CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones is livid over the passage of legislation backed by the NRA.

The bill, which won approval Saturday before the end of the regular legislative session, would allow the carrying of guns into municipal buildings if the person armed has a legal conceal-carry permit.

“I wasn’t surprised, but what this bill does is put guns in the recreation centers in the poorest zip codes in our city,” said the mayor. “It exposes children in daycare and Head Start programs to be in the proximity of handguns.”

The legislation cleared the way for carrying at city recreation centers, swimming pools, and municipal parks. However, Jones said it also enables a person to carry a firearm into any other building, like the Civic Center and City Hall.

“If you find someone in City Hall who has a gun, you can ask them to leave,” Jones said. “That includes the Civic center.”

They mayor fought hard to have the measure defeated, but failed.

“You’re talking to me about the work product of people that don’t have the wherewithal to write or read legislation,” said Jones.

The mayor huddled with his team Monday morning to discuss what the city’s next move might be in response to the legislation.


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  • JEP

    Mayor Jones , Did Bloomburg lube you up good before he bent you over. Or are you just stupid. MAIG pay you . World class POS

  • Michael

    As a 2nd Amendment supporter who is unswayed by the panic-stricken cries of the NRA, I thank God that, with all the challenges facing the Mountain State, we at least got legislation passed to further define the protections for firearms.

    (I mean you see so few of them, from day to day.)

    Seems like just yesterday that I was thinking "It won't be long before no one in WV has a gun any more! This place is turning into Californ-eye-aye!"

    At least the folks in Charleston didn't pass any laws or create any ideas that would have made money, or created jobs, or helped someone who truly needed it. The shock might have been fatal to some of our older residents.

  • Wowbagger

    Martinsburg had some ordinances overturned too, but all we hear is martinet Danny Jones's sound and fury.

  • P B and J

    I'll state the obvious... guns Mayor, are already at the rec centers in Charlestons poorest zip codes. This law now allows the decent people their protection.

  • Doc. Holiday

    This is city not Dodge city, of the old west , and the mayor is trying to act like the mayor of Dodge , one other thing there is no modern-day Wyatt Earp. The people is the law now.

  • JJ

    Danny Jones is a blowhard, liberal cryababy buffoon that is convinced that whatever he THINKS is the truth. Every time I hear him on Talkline or any other WV news source he is whining and pouting about something like a spoiled child. The people of Charleston should be embarrassed to have elected this dictator.


    Chris left one important part out of the Danny Jones Quote-- He blamed the NRA for this....

  • 2XLPatriot

    An armed society is a polite society. Any person wanting to disarm legal, law abiding citizens is only empowering crimminals. Law abiding citizens follow and respect the law and have a right to protect themselves in their homes as well as while out in public. If Danny Jones is so anti-gun then, disarm his protection detail and give them slingshots. The saying "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away" applies everywhere and all the time. Molon Labe.

  • Game Set Match

    I'm sorry Jones, but criminals rarely wait for permission or permitting legislation to commit mass murder. Only difference is, now they may face resistance by a law-abiding armed citizen who can protect himself and the public.

  • Independent View

    Media headlines last week; "Mayor Jones offers to repeal the 1-gun per month and the 3 day waiting period for gun purchases in Charleston in exchange for regulating where concealed carry may be exercised in Charleston."
    Well, mayor, what would lead a rational person to believe that you would keep your word or could even deliver the votes to repeal part of Charleston's gun ordinance? Nothing would make a rational person believe you because under the home rule revsions passed by the 2013 legislature, you were already supposed to repeal your ordinance, but refused to do it. So, the WV Citizens Defense League filed a lawsuit in Kanawha County Court to force to you to do it. But, you still were being bullheaded and letting your massive ego override good judgement. Then the voters and citizens of WV and the legislature said, enough is enough. The tail does not wag the dog and we will prove it Danny Jones.
    And, WOWBAGGER is spot on! Danny's refrain for decades has been Detroit drug dealers selling their dope in Charleston and using the money to buy illegal guns from thugs selling them out of trunks of cars on the streets of Charleston. Not a problem for Danny or the Gazette which neither had ever published ONE PHOTGRAPH to back up their half-baked and erroneous claims!
    Now, its the rec centers.

  • Mike Roark

    Charleston Mayor Danny Jones Joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Voices Strong Opposition To HB 317, Aggressive Rollback Of Public Safety Laws

    Looks like Danny doesn't want to get re-elected in 2015.

  • Aaron

    “I wasn’t surprised, but what this bill does is put guns in the recreation centers in the poorest zip codes in our city,” said the mayor. “It exposes children in daycare and Head Start programs to be in the proximity of handguns.”

    What pray tell Mayor Jones does the income level of the community have to do with this issue. Are you saying you're ok with concealed weapons in South Hills or Fox Chase but not in Orchard Manor or the West Side?

    Why Mr. Mayor?

    • Teufel

      Is he saying that if your are poor then you aren't responsible enough to have a firearm - kinda sounds like it.

  • TB

    Maybe Jones should just outlaw criminals from the areas he says he wants to protect. Criminals are the problem as evidenced by the majority of downtown Charleston being deserted past sundown.

    • Teufel

      Maybe mayor needs to spend more time controlling the criminals and less time controlling law abiding citizens - jmo

  • C. F. T.

    In 15 or so years of having an concealed carry permits 1. I make it an priority that know one knows I'm carrying and 2. The only time I had an need to be carrying was 6 PM on an bright sunny evening on the sidewalk at the Town Centre Mall in CHARLESTON, WV, thankfully the thug thought better of his intent to harm me or he may have not have survived his attempted criminal act.
    Question Mayor Jones, would you prefer to have an law abiding, working, tax paying citizen become an crime statistic or an criminal back down and walk away because he realized there would be consequences to his stated actions?

  • Wowbagger

    Danny Jones used to say the Charleston regulations were about Detroiters hauling in drugs and buying guns, now it's really about carrying in City Hall or the Civic Center.


    Seems to me it's all about following Danny Jones orders.