill still allows cities to mandate on city halls, and convention centers. It would however allow law abiding citizens to carry their firearms into areas that may contain children. Well this is done daily w/o incident in stores, malls, restaurants etc. dollar danny is from the gun free zone crowd, where only criminals has guns. Keep screaming danny, you are the joke of the state. Go ahead and sue. Take the peoples money, buy a attorney, and you will see in the end you are wrong.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      And anything that sails through the esteemed WV legislature has to be good, because golly, they've done a bang-up job far!

      • BS a matter of fact they did a bang up job on SB 317! Thank you thank you WV legislature for listening to the will of the majority of taxpaying, voting, law abiding WV'ians

  • dollar danny

    thats exacly it, ole Dollar Danny does not want the law abiding citizens to have firearms, only the criminals.

  • Brian

    So who was carrying handguns prior to this legislation Mayor Jones? Lawbreakers. Who will be carrying handguns after this legislation? Law abiders as well as law breakers. Sounds like to me we're evening things out but then again I've realized you can't debate logic with those who refuse to hear it.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      You forgot about the police. They were carrying handguns. Seems like some want to usurp their role.

      • Jason R.

        I'd trust a legal, permitted civilian to carry a concealed weapon before I would trust anyone on the Charleston PD.

        • BS

          I agree Jason R.